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Warnings: Mature content involving M/F, M/F/M, and M/M/F. If you don't like slash, aren't fond of polyamory, or non-vanilla relationships or are underage...don't read. I won't warn you again.

It had been three months since Bella had married her leech, Edward, leaving Jake a broken boy. Yes, boy, because he had not gotten any farther than first base with anyone and one of the two times he had managed it, he ended up with a bruised ego. Bella had punched him in the face, spraining her hand. It was pathetic when your kiss is so awful that a girl would rather break her hand than endure another second of it.

The topic of Jake aka the broken wolf-boy was discussed quite often by Leah and Paul. Together the two of them had come up with their own ideas of why the wolves imprinted and neither of them wanted anyone resigned to such an awful fate. They were all about choice. In fact, the only reason the two of them had ever gotten together was simply because—well, Leah was hot as hell and Paul had wanted to tap that forever. Leah's motives were even simpler, the best revenge she had against her ex-fiancé was her supposed lack of ability to block her thoughts about the hot sex she was having with Paul.

Of course, their entire relationship had started because of their fiery tempers. Both of them phasing, wrecking their clothes, and tussling through the forest before they changed back, and realized the other's nakedness. Fighting and fucking had nearly the same motives, so it made sense they ended up together.
Sam brought the issue to the elders, complaining that one of them could imprint at any time. It was foolish for them to have any type of relationship. Both of them laughed at Sam's reasoning. Leah was the first one to speak up and she didn't pull any punches.

"Seriously, it's okay for Sam, Jared, and Embry to fuck their imprints like rabbits, but I can't even get a little action with Paul? Do any of you have any idea how many AA batteries I was going through since this whole wolfing-out business started? Shit, I had to drive to Port Angeles twice to replace my rabbit. I'm not in love with him—I'm fucking him there's a big difference."

Her mom gasped in shock at Leah's words. Billy and Old Quil blushed, shifting uncomfortably in their chairs. Paul smirked at her, thinking of how well he had been able to replace her battery-operated toys. The rest of the pack was torn between shock and awe, wishing they had been lucky enough to be able to be the one to soothe the she-wolf's needs. The only person who looked a little green around the gills was Seth—poor, poor Seth, her little brother who shouldn't have to have any part of this.

Meanwhile, Paul took the opportunity presented and strode over to her, grabbing her chin to pull her face up towards him as he attacked her lips; his tongue sweeping inside, his hands cupping her ass cheeks and grinding her body against his hard cock. "Fuck, baby," he murmured against her lips, "I don't care what these two old men and your mom have to say, you'll never need anything that needs batteries again. I can go all night long," he promised as he pulled her tighter against him, his teeth latched on to her full lower lip before tugging it.

"Let's get out of here. We'll let the adults discuss our sex life while we go and fuck like animals."

The two of them marched out of the meeting room, not even taking a glance back at the shocked faces they had left behind. The elders looked at Sam, and for once they didn't give into his demands. They didn't need another show like that—Old Quil was too old for one thing and if he died, that meant Quil would be taking his place on the council. Dealing with Quil as an elder would be enough to do in Billy and Sue, and then the tribe would be screwed.

Not long after the meeting, Leah moved into Paul's. It made sense since she slept over at his house nearly every night. When they thought about it the only time she didn't was when she patrolled overnight; otherwise she was firmly ingrained in his home. Besides for the great sex they had; the other perk to living with Paul as she wasn't forced to spend time with her mom's boyfriend, Charlie. Enhanced senses let her know it wouldn't be too long before those two would end up getting it on. She didn't want to be anywhere in the house for that experience; it would takes years of therapy before she would be able to face the world again.

The sex they had was amazing. It didn't matter what room of the house it was, they had christened each and every one multiple times. Paul felt guilty as he thanked the gods almost every day as his parents had passed away, leaving him alone. He was grateful too, that he was an only child. No older or younger sibling to bother him and Leah. They instituted naked days—which just happened to be any day ending in the letter y. The pack quickly learned to call before coming over. They might only be fucking but Paul didn't take kindly to anyone looking at Leah.

One day as she patrolled with Jake, she caught hint of his morose thoughts. He just couldn't let Bella go. He was ruminating about everything he had done wrong, what he should have done, how he should have fought harder, or been more patient. She couldn't stand the direction of his thoughts; it was getting on her last nerve. It was enough to ruin the high she had left over from her earlier orgasm when Paul had bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her after he made her eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Fuck, Jake. You need to get over that shit. It's been, what, three months? She's gone. She wasn't worth it. I could understand if you actually got to cop a feel or something. Maybe had made it to a base other than first but she's nothing more than a frigid bitch.

