Two secrets.

Not just two secrets.

Two ways of life.

That's it.

So why can't I say them?

Because you know what happens.

You know what they'll think.

Why can't I tell him?

Why can't I tell anyone?

You're a coward.

You can't see the look on his face.

Nothing bad will happen.

He's my best friend.

A friend until he shuns you.

Freak. Monster. Creep.

The secrets don't make me.

I'm still Remus Lupin.

Remus Lupin is just another name.

Just another passing, useless creation.

He won't treat me differently.

He'll understand.

Like your parents understood.

You know what people think about your kind.

Only one secret is truly deplorable.

The other one is quiet tame.

But will he agree with you?

Who said he can't hate both?

Maybe the muggle world will understand more.

Maybe the wizard world will understand more.

It doesn't make a difference.

Hatred is hatred. Disgust is disgust.

There has to be more like me.

I know there are more like me.

But how many does he know?

How many does he care about?

Your secrets don't affect him.

He can live with knowing them.

It's not like you endanger him.

It's not like you lust after him.

You are a werewolf.

You are in love with your best friend.

Two secrets treated the same.

You're ashamed of both.

You hate them both.

He'll hate you for them.