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Luffy wished he could turn back time to when he was seven and had just arrived at Dadan's place, and that he was stronger than he was now, enough to protect the people he loved and cared for. He wished he was with his crew, his most precious nakama, but they were all separated, spread across the world. He wished that this was all a nightmare, and he'll wake up soon; everything just felt like a dream. The straw hat boy wished for a lot of things at the moment, yet one thing had topped it all.

For the first time, he wanted to go home where his two brothers, Sabo and Ace would be. They would laugh and spar like they used to, without a care in the world. It'll just be the three of them, living in their tree house and fooling around. No battles, no wars, no deaths. Dadan would be there, shocked at things they'd catch for dinner. Makino and Woodslap would occasionally pop in, giving them clothes and other nice stuff. Gramps would sometimes come and beat them up for wanting to be pirates. Everyone would be happy.

Yet it was all the past. Sabo and Ace were gone. Gramps would try to capture him if they ever met. It was impossible for him to get the life he had ten years ago back.

Luffy had never imagined there would be a day where he wanted to quit. Quit the pirate life, leave it behind and turn back, returning to where he came from.

He just wanted to go home.

It was too much.

This drabble is very similar to my own situation; I'm half crying as I type this. I want to go homeā€¦ Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed it. :)