Shut up, Leah! He snarled in her direction. She's the only girl I'll ever love. She was it for me. I would think you'd understand, you know with Sam and all.

Ha, she laughed, Sam? I couldn't give a fuck about what he's doing. He's not even a decent enough lay for me to spend a moment thinking about him.

But what about love? He asked quietly. Don't you want that?

Jake, love is great, but I think before you start thinking about that shit—you need to get laid or something. Get some experience under your belt. You look too old—I'm sorry but you and I both know it's because of the werewolf gene—to go around and say I want to be friends and hold hands, shit like that. It's time for you to become a man.

Whatever, Leah, he replied rolling his eyes and blocking her from his thoughts.

That following weekend there was another pack gathering which Leah and Paul attended together; both of them swore the only reason why these still happened was so the imprinted couples could try to show the rest of them what they were missing. Jared was there with Kim, firmly glued to her side. Sam sat next to Emily, nuzzling her neck, his lips gently kissing the scarred side of her face. They could see Embry walking along the beach with Angela; he had imprinted on her just before Bella and Edward's wedding. Lastly, Quil was playing on the beach with his two-year old imprint, Claire; the two of them building a sandcastle together. It was sickeningly sweet and instantly made the two of them nauseous.

The rest of them, known as the poor unimprinted fools sat in a semi-circle. Truthfully, Leah and Paul had only come for the food. It was between paydays for the two of them and their food supplies at home were running short. She was not a fan of hunting as her wolf and it could very well come down to it this week. As she glanced at the others in their group, Seth, Jake, and the twins—well Brady and Collin, they weren't really twins but since they had phased at the same time and were nearly inseparable so it became a nickname that stuck. All of them looked just as sick of the love fest as she was, except for Jake who was staring wistfully at the couples. It was time to end this madness.

After eating, Brady and Collin left to run patrol together. Seth left shortly after explaining he wanted to get some sleep before his patrol later that night. To her, he looked a little ragged and she wondered if her fears of her mom and Charlie having sex had finally been proven fruitful. Jake's soft sigh brought her eyes to him again and she fought against her instincts to tear him a new one. Did he really think imprinting was so fucking great? He didn't get it at all.

"Hey, Jake, you want to come over and watch a movie," Paul inquired.

"Naw, don't worry about it, I'll be fine."

"Seriously, man, it's no big deal. I can't believe you'd turn down watching Underworld to stay here and watch this gag feast," Paul remarked watching as Jake's eyes lit up.

Jake looked from Leah to Paul and back again, "You're really going to let him watch that movie again?"

She shrugged, "Why not? She's totally hot in that leather outfit; it makes me want to rip it off her. I don't care that she's a vamp—it wouldn't stop me from having my way with her."

Her words shocked him; his mouth dropping opening at the same time his brows rose clear to the top of his forehead, his eyes widening in shock. He gulped nervously before answering, "Sure, sure, if you don't think I'd be intruding."

"Not at all," Paul answered.

The three of them quickly left First Beach, none of them bothering to say goodbye. It wasn't worth their time; saying goodbye meant you had to drag the imprinted focuses off one another for longer than ten seconds which was a nearly impossible task. Then, they would try to convince you how you should stay; it just wasn't the same without you or some other bullshit to guilt you into feeling the need to make them happy. There were times the guilt trips were so bad, if a rusty knife would have been available, Paul and Leah would have tried to kill themselves; in the hopes that if they didn't die from blood loss perhaps a nasty case of tetanus would set in but knowing their luck along with wolf-healing it would have all been in vain.

Paul popped the movie into the DVD player before heading to the kitchen to help Leah gather a few snacks. Their choices consisted of microwave popcorn—that may or may not be expired; half the date was rubbed off and he didn't remember buying it. She had found some tortilla chips and salsa and a box of bear-shaped graham crackers. For drinks they didn't have much other than water and warm cola and with her intimate knowledge of Jake's mind, she shoved the warm cola back into the dark recess of the cupboard. The last thing either of them wanted was deal with Jake crying like a girl over Isabitch Cullen.

The two of them sat down on the couch, Jake taking the single chair. Paul started the movie and despite the fact they had seen the movie multiple times they were intensely focused on the TV. It had become a pack favorite and prior to the imprinting epidemic, their group would consist of Embry, Quil, Jake, Paul, and Seth watching the movie while Leah grumbled. That, of course, was before Paul had soothed just one of many reasons for her bitchiness. Once he had done that, she had come to love the movie simply because it turned Paul on and she benefited from his reaction to Selene. It didn't matter that she was a vampire, the two of them agreed if vampires were anything like her—they would have a hard time killing them.

