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Warnings: I've already warned you once...I told you I want do it again.

Their shower ended up leading to interesting acrobatics and despite the fact Leah and Paul had initially discussed and decided this was to be a one-time deal to help Jake out; they found themselves inviting Jake to come again. They didn't even plan to even watch a movie. Before he left, Jake expressed concerns about how they should deal with it if the pack found out and both Leah and Paul were of a similar mind, they didn't care. It wasn't as though anyone knew they were mated, thus what they did shouldn't be an issue with anyone. Hell, they practically hoped one of them would slip up around Sam. Let him call another meeting with the elders. Just so the three of them could deny it and say he was the one with the overactive imagination.

A few weeks later they found themselves once again at Paul's. The three of them had decided to skip out on the latest pack gathering as lately the imprinted couples had been getting on everyone's last nerve; their constant need to discuss how wonderful it was to have a soul mate and how bad they felt because some of the pack weren't so lucky. In didn't help either that Sam had been giving the three of them some interesting looks, even though none of them had let a single memory loose.

It was as though he had some type of mind-reading abilities; he had actually been increased his own patrols and ensured he patrolled with the three of them. Each of them had felt his intrusion into their minds and so they thought of the most ordinary things. Jake made sure to be appallingly obsessed with Bella. Paul began to think about every girl he had every slept with except for Leah which, of course, had Sam wondering what was going on between the two of them. He didn't hesitate either to share the information of Paul's thoughts with Leah either.

You really think I fucking care, Sam? What the fuck is with you? First, you call a meeting with the elders cause you don't want me with him. And now that he's thinking of other girls, you're making it your mission to notify me? Paul's an adult; he can do what he wants.

Well, don't think when he fucks you over that you can bring the drama into the pack—I won't put up with it he told her with a snort.

Whatever, just shut the fuck up so we can finish patrol.

Leah's way to keep Sam out of her head was to remember all the things about him that bothered her when they were dating. The list was endless. From the way his hands were clammy when he was nervous and how he kissed her with his eyes open. She shuddered remembering how much it disturbed her. Then, there was the whole business with him farting when they were in bed together. For fuck's sake, they had only been dating—it was too gross and intimate. Her musings effectively kept Sam from prying too much in her head.

"What the hell is with him," she asked as the three of them sat in the living room.

"I don't know," Paul answered. "But you better take Alpha soon, Jake. I don't know that I can stand listening to him too much longer."

"I've been talking to my dad about it. He wants me to go on some spirit journey or something—connect with my wolf," Jake answered shrugging. "It doesn't make any sense. Sam didn't have to go on a special journey to be Alpha."

"No, but I guess getting lost in the woods for two weeks and unable to change back must count as a spirit journey to the elders," she surmised with a giggle. "I can help you go on a ride," she told Jake seductively as she sauntered over to him. Both guys watched the soft sway of her hips; Paul growing hard instantly at the sight of her firm ass cheeks flexing as she sauntered away from him. She paused in front of Jake, pulling her dress off and throwing it to the ground. A single brow raised as she asked, "See anything you like?"

Jake's eyes raked her bare form, an uncontrollable growl rumbling from his throat as he stared at her. He grabbed her arms and tugged her onto his lap. His lips met hers, frantic in need and desire. Her hips rocked against him; his erection straining towards her. Even with his clothes on, he could feel her heat and wetness; the scent of her arousal filled his nostrils and he pulled away, needing to be just as naked as she was.

She leaned back slightly, giving him room to pull his shirt off and then lifted her hips so he could remove his shorts. His hands trailed along her body, knowing the exact touches and caresses needed to turn her on; not that she needed any help. This was their third time with the three of them together and after the enjoyment she had gotten the first time just the mention of the things they had done was enough to make her core throb and a leak fluid.

She reached down to grasp him, lifting her hips so she could slide down his length but was stopped by Paul's soft words, "Not that way, babe." Paul's hands reached around to massage her breasts, his tongue flicking at her mark. His hands grasped her waist and he easily lifted her up, setting her on her feet. He spun her around so she faced him, his lips pressing to hers urgently. Somewhere in the midst of hers and Jake's play, he had disrobed and his cock rubbed against her belly. He positioned her so she once again sat on Jake's lap, only this time her back faced Jake. Kneeling in front of them, Paul lifted her while Jake grasped his cock, lining up with her dripping entrance.

Paul's hands gripped her waist as she slid down. Both Jake and Leah groaned at the sensation; Jake's hands finding her breasts, massaging the soft mounds and pulling on her nipples. Paul's hands lifted her legs and resting them on the arms of the chair, opening her up to view. His husky voice instructed them, "Babe, lean back. Let him do the work. Jake, you gotta put your hands underneath her thighs and lift her."

