Ladies and gentlemen for all we know about han solo is completely wrong he's no ordinary human he and luke skywalker are the galactic super heroes named phoenix and ice cube

Lando carelrissian was working in the rebel lavatory trying to make a super human serum han solo and luke skywalker were to test this serum these doses of serum gave the drinker super powers unknown super powers and the effects forever lasting as the drinker would say a magic word and would become the hero "phoenix! Power up!" han chanted turning into a ball of fire but not burning his body lando also designed a costume that had red gold flames on a black background "ice cube power up!" luke shouted he turned into a man with blue and white as he could freeze anything including han from that day forward they were to use their powers for good and defend the ones the loved and innocent people as well as han solo and luke skywalker became the first galactic super heroes!