None of them said much while they watched the movie. She couldn't deny it as once again her core throbbed; the movie turning her on while she was lost in memories of previous results the movie had on them. She knew Paul could tell. It was probably the only downside of their relationship—she couldn't hide her arousal from him, ever. She thanked the gods for small favors as Jake was too virginal to realize what was going on, grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch, and used it to cover her lap . It didn't take long before Paul reached a hand underneath the blanket, pulling the hem of her dress up before his hand started stroking along her inner thighs.

She understood his unspoken communication and shifted slightly, granting him better access by lifting her leg closest to him and draping it over his thigh. It was just enough to open her legs up so he could slide a hand between her slick folds. His fingers stroking over her swollen clit and she bit her lip to stifle her sigh of pleasure. Soon, she wasn't even paying attention to the action on the screen; her entire focus was on the feel of Paul's fingers as he pleasured her and trying to minimize her reaction it.

She was so close, poised to fall over the precipice when Jake's voice disturbed them, "I think I'm gonna go…you two seem…busy."

She slapped Paul's hand away and pulled her dress down while she pushed the blanket off her lap and walked over to Jake who stood awkwardly in front of the chair he had just vacated. She pushed him down so he once again was sitting, commanding him, "No, stay. We've been discussing this and enough is enough. If you don't get over that bitch, you're going end up being part of the pathetic gathering we just left. Someday you'll be our Alpha and we'd just as soon not have your choices taken away, too. Don't you think you've already had enough taken from you?"

She climbed onto his lap and straddled him. His eyes widened as he gripped the arms of the chair, trying to lean his body as far back away from her as he could. He took a breath in and his nostrils were filled with her scent; a mix of vanilla and lavender with a hint of musk. His heart thundered in his chest and he swallowed nervously when she leaned close to whisper, "You know you want to."

He groaned as her tongue licked the pulse point throbbing in his neck. Her teeth nipped at his skin while she ground her body against him. He couldn't stop his body's reaction to her. His half-hard cock stood to attention, his body rose up to meet hers.

"Leah…I don't think this is a good idea…" he protested weakly. His eyes opening as he glanced over at Paul, trying to decipher whether Paul was okay with what she was doing or getting ready to kick his ass.

"Hey, don't go and look to him for answers," she growled, grabbing his chin as she turned his focus back to her. "Right now this is between you and me. He doesn't own me, regardless of what he thinks."

Paul growled in disagreement to her words but she wasn't cowed by his reaction. Instead, she rocked her hips against him, her lips and tongue travelling up along his neck towards his ear lobe before sucking it into her mouth; her teeth nipping at his lobe. He moaned her name and she smiled, pulling her lips away and turned towards Paul who continued to growl lowly, "Shut it, Paul. You know what I mean."

At some point during her teasing Jake's hands moved from gripping the arms of the chair to gripping her hips. His hands guided her hips to rock against him. Turning back to Jake, she looked at his face—saw how his eyes were tightly closed as he concentrated, his brow furrowed, and his lips parted the slightest bit. As she leaned down, she licked her lips, moistening them before she brushed her lips against his. Her tongue darted out to trace along his lips and when he groaned she thrust her tongue inside. Her hands threaded through his hair as she demonstrated exactly how a kiss should be. His hands began to move along her sides, stroking her curves.

"Leah," Paul's soft calling of her name pulled her from their game. She broke her lips from Jake. Panting, she sucked in several deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart.

"Jake, we have to discuss one ground rule first," she began waiting for his eyes to open as that would signal him acknowledging her words. Once they opened and he looked at her, his cheeks flushing in awkwardness and he swallowed once before nodding she continued, "You can touch anywhere except one place." She pulled her hair up with right hand and then turned her head slightly so the left side of her neck was visible. It was barely noticeable but he recognized it for what it was—the perfect imprint of Paul's teeth on her skin just behind her ear and close to her hairline.

"Holy shit, Leah! You guys can't…you're not supposed…fuck…the elders are going to…you'll never hear the end of it," he rambled.

She lowered her hair back into the place covering the mark. She looked at him, raising a single eyebrow, "Why not? Who says? Sam," she sneered.


His protest was cut off by Paul's next words, "The elders and Sam don't get to decide things for me. Nor does some fucked up wolf shit. Why do you think we imprint, Jake?"

Jake looked from one to the other before answering, "To find our other half; the person that will complete us."