He watched as they did as he told them, her body leaning back with her head resting on Jake's chest. Jake's fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs as he slowly lifted and lowered her. His gaze was drawn to the center of her thighs. Her folds glistened with desire, the pink flesh appeared to be swallowing Jake's hardened length and he licked his lips as his eyes travelled back to her face. He moved forward, his hips settling between Jake's as he cupped the back of her head, lifting it slightly as he leaned forward to kiss her. His tongue easily sliding between her parted lips; stroking and tasting her. He rubbed against her, his cock sliding against her swollen clit; his mouth capturing her low moan of pleasure.

As they kissed his other hand trailed down her body, massaging her breast, his fingers caressing the tip. He broke his lips from hers; his hands moving to hold onto her waist as he kissed his way down the smooth column of her neck and along her collarbones. Her head intuitively turned up and out, exposing her mark to him. He nipped at it, enjoying her sigh and chuckling at Jake's groan; he had found that any time he touched it, her body responded instinctively. Her walls would tighten and flex around his length and the first time it happened, he had struggled to maintain control.

His mouth travelled down to her breasts, the dusky pink peaks straining forward; appearing to be beg for his attention, so he gave them just that. He took one turgid peak into his mouth, his tongue laving the puckered flesh, his teeth barely scraping it before he firmly sucked the tip as he pulled his mouth away; the popping sound his actions made echoed in the room. He did the same to her other nipple before his lips and tongue began their descent. His tongue swirled around her navel; his lips placing small kisses on the crest of her hipbones. Her hips arched towards him as Jake continued to lift and lower her.

Her scent lingered in the air; its heady scent called to him and he found himself sitting back on his haunches, his fingers ghosting along the soft, delicate skin of her inner thighs. Leaning forward, he placed a kiss on the top of her mound. Her breathless plea, "Paul—please," had him moving his hands to the V of her legs to spread her apart, opening her even more to his gaze. His mouth watered and he swallowed convulsively. Finally, he moved those final few inches and his mouth was centered on her swollen nub.

He sucked the small bit of flesh into his mouth, his tongue flicking and swirling. Her hand reached down and entwined in his hair, holding him to her. During his teasing of her flesh he was unaware of her grasping the back of Jake's head, pulling him towards her so their lips could meet in a fiery kiss. He continued his assault of her flesh and felt as she neared climax. His tongue's movements became broader and bolder; he licked along her folds, near her opening. His tongue stroked both of them. When he felt her start to go over the edge, his mouth once again centered on her clit; his hands going to her waist to help Jake lift her. Her body arched in climax, her fingers twisted and pulled on his hair, and she screamed.

As soon as her fingers let his hair loose, he kissed her navel and sat back waiting for her to come around. Neither he nor Jake had come yet but they knew this wasn't the end of their fun, not yet. She lay slumped against Jake's chest, her eyes closed and mouth slightly open as she panted. It wasn't long before her black-brown eyes opened; their depths out-of-focus and the slightest pink flush spread across her cheeks. She smiled softly at him, a single finger gesturing him closer.

"Hmm," she sighed. "You boys know how to take care of me but," she paused as she leaned forward to kiss him. "I think you both still have a little problem."

He growled, "There's nothing little about my problem, Leah. I'm offended by your assumption—in fact, I think you're going to have to make it better," he finished by smirking at her.

She leaned forward again, their lips meeting, her teeth nipping at his lower lip. "Don't worry; I'll make it all better." She ground her body against Jake causing him to groan. In order to reposition herself, she had to lift completely off Jake. His groan of displeasure made her smile softly as she knelt on the chair, her back towards Jake's chest. He slouched a bit more in the chair as understanding dawned. He grasped his cock, fluid leaking from the tip and stroked between her folds several times before finally lining up with her entrance. She sank down slowly, her walls pulsating in time to the throbbing of his cock.

His hands grasped her waist, holding her upright and helping her to ride him. She quirked a brow at Paul who still sat on the floor and he smirked back at her. "Come here, let me kiss it all better," she purred.

Paul stood, the action bringing his groin right in front on her face. Her hands reached for him, one pulling him closer while the other grasped his cock. She stroked him firmly several times before her tongue darted out and licked at the fluid leaking from the tip. A throaty moan reverberated from her throat and then around his cock as she took him inside her mouth.

The more times the three of them were together, the easier it was to find the right rhythm. Jake steadied her and helped her ride him while Paul barely thrust his hips forward; he let her control how deep she wanted to take him. The further forward she leaned; it seemed to make Jake's length rub against a sensitive bundle of nerves inside her so each time she was fully seated, she ground against him causing a moan to spill from both their throats. Her moan vibrated around Paul's cock and it wasn't long before his hands tangled her hair, holding her close to him. Her hand reached around and placed pressure on his perineum as she relaxed her jaw and took him as deep as she could go; her hand stroking were she wasn't able to reach. He couldn't hold back any longer, he growled as he came, "Fuck, Leah."

