Hey, guys. So I recently got into Doctor Who, and I watched all six seasons (the six that were on Netflix) in two weeks. Don't hate me, because I've started yet another story and I haven't finished a single one. Trust me on this, I have the entire thing planned out, and it's a good one. It will take me a while to update, as it is supposed to be a long fic, and the chapters are at least ten pages long each.

Hope you all like~

All rights to Doctor Who goes to its lovely creators in BBC, and all the rights to my original charater(s) go to me. This story is fiction and fiction alone, AND IS FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF THE READERS, NOT FOR PROFIT.


Introduction- The Lost Companion

A video screen flickers to life, switching from static to the view of a room shaped like a dome, with odd little hexagon lights in the walls, and branch-like supports in the background. A young woman, somewhere in her early twenties, sits down in front of the video camera. She has brown hair that could match the shade of a chestnut, and eyes just a shade lighter than the deep, powerful oceans. Her complexion is clear of blemishes, but she has a faint splash of freckles on her nose and cheeks. There is a tattoo of an intricate star and cross design on her upper right arm, shown off by the beaten-up white tank top she is wearing.

"Is it working…?" She mutters, looking around as if to make sure no one is watching. She then clears her throat and speaks directly to the camera:

"Alright, to whomever may be watching this, a past or future me, a past or future Doctor, a companion, or just someone who happened to walk into an unlocked TARDIS, this is my story. You've seen all the other Doctors and their companions, from Sarah Jane to Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy and Rory, but my story is the one that remains untold. My name is Pepper Houston. Write that down before you do anything else, because you might look away and not remember I was even here. It's too hard to explain it all right here right now, because the Doctor will be back any second, but listen: almost all the Doctor knows is wrong. I was sucked into a Rift—well… if I told you what I meant by a "Rift", you wouldn't believe me, so I'll just save that for later. Since this "incident" with a "Rift", everything I've ever done with the Doctor never existed, and so many lives lost have been forgotten as well. The Doctor has learned so much more when I was with him, about himself and about what happens at the far reaches of the universe, and he can't lose it now. Seeing me won't help, it would only make him ask me who I am, and hurt me because he wouldn't remember.

"Every single thing the Doctor thinks happened these past four years have been a lie—" The young woman continues, "And that means the story you guys know is also not completely true. I'm here to set the record straight and give you the real story. Like I said; I can't tell the entire thing right now. However, I can give you a time and date where it will be safe for you to see. We're in a space and time machine, it's not that hard. My story hasn't ended quite yet, and I want to be sure you get a good ending."

The young woman presses a couple buttons on the console offscreen, looking away for a moment, then, when she looks back at the camera, she mutters, "10:01 AM, June fourteenth, 2097, at address 10378, Luthrow Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana. Good luck! Oh, and if you see the Doctor… Just tell him, 'The Lost Companion sends her love'. He'll know what you meant as soon as he meets me again.

"One more thing," Pepper Houston leans close to the camera, looking very serious. Then, she smiles, winking, "don't blink. You might miss something."

The screen goes blank.