They both snorted at his words. Paul chuckling, "You really believe that line of bullshit the elders gave us? If that's the truth then Leah should have been imprinted on either by you or Sam." He glanced at Paul, confusion evident in his eyes. "Think about it, Jake. She's the Alpha female. Wouldn't she be part of the strongest imprint? But she's not. You know why? Because imprinting is for pussies who are too dumb to find their own mates."

He started coughing at Paul's words but Paul hadn't finished giving his explanation, "Did you know they didn't tell Sam about imprinting until after he'd already seen Leah after becoming a wolf? That's why he imprinted on Emily—he was scared as fuck that he was going to lose her forever and Emily just happened to be the first person in his line of sight after heard it. Jared on the other hand was all freaked out about being a wolf—thought no one would ever accept him. He takes one look at Kim—someone who'd been crushing on him forever and BAM!—instant love. Look at Quil, imprinter of a toddler," he started, his voice laced with disgust.

"Quil's biggest fear was that he'd have to grow up. Now look he's got at least 16 years before he even needs to think about becoming responsible. Then we have Embry, even being part of the pack, having you and Quil as best friends isn't enough. He's all worked up about not knowing who his father is. Worried that he's not really part of our group—for fuck's sake he sprouts into a giant wolf like the rest of us—we don't have any reason not to accept him as our brother. So, all it took was a single meeting with Angela and now he finally feels like he belongs."

"Don't know why he just doesn't ask me," she quipped. "Both him and Sam have the Uley birthmark on their ass."


She rolled her eyes at Jake's exclamation. "You think you boys were the only ones affected by all those hormones? Hardly," she snorted. "Believe me, my rabbit and I needed the visuals, at least until Paul came along."

"That's the purpose of today, Jake," Paul explained. "If you don't get your head out of your ass over the leech lover, you're going to end up with an imprint. Do you really want the last choice in life you have left taken away?"

"No…I don't know…it can't be that bad…can it?"

"Sure, sure. It's not that bad. You really want your soul mate to be someone you bump into at the grocery store? Someone you never knew or cared about and then suddenly they're your world? Or would you rather get the opportunity to know them, fall in love and choose them," she asked.

Jake's eyes flitted back to her face. "But you said…told the elders…" he paused blushing as he remembered her words at the meeting a few months ago. "You didn't love Paul and you told me…I don't know…it didn't sound like you felt like that when we patrolled together the other day."

"Well, that was then. Do you think I'm the only one that's marked in this relationship?" His eyes jumped back over to Paul, scouring his features, trying to remember if he had seen a mark on him. "You won't find it," she answered his silent question. "Well, you might but I don't think you're ready to explore that," she finished with a laugh.

"So this is the thing, Jake—we've talked about this. Leah wants to do this and I trust her. But if you keep moping around, fuck, it's bad enough dealing with Sam who always has his panties in a bunch over Emily. It's hard to have respect for him. You know he'll probably only be Alpha until they start popping out pups," Paul explained.

"I think you'll be a good leader," she added. "But that's only if you're not blessed with imprinting. Like I said, it's up to you—but do you really want to have another choice taken away?"

Her hips ground against him as she reached down, grabbing the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. If he thought he was hard earlier—he didn't know what he would call this. His erection strained against his shorts; the fabric pulled taut, the seams straining. He had gotten a peek or two of her body but to have her on his lap, straddling his thighs, and completely bare was enough to make his heart skip a beat and his breathing to turn ragged. He didn't protest when she reached down to grab his hands, placing them on her chest to cup her breasts. He groaned at his first feel of her smooth, hot flesh against his palms; her nipples hardening into stiff points.

His eyes closed to the feeling of her soft skin against him. He groaned when her lips met his again, her tongue sweeping inside. His hands no longer content to cup her breasts; he began to massage them. The calluses on his palms in stark contrast to her softness but it must have been just the right touch as she moaned, arching forward and pressing urgently towards him. Her hands reaching down for the hem of his tee-shirt and she slowly began to pull it up. She continued to pull on it until she had to pause as their current position didn't allow her to remove it. His lips broke from hers and he reluctantly removed his hands so he could raise his arms above his head and she pulled his shirt off, tossing it to the floor.

He met her eyes, the black-brown depths hazy and glazed; her pupils dilated. As his gaze took in her features, the slight flush of her cheeks, her parted lips; he felt a hint of regret, realizing Paul was most likely right. It made sense Leah as the first female wolf ever was meant to be an important part of the tribe. He didn't want another choice to be taken away. He had finally come to terms with his heritage; he couldn't imagine what it would be like to one day meet his soul mate and be forced to accept it.