Jake stilled his movements, giving Leah time to finish Paul off. He couldn't deny how hot it was to be buried in her while she sucked and licked Paul clean. It wasn't going to take much to for him to climax and he wasn't sure if she was close or not anymore. One of his hands snaked around her front and began to rub and circle her clit while his other held her hip in place. His eyes were drawn to Paul's groin at her soft words as she kissed his flesh, "See, I told you I'd make it better," and it was then that he noticed it. She had been right after all, he would never have found where Paul was marked, nor would any of the pack. There, nestled in the place where his thigh met his body, precariously close to his cock was the perfect imprint of Leah's teeth. Her mark on him; for some reason the whole aspect of how that mark got there, made him even more turned on.

He grasped her waist tightly and began to help her ride him again. As though she understood what he needed, her hands moved from Paul to rest on his knees; she used them to balance herself as she began to lift and slam her body down on his. He barely noticed as Paul knelt down again between his thighs and began to kiss and stroke her flesh. It wasn't until he felt the small tremors, her walls clutching him that he opened his eyes and saw Paul had latched onto her mark. Her nails dug into his thighs, the stinging sensation was a cross between pleasure and pain. His hips arched upwards as he pulled her down hard; he was sure if she was a normal girl, he would have broken her in half by now. He pulsed inside her; his hands on her waist were the only thing keeping her from toppling forward. Her core convulsing around him as she clung to Paul; her head buried in the crook of his neck.

The three of them stayed in the living room catching their breath. After several minutes, Paul lifted her off Jake and then pulled her into his arms. His hands stroked her back, comforting her as she came down. His lips softly kissed her temple and Jake pretended he couldn't hear the quietly murmured words of love Paul told her. In the end, it was always the two of them and he was just the third wheel. He had been invited to join in their fun but at the end of the day everything was about the two of them. Now that he had gotten a glimpse of what they had and he wanted it, too.

Once again they moved their threesome to the spare bedroom. Jake finally understood why they never did anything in the bedroom Paul and Leah slept in; it was theirs and while this was something the two of them wanted to do to help him, and perhaps, for the experience; when Jake went home, he was quickly forgotten. He had noticed how after each of their encounters, the room seemed to be permeated with the scents of the three of them. It had been a week or so since the last time but they must have cleaned the room as the only scent he got was that of lemons; a familiar ingredient in many cleaning products.

Leah sat on Paul's lap; the two of them perched on the edge of the bed while Jake sat awkwardly in the chair. He struggled trying to come up with the right words to say. How to thank them for everything they had done. He couldn't imagine any of the other couples doing this. Their wolves were possessive by nature, but maybe it was the fact they chose each other that made it possible. He wasn't sure but either way it was an extraordinary thing they had done.

"So…" he hedged feeling unsure of himself as he did that very first time when Leah had taken him in hand. He felt his cheeks flush slightly, "Umm…thanks for this. I don't know what to say—I can't even begin to understand…"

"Don't sweat it, Jake," Paul reassured him. "I know what you're thinking. How can I, much less my wolf allow you to touch Leah? We discussed it for a while and if it would've been uncomfortable, it would've been the end of it," he replied with a shrug. "She's my forever and I'm hers. I'm not worried about anyone or anything coming between us. Our wolves recognize that we've chosen each other but it doesn't mean we don't see people around us. That's the thing about imprinting, you become so focused on that one person—you forget everyone and everything around you."

Leah nodded in agreement, "It makes me sick to think about how none of them see us any longer. They really don't because otherwise they'd see how different we are. They'd see the changes in you."

Jake chuckled at her words before adding, "My dad's noticed. He asked me if I was dating. I ran out of the house like it was on fire. But as much fun as this has been, I can't keep intruding on your lives—at least not like this."

Paul nodded, "Yep, I think we're ready to let you go free and off into the world; we've turned you into a man." He jokingly sniffled, "He's all grown up and leaving the den, what are we going to do?"

Leah nudged him none too gently before replying, "But the day's not over yet. Tomorrow's a good day to start anew."

Jake smiled and nodded; there was no way he was going to argue with her logic. Not when he knew the pleasure to be shared by going along with her. He watched, his eyes flaring as she crooked her finger, inviting him to come closer before she turned and straddled Paul's lap. Her legs resting on the sides of Paul's hips and he innately knew what she desired. Paul moved back further onto the bed until his entire body was on it. She followed him and as he lay down on his back, she reached between their bodies to grasp him, holding him firmly while she lined herself up before sliding down.

