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Chapter One - Prologue

He vaguely remembered playing the game with Mary. It was an eternity ago; an absolute lifetime and when he was a very different person. Just a kid really. It was an alphabet game where someone started with the letter A and the next person had to find a new word using the last letter of the one offered or move to the next letter in the alphabet. Sometimes there were rules, like all the words had to be an animal which was Mary's favorite.

Steve would always start – of course he would have, and he smiled at the memory. The letter A would always be ALLIGATOR and Mary would immediately respond with RAT. Steve's choice then would be if he wanted to use the letter B or the letter T.

And predictably he would say an obnoxiously big word like BARRACUDA which messed up Mary because once a letter was used, it couldn't be used a second time. Mary was forced to use the letter C and it invariably always led to CAT.

Steve would next taunt with TYRANNOSAURUS REX and Mary would begin to screw up her face since all she could ever think of was DOG. Not understanding if his animal was all one word, she was almost tearful about the X, didn't understand she could try S, and so had to use D.

And then Steve would get bored and say something nasty about playing with a five year old that could only use baby words. Mary would either cry or stick her tongue out at him. And regardless, their father would always need to intervene eventually and disgustedly remind him. "Steve she IS only five."

Steve started up the game again that very night. Playing in his head a derivative of it where his one rule was to describe Danno using each letter of the alphabet in order.

The game began the twenty-six hour of Danny's coma when Steve had slowly thought he was going to lose his mind.

~ to be continued ~