She watched the variety of emotions flit across his features and waited patiently until he came to his decision. Saw as those emotions went from lust to understanding to regret and finally to acceptance. In the end, she knew he would select this but it had to be his choice. She may have tried to push him to making this decision but like they had told him—they were firm believers in choice. Though neither of them could deny there wasn't some other reason behind this; both knowing they wouldn't be able to come out with the truth of their relationship until they had someone in their corner. It had to be him and they hadn't lied when they didn't want him to join the ranks of the imprinted.

The decision made, she climbed off his lap and stood in front of him, her arm extended towards him. He reached up and grasped her hand and she pulled him to a standing position. She started walking out of the living room towards the spare bedroom, crooking a single finger towards Paul, an invitation to join as they walked past him.

The three of them entered the room and she let go of Jake's hand. She reclined her body on the bed, resting her upper body on her arms and bending one leg. The position gave both of them, Jake and Paul, nearly a complete view of her body; her pussy wasn't completely in the open but there was enough visible that she smiled when she saw Jake swallow, his eyes flaring with desire. Paul reached a hand down to adjust himself in his shorts before he took a seat in the only chair in the room; he had agreed to let her direct their play.

Jake stood frozen, unsure of what to do; his erection throbbing in tune to the pounding of his heart. He watched her when she sat up, her body perched on the edge of the bed. Leaning forward, she kissed the skin just above his shorts, her hands finding the closure and slipping the button free before she unzipped them. She pushed his shorts off his hips, down past his knees as far as she could without changing position. Raising one leg up, she pushed them down the last few inches so they were down around his ankles.

Glancing up, she met his eyes and then reached, gripping his cock firmly, giving it several firm strokes before she took him into her mouth. His loud groan and curse filled the quiet of the room. Her tongue swirled around the tip, along the sensitive underside while her hand rubbed where she couldn't reach with her mouth. She sucked hard, popping him out of her mouth and took her hand to gather the moisture left from her earlier caress, using it as lubrication along his shaft. Once again, her mouth opened and his cock was engulfed by her.

He was in heaven—her mouth and hand pleasuring him in a way he had never been able to accomplish himself. He ached so close to climax, his cock harder, stiffer than it had ever been, his sac pulled tight to his body. She increased the suction, her tongue flicking on a sensitive spot underneath the head of his cock; her hand firmly stroking in time to her mouth. It was the vibrating feel of her moan that pushed him over; he roared as he climaxed, trying to pull away but she held onto him firmly, her other hand reached around to hold his body in place; her hand squeezing him rhythmically as she swallowed.

"Fuck," he swore breathlessly. His legs felt shaky and he wondered how he was still standing. She popped his now soft cock out of her mouth and giggled, placing a kiss near his navel.

"Just think," she murmured. "That's just a little taste of what's to come," she finished as she repositioned herself on the bed, resting her head on a pillow, raising her right knee up as she began to stroke her skin.

His dark eyes observed the journey her hands and fingers took. He watched as they circled her breasts, pulling on her nipples, and then one hand trailed along her abdomen. Her legs spreading apart as her fingers slid into her slick folds, opening them slightly as she took a single finger and drew small circles on a small bud of flesh. He was transfixed as she touched herself.

"Come here," she instructed softly. He glanced over at Paul, ensuring a final time that he was okay with what she was asking, knowing innately despite her protesting that Paul and his wolf viewed her as their mate. Paul nodded at him and he kicked his shorts off; he climbed onto the bed, kneeling in the center of her legs.
She pushed herself up, her hands reaching for him. One hand entwined in his hair, pulling his head towards hers while the other reached to pull his chest against hers. Their lips meeting again, only this time he instigated their kiss. His tongue thrust into her mouth, sweeping the dark recesses, tasting her. As their kiss deepened she pulled him down so they reclined; he hardened and he pulsed against her hot, wet flesh. A groan escaped his lips as he rubbed against her.

Their kiss breaking at Paul's words, "Now a girl like Leah—she's going to tell you exactly what she wants, how she needs it—most won't. It doesn't matter how wrong you're doing it, they'll suffer in silence, faking every moan and sigh—all while they wait for you to finish. If you want to get a second chance with them or leave them wanting more—you have to learn how to read the signs."

He nodded in understanding as he waited for additional directions. "You need to use those enhanced senses you've been given. While a girl can fake a moan or a sigh, she can't fake her heart racing or the scent of her arousal. Leah, baby, tell him what you want."

"You ready for this, Jake," she asked arching her body towards his, her hand reaching to grab his ass and pulling his lower body closer to hers. "I want you to use everything—your fingers, lips, tongue—and explore. Just pay attention," she instructed.