Paul's breath hissed out of his lungs at the sensation of their joining. She leaned forward, her breasts dangling near his mouth and he was quick to grasp one rounded mound in his hand before leaning up to suck the peak into the warm, moist cavern of his mouth. He heard the nightstand drawer open and listened as Jake grabbed the lube. Her slow, rocking movements were stilted by Jake's first caress. The cool lube caused her to shiver but he didn't stop his assault on her breasts.

Jake's lubed fingers skillfully caressed at the small puckered hole and soon she was pushing back towards his hand, demanding his touch. His lips kissed along her spine as he gently pushed one finger in. Her breath caught in her throat at his first intrusive touch but he didn't move as he allowed her to relax. He felt as the tight band of muscles loosened slightly; just enough so he could slowly drag his finger nearly out before thrusting back in. Paul's hands gripped her hips and he encouraged her to continue her motions, needing both the stimulation and distraction.

"More," she panted. A keening cry fell from her lips when Jake gave her what she asked for. He added more lube and then gently added a second finger to the first. He continued his soft and slow movements; he could feel through her thin walls were how close Paul was. His fingers spread inside, preparing her for him. He knew that none of them would last very long but he wanted to be in her when he came—when they all did.

When he shifted on his haunches, pulling his fingers from her and she whined in protest. Paul pulled her down so she was on his chest and his lips met hers, swallowing any further protest. Jake took a bit more lube and placed it on his palm before grasping his erection, sliding his hand up and down to spread the lube. Even the small action of his hand had him holding his breath, tightening his abdominal muscles as he struggled to focus. He knelt between Paul's spread legs, grasping his cock in one hand as his other hand rested on her ass cheek.

He pushed forward slowly, giving her time to adjust to his size and the feeling of fullness. Every other time they had done this Paul had always been the last to join and Jake knew Paul held himself back; he went slowly because it didn't matter how much she wanted this, he didn't want to hurt her. She wasn't helping matters though as she wiggled her ass, trying to get him to impale her.

"Jake—fuck," she moaned. "Just…do it already," she commanded as she pushed back against him.

"Babe, relax," Paul told her as he nipped her lips. "He'll get there—you need to be patient."

"Fuck," she swore stretching the syllables out. "Neither of you has any idea…none at all…I need…" her words breaking off as Jake pushed those final few inches forward. She screamed, her body tightening around them as she came and both of them held their breath.

Somehow they managed to keep it together and despite the throbbing of their cocks and the spasms of her walls pulling them deeper while simultaneously pushing them out, they were able to start up a rocking rhythm. Jake being on top controlled their rhythm. Every time he thrust forward, she moved just enough so she was no longer fully impaled on Paul. When he pulled back, his hands gripping her hips pulled her back down Paul's length.

The sensation of her wrapped around them and feeling as they took turns sliding in and out of her—there weren't words to describe it. She was tight, hot, and wet but there was an underlying feeling of friction; a slow burn that soon became a full-fledged inferno. Their movements became faster, harder, and rougher. No longer were they content to just allow Jake to control the movements; Paul joined in, his hips thrusting upwards into her soft heat in tandem to Jake.

This time when she went over the edge, neither of them could hold themselves back either. When she came; her entire body convulsed, her fingers dug into Paul's scalp and her teeth embedded in her own arm as she dared not to leave a mark on him that would be easily visible. Paul's body arched up, his fingers biting into her hips hard enough to leave a bruise and he roared her name as he came. Between the feel of Leah pulsating around him and Paul's climax, Jake's hands ended up on top of Paul's and he pulled her backwards and down so both of them were rooted as deep as they could be in her. His hips snapped twice against hers and he pulsed in her; his climax making him feel weak, his limbs numb.

After the final few pulses of his shaft, he slid out and lay down on the bed. Paul and Leah untangled themselves from one another and she lay in between them. The three of them slowly recovered; none of them embarrassed by what they had just shared. It was seemingly normal—no different from the fact they turned into giant wolves at will.

She faced Paul and stared into his brown eyes and couldn't help but reach her hand towards his face, her fingers tracing along the side of it as she mouthed to him, "I love you." She knew she didn't need to say the words, he already knew. They had healed each other and to think it had just started out as an argument between the two of them before it turned into something so much more. Their fighting had been a result of each of them rebelling against the hand they had been dealt and their attraction to one another.

He laughed at the seriousness of her face as he leaned down to kiss her nose; jokingly asking her, "Are you going soft on me, Clearwater?"

