This story takes place after the events of GTA 3 and exist in the GTA 3 universe.

Chapter 1 The Call

Pauly Forelli lays on his old damp bed, with a beer in hand. His shitty room was in a shitty apartment in a even shitty part of Liberty. But it was the only place he was safe and he knew that. He pulls out his cheap track phone, one of the ones you pay for by minutes from the dollar store, the perfectly untraceable ones. He puts in some numbers and makes a call to a friend.

Jimmy Forelli is sitting in his office at Caligula's casino in Las Venturas snorting some coke off his desk. Hookers and prostitutes are all around him taking money out of his pocket, enjoying some of his coke. His phone starts buzzing he picks it up off his desk. Call From Liberty City is read on the screen, he answers.

"Who is this?" He says in a curious yet mad voice.

"Jimmy is that you."

"It's me who the fuck is this and what's it to you?"

"It's Pauly… We need to talk."

"Pauly who? Who the fuck is Pauly why do we need to talk?"

"Pauly Forelli I'm in the family. I'm part of the Liberty division, I'm more small time you probably haven't heard of me."

"Well that's fucking great what the fuck do you want? Money? Guns?"

"Soldiers more men over here."

"Well I been running low I was gonna ask Mike to send some up here."

"You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?"

"Mike is dead, One of the Leone's guys."

"Fuck! How much people you got over there?"

"Well that's why I'm calling… It's just me. The Leone's have been hitting us hard they killed everyone over her but me. They took over all our businesses and they are looking to kill me."

"Shit that's bad… I gotta go down there with some men help fix some things up."

"Yah you do. How are things going in Las Ventures."

"Not bad but not to great either. The cops have been cracking down on mob activity so we haven't been doing much. Not to mention my cut in the casino is the smallest. I been doing well but not great."

"Take as much money as you can in unmarked bills, bring some men and come down to Liberty as soon as you can. I'm in the 24/7 Motel off of 31st Street. Room 69 knock 5 times so I know it's you."

"I'll be down by next week, I'm gonna talk to Salvatore about all these attacks."

"Man you been out of the loop. Salvatore is dead too."

"Jesus fuck I'll be down there by tomorrow I just gotta get some men ready and my private jet fueled."

Jimmy hangs up the phone and pushes the hookers out of the way.

"Where you going baby I figured we could have some fun…"

"No, no I gotta go urgent."

Jimmy storms out and goes to his private safe out back in the casino. He takes out at least 1 million in cash stuffs it in a duffle bag. He pulls out his phone and begins making more calls…

End Of Chapter 1 Thank You For Readin