He nodded, his eyes closing as he took a few deep breaths to calm his racing heart; taking those several long moments to compose himself. Once he felt more in control, he opened his eyes and sat back on his haunches. He remained perched between her thighs as he took his hands, his fingers ghosting along her chest. He stroked her breasts, drawing ever closer circles until he reached the dusky rose of her areolas. She arched up, her nipples hardening and straining towards his hands.

He cupped her breasts, pointing his thumbs upwards and towards the center of her chest. Then he rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, listening as she moaned softly and her heart rate increased. He thought about what she said—fingers, lips, and tongue. He hesitated for only a moment before he leaned down and pulled one peak into his mouth; gently sucking, his tongue swirling. He pulled away, the suction created by his mouth causing a popping sound as he released her nipple. Pursing his lips he blew cool air on the moist peak; goose bumps appearing on her skin.

He turned his attention to her other breast. Using a different technique, he grasped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching lightly at first and pulling on the firm tip. His hand cupped her, massaging firmly before his fingers once again turned their attention back to her nipple. She panted, her heart racing; the scent of her arousal filling the small room. He caressed firmer, pulling and rolling her nipple between his fingers; his touch just a little too hard for her liking and her hand gripped his wrist, drawing his attention to her face.

She shook her head before telling him, "That's a bit too hard, now you'll have to make it better. You know how to do that, right," she asked arching one brow.
He answered her by kissing the abused peak; the flesh reddened from his earlier touch. His mouth opened, pulling the taut peak in; his tongue licking the abused flesh. Moans spilled from her throat while her hands threaded through his hair, holding his head to her.

She arched her hips up again, moaning a single word, "More." Her response had Paul chuckling, "I think you've sufficiently learned about her breasts and nipples but now it's time to discover what else will make her moan. That's what she means by more," he paused. "You hear her heartbeat; you feel how she's arching towards you and her hands trying to pull your body down to hers. Fuck, you can practically taste her arousal in the air. I bet she's soaked."

"Shut up, Paul," she growled. "Jacob," she said drawing out the syllables of his name; her voice raspy with need. "I need you to touch me—remember fingers, lips, and tongue."

He scooted down a bit in the bed, his groin no longer firmly pressed against hers. She whined at the loss of contact but he trailed his fingers along her sides while he crawled down further before lying on his stomach, resting his upper body on one of his elbows. The fingers of his other hand traced her abdomen, skirting around her navel. His cool breath against her skin caused her to shiver; goose bumps breaking out on her skin.

He leaned down, his lips placing open mouthed kisses on the flesh near her navel. He stuck his tongue out, laving the flesh before increasing the suction; his teeth nipping at her skin. He dipped his tongue into her navel, his fingers trailing down along her inner thigh. He moved down her body those final few inches, his face hovering above her heat. His heart pounded nervously; he was unsure of how to proceed but she smelled delicious and he wanted a taste.

She was breathless and panting, barely cognizant of Paul's words, "Babe, you might need to help him a bit or you want me to do it." Her answer was nothing more than a soft moan.

Paul took charge and moved closer, kneeling on the floor next to the bed. He inhaled deeply, his mouth watered at the scent of her arousal; he told her over and over how he could spend his life buried between her thighs. It was only part of the reason why he had marked her as his. Why he had practically begged her to mark him. Both their marks had to be hidden; they couldn't be where any of the pack or the elders would see them. They had broken the rules by choosing each other but she was the only one who could match his fiery temper—his hotheadedness and his tendency to act before thinking while he was the only one who could satisfy her needs and soothe her tendency towards being a bitch.

He reached over to pull her leg that closest to him out a bit more. His hand stroked along her smooth flesh as he instructed Jake, "Alright, now every girl is a little different, but most want and need stimulation on their clit. You might need to move her other leg out just a bit just to give yourself enough room."

He watched as Jake did as he instructed and then continued, "Leah likes to stay maintained, not all girls do but I've found it increases pleasure. It's something if you're in a long-term relationship and she doesn't you can make it part of your foreplay."

Leah's hips arched up again and they both chuckled at her impatience. "Don't worry, babe, he'll make you feel good in just a sec. Spread her." As Jake did what he instructed, Paul gave him an anatomy lesson; telling him exactly where to explore and giving him a few tips and pointers before his lesson was cut off by her growl, "Jesus, Paul, fucking let him do it already."

The rest of her tirade was cut off by Paul's lips capturing hers. His tongue thrust into her mouth; he could taste the faintest hint of Jake and it didn't repulse him. If anything, it turned him on as he thought about how quickly Jake had learned what she liked. Out of all the girls he had been with, she had been his biggest challenge—her stamina and desires outmatched everyone. His hand moved from her thigh to cup her breast, kneading the soft flesh.