She shook her head vehemently 'no' but the redness creeping into her cheeks gave her away. She ducked her head in shyness, her forehead resting against his chest. His hand reached down between her legs and he softly stroked her, murmuring against her hair, "It's okay if you are. We won't tell anyone." She moaned as he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Jake turned on his side so he was spooning her; his arm reaching over her body and his hand capturing her breast while his lips kissed and nipped along her back.

"Don't you two ever get worn out," she huffed slightly annoyed but turned on at the same time.

"Nope," they answered her simultaneously. Paul reminding her cheekily, "This was pretty much your idea, babe. I've just been along for the ride."

"Humph, whatever. Well, I don't know I can handle another wolf-boy sandwich."

"Hey! I have to protest at that, Leah. Didn't you and Paul just say—you've turned me into a man," Jake asked chuckling. "Doesn't that make it a wolf-men sandwich?"

She smirked, her head still buried in Paul's chest, as she grasped Jake's hand and brought it to her mouth. She took a single finger of his into her mouth and simulated the act of sucking of his cock and once he pressed urgently into her, she bit down just hard enough to remind him who was the boss. Her actions barely deterred him as he continued to press against her. Paul's fingers sliding along her slick folds and rubbing her swollen nub effortlessly. Her smirk slowly fading as she felt the small spark inside which quickly grew—an uncomfortable itch that needed to be scratched, and she knew there was only one way for it that to happen.

"How about we try something different, babe," Paul murmured as he pulled her so she was underneath him. Her eyes widened as she realized what he meant. "This time we'll let Jake be in charge of all the action," he told her and in the next moment he slid into her; his lips capturing hers and swallowing her moan of pleasure.

She planted her feet on the bed her legs spread open as he began a slow series of thrusts. He had only mentioned it once and she had thought he was joking but now she realized—this wasn't just about what she wanted to experience, it was about him too. Nothing in their relationship was taboo and this was just another thing for them to share.

Her eyes locked with Paul's as she whispered, "If you're sure—otherwise we'll figure something else out." His lips touched hers gently as he answered, "Nope, just this once—I want to," his cheeks reddened slightly. By no means did this mean he was gay but he had wondered—he and Leah had done experimenting and he had enjoyed it but it left him wanting—unfulfilled and he wondered what it would be like.

"He'll be gentle," she promised as her hands stroked his back; the small touch comforting and relaxing at the same time. He was a nervous and unsure of how to proceed but Leah took the decision out of his hands. "Jake, come here," she called and he buried his head in the crook of her neck, wishing the bed could swallow him up. His heart thundered in his ears and though he tried to focus and listen to what she was telling Jake, he couldn't catch a single word.

His head lifted at her soft calling of his name. He gazed into her eyes and saw her concern, love, and acceptance of what he wanted. There wasn't any judgment in her eyes and he wanted this—wanted to share this with her. Maybe it was his way of showing her that he didn't always need to be in control or maybe it was just about him—he wasn't sure and she didn't care.

"I love you," he uttered as his hand reached to tuck her hair behind her ear. His lips centered on hers, his tongue tracing the seam as he coaxed her lips to part. Their kiss quickly became one of love, passion, and need rolled together. Tongues tangled as they thrust into each other's mouths; mimicking the motions of their lower bodies. Her hands stroked along his back, straining to reach down even lower to cup his ass cheeks. He knew her actions were two-fold; to prepare and relax him. He shifted slightly, his legs parting when he felt the bed move as Jake settled between his thighs.

His nerve endings tingled and each sensation caused a wave of pleasure through his body. He groaned at the first touch of Jake's calloused hands on his lower back. Jake's fingers massaging his muscles and he felt the tension drain from him. As Jake moved lower down, his body arched towards Jake's touches—wanting and needing more. The cracking sound of the lube bottle opening broke through the sounds of the room and he held his breath, knowing what was to come next.

Just like Leah had earlier, he shivered at Jake's first touch; the cold, silky feel of the lube was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. The touches familiar, yet strange as he had only done anything like this with Leah; Jake's fingers were thicker and stronger feeling than hers. At the first intrusion of Jake's fingers, his eyes closed and he stiffened slightly—not in discomfort but in nearly overwhelming pleasure. When he opened his eyes, his gaze was drawn to hers.

Her hand cupped the back of his head and pulled him towards her. He barely heard her whispered words, "See, what did I tell you," before their kiss muffled the sound of her voice.

He continued to thrust into her; his thrusts almost lazy as Jake continued to ready him. He groaned when he felt Jake rub against the small spot of tissue that seemed to send a bolt of lightning through him. He hardened further, his cock felt like a steel pole and he throbbed; his throbbing tapped the bundle of nerves in her and she moaned, her nails digging into his flesh. The pleasure-pain of it all nearly threw both of them over the edge.

