Come Back to Me - Avengers AU, sequel to Dark Side

Rating: M for slash

Summary: It's been several years since Tony Stark and Loki Odinson have been in the same country, let alone in the same room. They both believed they had moved on from each other but a chance meeting in a coffeshop leaves them both questioning. Old feelings resurface, past resentments are resurrected, but could a second chance at love be just what they both need?

"What happened to us, Loki?"

Loki glanced Tony's way. He was staring into the fire contemplatively, his dark eyes looking almost unfocused. "What do you mean?" He frowned at his own question. He knew exactly what Tony meant.

"I mean what happened?" Tony's eyes moved from the fire to Loki sitting on the sofa adjacent to the one upon which he sat. "Why did we break up?"

Loki sighed softly and grinned at Tony affectionately. "Anthony, I don't know that we should talk about that."

Tony pursed his lips, shrugging lazily. "It's just a question, ba—" he folded in his lips. He ignored the slip, as did Loki, and continued. "I'm just curious. No one cheated, right?"

Still grinning, Loki shook his head no. "Why are you thinking about this now?"

It was Tony's turn to sigh, rubbing at his eyes as he sat forward. "I don't know. I'm sitting here with you, having a longer conversation than I do with anyone, and I can't for the life of me figure out why I haven't been doing this every night for the last decade." Loki lowered his eyes to his drink. "Were we that unhappy, Loki?" he asked softly.

Loki cleared his throat a little. "Things were...stressful. We were falling apart. We fought often," he answered.

Tony sat back against the cushion. "That doesn't mean we didn't love each other…does it?"

Loki had been staring at the fire himself. Memories flooded him, not realizing that it made his cheeks flush bright pink. His eyes slid Tony's way. "No."

Tony flipped up his hands. "So…?" he asked before taking a long drink.

Loki drank, too, more to coat his throat than because he was thirsty. He finished off the water and got to his feet. Tony bolted up with him. "I think I had better be going."


Loki picked up his light coat and slipped his arms through it. "We're getting too close to what I think we would both deem tempting territory," he said with a small smile.

Tony set down his drink and moved closer to Loki. "Would that be so bad?"

Loki fixed the collar and lapels of his coat and felt dread weighing heavy on his thin shoulders. "Unfortunately, it is at the moment."

"Why?" Tony asked again with a jerky shrug.

Loki hesitated, having a short inner debate with himself. "Because I have started seeing someone, Anthony."

Tony couldn't hide his disappointment, lowering his head, and taking a big step back. "Oh," he muttered. Loki had to bite his lip to keep from apologizing. Tony tried to act like he didn't care. And he was failing miserably. "What's her name?"

Hesitating again, Loki met Tony's dark eyes then quickly lowered them again. Tony's jaw dropped, his brown eyes flashed.

"You said—"

"I didn't lie," Loki said quickly. "I have not been with a man since you, Anthony. Blame Thor," he explained with a shrug. "He set it up. He thinks I need to settle down. And that I need a social life."

Tony frowned now. "I could've given you that." Both, he corrected silently, startling himself. When did he decide he wanted to settle down? "Who is he?"

"A friend of Thor's I met years ago and then again more recently. He expressed an interest and Thor set it all up without talking to me first."

"As Thor is wont to do," Tony murmured looking away.

"He's very nice. I've only been out with him a few times. The first was the evening after your gala at the Met. I had not expected anything to come of it. Or that you would—"

Tony cut him off, lifting a hand, palm out to him. "Stop, Loki. You don't owe me an explanation. You're free to see anyone you want. Man or woman." He lowered his hand, slipped it and the other into the back pockets of his jeans. "The fact that I want you to stick to the ladies is irrelevant."

Loki smiled apologetically.

"Maybe we could double sometime." What the fuck are you doing, Tony?

Loki frowned. "I was under the impression you were not seeing anyone."

"I'm not. But you know me…" He smirked and Loki recognized that Stark bravado right away. It made him feel sad and guilty for reasons he couldn't even begin to fathom. "I can always drum up a date from somewhere."

Loki didn't like it, but it wasn't his place to say. He slipped his hands in his coat pockets and headed toward the elevator. "Anyone but Pepper," he tossed over his shoulder, trying to sound light.

Tony chuckled and followed. "I'll try to remember that." After the doors slid open, Tony rested his arm over one of them, to keep it from closing. Secretly, he hoped Jarvis was paying attention and would keep it open himself.

"Thank you for dinner." Loki pressed the button for the ground floor and faced Tony.

"Anytime. And I mean that. You can come by any time you want. Jarvis won't stop you." Loki smiled his thanks and nodded. "Will I see you again?" Loki hesitated once more and Tony chuckled softly. "I mean as friends, Loki. We can be friends, right?"

Loki nodded again. He hoped so. "I'm sure we will run into each other at Captain Rogers' benefit dinner."

"Oh, yeah…" Tony silently thanked Jarvis since the door had yet to move once. "You bringing—whatever this guy's name is?"

"Thanos, but he goes by Thane. And I may." He looked up and around the elevator questioningly then back to Tony. "Would you have an issue with it? I won't ask him if you would. I wouldn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble."

Tony almost said it would be an issue, because he did have an issue with it. But his narcissistic tendencies took priority and he decided he wanted to check out the competition—because, as far as he was concerned, the competition was on. "No, it's fine. I'll be spending most of my time dodging people anyway."

Loki glanced at the panel of buttons and wanted to press the button for the ground floor again, but he refrained from doing so. He didn't want Tony to think he was in a rush to leave. Because, the truth was, he wasn't. "Why's that?"

"Cap's shindigs are always full of higher-ups in the military or government. Most of whom sidle up to me, schmoozing and generally kissing my ass trying to convince me to start mass-producing weapons again. It's annoying but it's one of the wonderful gifts Howard left me with. Maybe meeting your guy will be more entertaining." Or, likely, more torturous. "It'll certainly break up the monotony of ass-kissing."

Loki met Tony's gaze evenly. "He's not my guy," he said softly.

Tony's jaw clenched. "Good."

He chuckled once, smirked. "Why is that good?"

"So I can do this." Tony grabbed Loki's loosened tie and pulled him closer, into a hard kiss. He pried Loki's lips apart with his tongue, drawing out a low moan from him. Already painfully hard, and knowing Loki wouldn't stay even if there wasn't someone else in the picture now, Tony kept the kiss short. He let Loki go and the taller man stumbled back against the wall. He must have needed it for support because he didn't move away from it. "'Night."