Jake had listened intently to everything Paul had said; his eyes travelled over her glistening pink flesh which was in stark contrast to the small strip of soft black hair on the top of her mound. He leaned close, inhaling deeply, and his erection straining against the mattress. He fought against his true desire which was to slide into her slick flesh and pound into her. He knew following Paul's instructions would be invaluable experience and he didn't know whether this was a one-time deal or what, so he was going to make the most of it.

His tongue reached out, tasting her. He licked along her flesh, dipping his tongue into her center and lapped the fluid leaking from her. She moaned in response; the sound muffled by Paul's lips. His tongue moved in a circling motion, skirting her clit; the small nub of flesh was swollen and aching in need. Her hands reached down and threaded through his hair, holding his head to her as jerked her hips up; trying and failing to get his tongue to stroke her where she needed it most. He smiled against her skin, the movement causing his upper lip to brush against her clit and her hips bucked in response.

Tremors racked her body and he couldn't deny her any longer. His lips latched onto her clit, softly applying suction while his tongue flicked at the raised nub. Her lower body rose off the bed and he wrapped his arms underneath her legs, holding her sides. He tongue and lips applying the right amount of friction and stimulation and it was only moments later that she shattered; her juices coating his chin as she screamed in pleasure. His tongue lazily licked at her entrance as the violent shudders dwindled.

"Come here," she called hoarsely as her arms reached down towards his shoulders.

Following her command, he moved so he hovered above her. She took her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling his groin to hers. His hardness rubbing against her moist heat and he couldn't stop himself from making a few shunting movements, needing the friction to soothe the throbbing of his cock. Her hands entwined in his hair, pulling his head down to hers. Their lips meeting in a kiss that was nothing less than a demonstration of sex; she broke the kiss as she murmured, "Are you ready for the next step?"

He rested his head against her forehead, his breathing ragged. Nodding slightly, he leaned back and grasped his cock in one hand. Sliding against her, he gathered moisture from her, though it wasn't required as there was already pre-cum leaking from him. He saw when she moved her feet to rest them on the bed, her legs spread; her entire body open to him—her center like a beacon and he was drawn to it. He pushed forward, sliding in slowly and she arched upwards, trying to pull him deeper.

"Babe, let him," Paul ordered her before turning to instruct Jake, "With most girls, you want to go slow—give them time to adjust to your size. If you've prepared them well, you can go a bit faster which also means once you've entered them completely you can go harder and deeper but if it's your first time with them, I'd go slowly. It gives them time to accommodate you."

He nodded, gritting his teeth against the sensation at the tip of his cock. She was so warm, wet, and tight; he couldn't imagine what it was going to feel like once he was buried in her. He pushed forward, slowly, inch-by-inch—much to her displeasure. Her hips didn't arch up towards him while he made his slow descent into her depths—Paul whispering in her ear the entire time. He couldn't catch what Paul was saying to her; he was too focused on his slow and steady movements.

It felt like it took hours but was only mere moments and he was finally buried to the hilt. He rocked his hips a single time and felt as she tightened around him, squeezing his cock and he groaned. For his first few tentative strokes he barely pulled out before thrusting back. As his confidence grew along with her urging, he strokes become deeper and harder; he pulled out until barely the tip of his cock was inside before thrusting hard, his hips making a snapping motion against her. She continued to squeeze him; her inner muscles flexing while her nails dug into his back.

He squeezed his eyes shut trying to concentrate as he felt his own climax nearing. He didn't want to go before her but when her lips locked on his neck, her teeth nipping on his skin; it no longer mattered. He couldn't stop if he wanted to. All he could feel was her slickness and tightness throbbing around him, the sharp bite of her nails on his skin, and the abused spot on his skin which pulsed from her actions. He slammed into her, harder than what he had, his hand digging into the mattress as he tried to find something to hold onto. He swore loudly as he came before collasping on top of her.

When he came to his senses several minutes later, he blushed and apologized; his apology two-fold. He felt bad for not allowing her to climax, especially when he had been sure she was close and then he had crushed her. Thankfully, because of her wolf genes she was fine. He rolled off her and onto his back, throwing an arm up and over his eyes. What the hell had he been thinking? He wondered. Obviously, he hadn't been using his brain for thinking; instead he had used the one thing he shouldn't use to make decisions.

"Jake," she said his name softly. "Don't worry about it. Seriously, that was pretty fucking good for your first time. It takes a lot of practice before you'll be able to control it. Imagine what it would've been like if I hadn't played with you a bit before?"