He sucked his breath in, holding it as the bed shifted again. He could feel the heat of Jake's thighs between his own. He shuddered at the first sensation of pressure, the intrusion of his body, and feeling of fullness. Already his own thrusts into Leah were paused; it was just like he had told her, Jake would need to control the action.

"Breathe, honey," she reminded him and he listened to her. A soft groan escaped his lips at the change in feeling the simple act of breathing had. As his chest expanded and contracted, it moved his body just enough so Jake's cock rubbed against that spot of tissue.

Though the sensation was nothing compared to what it felt like when Jake began to move. As Jake's hips moved, thrusting in and out of him it caused him to move inside of Leah. The rhythm slow and steady at first as it allowed them all to become used to motions. It didn't take long before he felt the need to push backwards against Jake as he surged forward. Leah's hips arched upwards and the closeness of their bodies had his pubic bone rubbing against the top of her mound; her clit stimulated and she tightened reflexively around him.

Their climaxes were a domino effect, this time Paul was the one to start. The sensation of Jake's cock buried in him and her walls clenching him, had him grabbing the mattress, trying to find purchase as he pulsed inside her. His climax caused the tight band of muscles in his ass to tighten and Jake finished next. Leah's eyes were intently focused on the two of them as they reached their orgasm and it was their faces—the softening of their features that did her in. Her nails scraped Paul's back and she arched up. The thrust of her hips threw Jake off balance and he slid out of Paul and off the bed. As she came down, she laughed as she remembered the very last moment—how Paul had only been lucky enough to stay on the bed because she was clinging to him. The angry red marks on his back proof of how tight she had done so.

It was nearly nine months later when it happened. The three of them had managed to keep their memories of everything they had done together quiet. They had also managed to avoid multiple pack gatherings. The particular focus Sam had on them had been pulled in a completely different direction as Jake found it his duty to use all that he had been taught by dating and sleeping with several different girls.

Another meeting was called by Sam as he remained concerned about Leah and Paul's relationship and now Jake seemed to think it was okay to do the same. Obviously, Leah and Paul were a bad influence on the pack. Their behavior was out of line and needed correction but he knew after the display they had put on in front of the elders all those months ago; he couldn't make this about them, so he made it about Jake and his responsibility to the tribe. Jake did one better than Leah and Paul; he got right in Sam's face, towering over him by a good three inches.

"Maybe it's time you remember who's the rightful Alpha," Jake growled. "They might not think it's time for me to have it but why don't we do this how it's done in the wild?"

The smell of fear emanating from Sam's pores caused Paul to bark out a laugh which had Leah smacking him as she whispered, "It's not funny."

"Yes, it is and you know it," he smirked at her.

The tension in the meeting was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Old Quil was the one who attempted to lessen it, "Boys, that's enough. I'm sure young Jacob realizes he has an imprint waiting out there. Samuel, you need to stop antagonizing the pack with these trivial matters."

Jake's head turned to Old Quil at the mention of his name. He glared at the old man before he snarled, "Fuck my imprint—I don't give a fuck if she's out there. Fuck the pack—I'm done," he finished as he flicked the room off and stormed out. Like Leah and Paul, he didn't care about the chaos he left behind. He left not just the meeting but La Push, running as far as his wolf would take him.

He had been gone for two months and had only recently returned. Occasionally either she or Paul had managed to talk to him when he was phased the same time as they were. He had run as far as South Dakota and was enjoying time spent in a Lakota reservation, Pine Ridge. Apparently half-naked native men weren't scary in the least and he had been accepted with open arms.

The celebration tonight though had nothing to do with Jake's return. It was all about the imprinted. Leah and Paul groaned already knowing the reason for the celebration; her keen hearing had picked up on the thrumming sound in Emily's abdomen; eerily similar to the flapping of a hummingbird's wings. They trudged to the beach, their feet feeling as though they were weighed down with lead. As they neared the beach they saw the gag-fest was already in high-swing.

Jared and Kim were cuddling, Embry and Angela were testing each other's gag reflexes, Quil was telling Claire a story as she sat on his lap, and Sam was looking down adoringly at Emily. The sad thing was none of the elders, her mom included, seemed alarmed or disgusted by what was going on in front of them. She caught sight of Seth, sitting alone and looking dejected. As much as she wanted to run, she couldn't leave him like this. Brady and Collin barreled past them before one of them tripped the other one up; the twins rolled around on the ground mock-fighting with each other. Their antics brought a smile to Seth's face.

They joined the others, sitting next to each other. Both of them hated gatherings like this, not only because of the imprinted but because they couldn't touch each other like they wanted to. They had to continue to act as though their relationship was no more than them screwing each other. It was the hardest thing they had encountered; they literally ached from both the need and desire to touch; she couldn't share with her mom or brother how happy she really was.

"Well, as soon as Jake shows up. We'll begin," Sam explained his hand coming to rest on the small protrusion on Emily's abdomen.

Leah met Seth's eyes and she rolled hers while Paul gagged. Their actions had them both receiving glares from Sam along with reprimands from Sue. Leah was ready to tell Sam off when she was startled by a gasp and Sam's growl, "Who the fuck does he think he is?"

Her eyes darted back towards where she and Paul had just come from. A smile spreading over her features as she realized what was happening. Her hand reaching and searching for Paul's and once she found it; she squeezed it. It had finally happened; Jake had taken his own destiny in hand.

Beside him was a girl who had to be close to Leah's own height, her head coming to the top of Jake's shoulders. Her raven black hair blew in the breeze as she walked towards them hand-in-hand with Jake. As they drew closer, her features became more prominent, her delicately arched brows and dark brown eyes with feathery lashes framing them. Her nose was straight, her lips pouty—the lower just slightly fuller than the upper. Her jaw was square and on anyone else it may have seemed masculine but for whatever reason it suited her perfectly.

Jake and the girl paused once they reached the others, his arms coming to hold her tight to him as he leaned down and kissed her head. His murmured words were too low for any of them to catch despite their supernatural hearing. In the next moment, his eyes met Sam's and the look in them was fierce; he was daring Sam to make the first move and he wasn't disappointed.

"Jacob, what is the meaning of this? Bringing an outsider to a gathering," Sam demanded.

"I don't think I'd call her an outsider," he answered smoothly. "Talah's my mate and therefore has every right to be here."

"You've imprinted," Billy asked.

"No—nor will I ever. She's the one I've chosen to spend my life with and I've marked her as such."

Everyone except for Leah and Paul gasped at his words. Old Quil was the first to sputter, "What—you can't…that's not how it works—what have you done?"

He drew himself up to his full height, Alpha power radiating off of him as he answered, "No, you don't get to decide this. It's my choice, my right—just as being Alpha is my right," the challenge in his voice evident.

Sam snarled, his wolf clawing to the surface at Jake's words. This was all because the elders refused to keep Leah and Paul in line. If it hadn't been for them, Jake wouldn't be standing here challenging him. He stood quickly, his motions caused a shriek of surprise from Emily but he ignored it. His hands clenched into fists and he lunged at Jake.

Paul had stood when he saw Sam's movement and grabbed Talah out of the way. Jake tossed him a grateful look before he barreled into Sam, tackling him to the ground, and rolling him away from the group. Paul directed Talah to sit between him and Leah, before turning his attention back to the fight. The entire gathering focused on the fight and it was quickly evident that Jake had the upper hand. Old Quil and Billy sighed loudly; Sue muttering, "This would never happen if a woman was in charge."

The fight was over as quickly as it had begun. Jake had pinned Sam to the ground and growled at him, "Submit—I don't want to hurt you but I will. Think of Emily—think of the baby."

Sam's brows rose at Jake's words. "How," he muttered softly.

"Easy, why else would you feel the need to have another fucking pack gathering? Plus, we can all hear the heartbeat. We'd have to be old or senile not to realize what it meant."

"Fine," he replied sullenly. Jake's brow arched as he waited for Sam to finish. "We recognize you as the rightful Alpha and will follow you." The air shifted ever so slightly as with those words, Jake took his rightful place as Alpha.

He stood, brushing the sand and debris from his body before reaching a hand toward Sam. He pulled Sam up and their hands remained together causing Sam to look up into Jake's eyes, confusion marring his features. Jake's own eyes twinkled with mirth as he firmly shook Sam's hand before dropping it and then he turned, walking back towards the group.

Once he reached them, he smiled at Leah and Paul. His hand reached for Talah and he pulled her up and into his arms; his lips meeting hers—their bodies melding together as one. Their actions had more than one person shifting uncomfortably in their seats. Paul's hand reached behind Leah and started stroking the skin just above the waistband of her shorts.

He leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Holy fuck. Do you think we could? I'd be happy just to watch—scout's honor."

More than one pack member heard his softly uttered words; turning to the two of them to look at them in shock. Unspoken questions evident in their eyes as they watched her cheeks flush slightly; her eyes closing and a soft moan escaped her lips as her imagination ran away from her. Her eyes popped open at Jake's quiet laughter and she growled at Paul, smacking his hands away. She was thoroughly embarrassed; it was bad enough this had happened in front of the pack but she avoided the shocked expressions of the elders—her mom, Billy, and Old Quil. What the fuck was wrong with them? It was obvious to her that she and Paul were completely ruled by their animal instincts.

Jake saved her from any further embarrassment by speaking, "Does anyone else feel the need to undermine my choice?"