He groaned, muttering, "Just kill me now."

"Nope," she said laughing. "We're not done—not yet."

He felt the bed shift as she moved though he kept his eyes closed. When he felt her breath on his stomach, he felt a familiar tightening in his groin. He could hear as she licked her lips before she leaned down those final few inches and took his cock into her mouth. The change in position with him lying down meant he didn't have to worry about how he was going to stay standing, so he opened his eyes; his hand reaching down to hold her hair up and he watched as she sucked and stroked his cock.

The bed shifted once again and he glanced over, she gasped slightly as Paul shifted against her before thrusting inside. Her moan of pleasure vibrated around his shaft and he groaned. As Paul fucked her, she kept a similar rhythm on him and as she went over the edge, his climax followed, and then finally Paul.

After taking a break to eat and drink, they returned to the bedroom. She whispered in Paul's ear and he looked as eager as a kid on Christmas. Once they entered the room, she pushed Jake against the wall. Paul stepping behind her to lift her up so her legs wrapped around Jake's waist. He chuckled as she wiggled her body against his; her hand reaching down to stroke him.

"Is she always likes this," he asked as he glanced over her shoulder at Paul.

"Pretty much. Be glad she's not yours."

"Both of you talk too much," she growled at them. "We can play tea party later, girls," she finished her statement as she used her strength to lift herself up just enough to line him up before she slide down onto his erection.

He groaned, once again surrounded by her. His hands reaching down to cup her ass, lifting her before letting her slide back down him. The position allowed her clit to be stimulated with each movement. She shivered as Paul came up behind her, his hands stroking her back and hips. His nose nuzzled her neck as he asked her,

"Babe, you sure about this?"

"Yes," she answered the syllables of that single word stretched out as his fingers dipped between her ass cheeks. The cold sensation of lube against her puckered flesh caused her to shiver and Jake groaned at the added feeling.

Paul continued to use his finger tracing against the tight hole, adding more lube before he pushed a single finger inside. She hissed at the initial invasion of his finger and he paused giving her time to adjust before he began to move his finger in and out. The sensation was noticeable to both Leah and Jake and it wasn't long before Paul added a second finger. He timed the thrust of his fingers so that as Jake was pulling out, he was pushing in and when Jake pushed in, he pulled out. Adding a bit more lube, he used his fingers in a scissor-like motion; the final step to ensure she was ready for him.

When he pulled his fingers from her, she whined at the loss of contact. She writhed against Jake, seeking more stimulation and friction but not finding what she needed. Paul used the same hand he had prepared her with and covered his cock with lube. His other hand reached up and brushed her hair to the side, his mark on her skin visible. His mouth centered on the mark while he lined himself up to her entrance. Jake paused in his motions, sensing the need for stillness.

His tongue flicked at the mark as he pushed forward. Her soft grunts were the only sound in the room. Both guys held their breath, each fearing if they breathed they would lose it. He continued to push forward until he filled her and she pulsated causing all three of them to groan. Their cocks throbbed in tune and neither of them moved until they heard her command them.

It took a few tries before they got the rhythm down. The sensation felt the best when they alternated their movements. They could feel the slide of the other through her thin walls and it added to the feeling of their thrusts. Paul's hands replaced Jake's on her thighs and she leaned so her back rested against his chest. Her hands rested on Jake's shoulders and she used the added leverage and shunted her hips so she lifted and lowered herself on Paul while Jake grasped her waist and thrust into her.

Soon she could no longer control even her movements; she was too close to the edge. Paul pushed her forward, encouraging her to wrap her arms around Jake's neck; Jake's hands going to her thighs again. Paul's hand snaked around to pinch her clit as he pounded into her. The feeling of Paul's movements and Leah's orgasm was enough to make Jake come. He pulsed inside, his fingers digging into her legs as Paul hit a bundle of nerves inside her and she came. Paul thrust a final few times before he too climaxed.

"Holy fuck," she swore, her limbs numb and tingling. Sweat beading on their skin as they somehow all managed to stay in an upright position. "Ugh, we need to shower or something—I feel sticky and sweaty as hell," she complained.

They managed to disengage from one another. Paul pulled away first, his now soft cock falling out of her ass and his hands went to her waist. She slowly removed her legs from Jake and Paul lifted her up slightly so Jake could slide out before placing her on her feet. Her legs quivered and Paul pulled her into his arms, holding her close at the same time he helped her to stay on her feet. She felt like a newborn deer, her legs not quite strong enough to hold her up.

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