None of the pack responded, all of them understanding his underlying authority. The same couldn't be said for his father or Old Quil; both of them protesting at the same time, "What happens when you imprint? Do you even understand the consequences of what you've done?"

He snorted, "Why are you all so caught up in imprinting? Please explain to me what is so great about it. If anything, imprinting points out our weaknesses."

"Why would you say that, son," Billy asked.

He looked over to Leah and Paul, ensuring they were okay with him telling their secret; the two of them nodded. "Think about it, none of you have figured out the most basic idea of the pack's structure. If imprinting was important wouldn't I have imprinted on Leah? She's the only female thus making her the Alpha female. Wouldn't that make her my other half," he questioned them; his arms remained locked around Talah, who didn't appear to be distressed by his questioning at all.

"Are you sure you didn't," Old Quil asked.

"Yes, I may have been young and stupid about a few things but not about that. I can't believe how blind you all are. How can none of you notice the differences in them? When did Paul's temper last get the best of him? And Leah—hasn't she calmed down—she went from being the world's biggest bitch to practically mellow. It's been nearly a year. Don't any of you wonder why?"

"Leah," Sue softly questioned as her eyes searched her daughter's features, noticing for the first time how content she looked.
Just like she had done all those months ago with Jake when they had laid down the ground rules, she lifted her hair up and pulled it away from her neck. Her head turned slightly to the right allowing the mark to be visible. Paul's arms instinctively pulled her close while he struggled to maintain control; his wolf not liking how they were looking at her and his mark. He loved her and she was theirs; he was willing to fight anyone who dared to disagree.

"When—how—why?" The questions tumbled towards them.

"It doesn't matter," Jake answered. "It's sad that for all this talk of pack unity and the importance of our connection—each and every one of you missed it. Imprinting is nothing more than the spirits' way of covering up the weaknesses of the pack. Every single imprinted wolf had some weakness, some flaw that was potentially harmful to the pack. Sam's fear of losing Leah, Jared was afraid no one would accept him or his wolf, Quil's fear of growing up, and lastly Embry's feelings that he didn't truly belong. They imprinted because of those fears. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but we've already had so much taken away from us. I won't let this choice be taken away either."

"He's speaking the truth," Paul agreed. "Imprinting is for pussies who are too dumb to find their own mates or maybe—are too scared to. I chose Leah and she chose me—nothing that any of you have to say will change that."

"You have a mark also," Old Quil asked.

He nodded and Leah giggled at Billy's statement, "We'll need to see it to verify the authenticity of what you're telling us."

"Paul's not taking off his shorts to show you his mark," Jake growled. "I think it's safe to say it's there."

For once Leah and Paul found themselves enjoying a pack gathering. And even though everything was out in the open, they didn't feel the need to be overly affectionate. They were content to sit together, his arms wrapped around her as Billy shared the stories of the tribe. Talah listened intently as Billy told the story of Taha Aki and his three wives; how blessed members of the tribe had come to have the power to transform into wolves and protect their families and friends from harm.

They got to know Jake's chosen mate; her full name was Talah Grace Wohitika and Jake had met her when he had spent time on the Pine Ridge reservation. She had finally finished college where she graduated with a degree in Native American history; finishing school was a priority for her so that was why she hadn't followed Jake immediately back. She was full-blooded Lakota and her greatest desire was to learn more about the First People. She urged Billy after he was done telling the histories to tell her the Quileute story of creation. The Lakota had their own creation story and it involved a special area in the Black Hills called Pe' Sla or the heart of all that is.

They all noticed how unique her name was compared to theirs which had been a compulsory part of their acceptance as the ho-kwats had settled their lands. They all wondered how she had come to have such a distinctively native name; Sue was the only one brave enough to ask.

As she told them the meaning of her name, it quickly became apparent to Billy and Old Quil that perhaps Jake had been right to find his own mate and claim her. Talah could be loosely translated into stalking wolf while her surname, Wohitika meant to be brave in Lakota. As the Alpha's mate, she would need to have the same strength as Jake along with a quiet reserve and demeanor. It appeared she had both those as she had not distracted Jake during his fight with Sam and she hadn't brought attention to herself as he explained the facts of imprinting.

The elders accepted her as Jake's chosen mate along with Leah and Paul as a mated pair. The pack was a different matter and it took some time before the imprinted were willing to forgive and forget Jake's harsh words. At some point, they realized by continuing to be mad at Jake, it made his words ring true, and even if their mates had been picked because of their own weaknesses or fears—they were completed by them and were happy. Perhaps, it was simply the way Paul had put it all along—Imprinting was for pussies too scared to choose their own mate—and if they were honest, they were just fine with that assumption.

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