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Chapter 1: Secret Love.

The warriors were training at the training hall as usual, Master Shifu was watching them and telling them at what do they need to improve. Po was keeping up with his chores and work lately and even waking up earlier than the bell.

"Po!" yelled master Shifu attracting Po's attention, along with the others, then getting hit by the spinner dummies.

"Ow... ..ohhhhgurh" said Po, then the last hit hit him were he should never be hit. Then he came crawling to master Shifu.

"AAAhhh...yes master!" said Po trying to stand up.

"I have noticed that you have done everything I told you and more, I haven't even seen a weakness point...yet" said the red panda jumping onto the staff of the ascended tortoise.

"Yeah...and...don't tell me that that's wrong" said Po who was standing.

"Oh no it's surprising...panda are you okay..I really didn't expect you to improve so much just in 3 weeks of returns from Gongmen City and even wake up early" said the red panda grabbing his beard.

"Woohh...Po got up early?" said Mantis.

"What...what's the big deal." said Po looking nervous now.

"The deal is that you have taken responsibility...something that a true warrior keeps" said master Shifu smiling. Then the five bowed to him.

"Wow thanks guys for the support" said Po smiling.

"I think that's enough training fro now, let's get some lunch" said Master Shifu walking to the doors.

"Nehh...you guys go I'm not really hungry" with that said the 6 looked at him with shock.

"You are not Po...the real Po always likes to eat!" said Monkey getting to his fighting stance.

"What come on guys for once can't I just lose some weight and gain muscle" said Po hitting the dummies again. Tigress smiled seductively but went into her normal face in seconds not wanting the others to see her do that.

"Po...you don't have to take this too far just because I noticed your duties" said Master Shifu.

"Actually master I been like this for 2 weeks and I like it" said Po still hitting the dummies.

"Well Po I'm very proud" said Master Shifu as he and the five closed the door and began walking to the jade palace, expect for a curtain female tiger who had an eye on a certain male panda since the return form Gongmen city. She Quickly opened the doors and rushed to the shadows. Po looked back and saw nothing so he continued to train.

"Ohhh...yeah now that's a work out alright...now where is that thing that Tigress always trains with...aaha!" said grabbing an iron tree trunk.

"Um...ah...I know she trains and all but damn! How does she even punch this with out breaking a bone" said Po putting the tree trunk in front of him. He went into his stance and was about let a fierce blow to the trunk until Tigress yelled.

"Po!" yelled the female tiger. Po momentum beat him and instead of punching the iron tree trunk he flew into the weapons shelf.

"Aawww..Tigress what are you doing here weren't you getting lunch...ooowwww" yelled Po standing up with a ninja star stuck in his butt cheek. Po tried to reach it but his arms were too big.

"Hey...Um..Tigress can you call monkey or crane or mantis to get this thing off" said Po trying to take away a little pain by shaking his butt. Tigress blushed and purred too, but she recovered her posture quickly.

"Um...why can't I do it Po I'm already here" said Tigress looking at the ninja star in his butt.

"Um..because you'll hurt me" said Po turning around.

"What I will not" said Tigress.

"Okay...fine!" said Po turning around. Tigress began walking to him with her heart beating faster by the second. She grabbed the ninja star and pulled it away.

"There now was that so hard" said Tigress showing him the star.

"Awesome now I need a patch to patch my blee- wait why am I not bleeding" said Po putting his hand on the injured cheek and feeling no blood.

"Oh wow awesome, now more training" said Po jumping into the air. Tigress began to feel a little bit mad because Po ignored her, so she saw a bottle of water and pored it on her self. Po noticed this and went to her.

"Oh wow Tigress I'm really thirsty for...hey oh man you pored the completely fresh water on you" said Po taking the bottle trying to sip the last remaining drops. Now Tigress was getting angry in her mind at Po not noticing her actions, then she thought of another plan. She then took off her vest with her wrapping still around her upper body.

"Aahh Po is hot in here isn't it" said Tigress swinging her vest.

"What do you mean, it's almost close to winter no it isn't hot in here" said Po turning to the vest less and wet female Tiger. Then his eyes opened wide at the direction of Tigress. She smiled and spread her arms waiting for a kiss or hug but she was pushed by Po who found a bottle of fresh water near her.

"Aaahhh...now that's refreshing" said Po tacking almost all the water in his mouth. Then he took Tigress's vest and gave to her.

"Hey put it back on and lets spar" said Po making his way back to his spot. Then he looked back at Tigress who had a really angry face...

"Aaahh...Po you don't know how to treat a woman" said Tigress putting her vest on and walking to the doors.

"Wait what do you mean, aren't you the hardcore type that trains only and has no need for emotions" said Po with a confused face.

"Well excuse me for trying to get a mate so I wouldn't be lonely all my life" Said Tigress looking back at him.

"Well why don't you look in town by the gym" said Po walking to the bottle of water.

"Po! Did you see what I was doing" said Tigress taking away the water bottle.

"Hey...I was drinking that" said Po trying to take back the water.

"Did you see what I was doing" said Tigress starring into his jade green eyes.

"All that I know is that you yelled at me and caused me a ninja star in my butt and then you stared acting weird and give me that water bottle" said Po finally taking it away from Tigress.

"Po what do I mean to you?" said Tigress putting her chest with his.

"Well your awesome, beautiful, smart and, hardcore and..Um, smart and Beautiful" said Po who was planing to continue the list but Tigress interfered.

"No Po I mean what do you see in me" said Tigress.

"Well I see a fearless warrior and a beautiful friend" said Po releasing himself from Tigress and drinking water.

"Besides why are you telling me this and not your boyfriend" said Po trying to find another bottle.

"Wait what do yo mean" said Tigress shocked.

"Oh come on the big muscled Young goat down by the gym" said Po still looking.

"What I never had nothing for him" said Tigress.

"Then why were you starring at him" said Po looking back to her then back to looking.

"I wasn't looking at him, I was looking at the clothing store right by him" said Tigress.

"Oh...Well I'm sorry I thought that...anyways can you refill this bottle I cant find anymore" said Po handing the bottle to Tigress.

"So...that's It...that's how you're gonna be" said Tigress crushing the bottle.

"Well what do you want...inspiration?" said Po then he was tackled to the ground by Tigress.


"Hey don't yell... and why seduce me what have I ever done to you?" said Po, the Tigress grip became tighter.

"Cant you understand that I love you...that since we came back I have build up feelings for you...me a fearless and emotionless leader that has first experienced love only to be treated like a joke!" yelled Tigress with blood on her paws and claws because of her tightening Po's arms.

"Aaaawww...get off me you're hurting me!" then Po bounced his belly to Tigress and launch her to the air.

Then he sat up and looked at his bloody arms.

"You know Tigress...i have build up feelings for you too, but this I think you just destroyed it" said Po with an angry face. Then Tigress began to cry with anger.

"Then why didn't you tell me before I did that" said Tigress crying.

"Well I didn't know what were you doing" said Po standing up with blood drops on the floor from his arms.

"Tigress why don't you tell me after your heat" said Po.

"No I'm not in heat I know for sure I experience it before" said Tigress standing up and walking over to the injured Panda.

"Po...I'm sorry for trying to take as my mate by force...If you wanna be friends then that's fine..." said Tigress hugging him.

"Tigress...Why do you like me...I'm just a panda and you're a beautiful female tiger...it will never work out" said Po unable to hug back. Then Tigress lifted her head up and kissed him with passion.

"I don't care what people think...I love you with all my heart...but I got to know...do you love me?" asked Tigress staring into his green eyes.

"Of course I do I just don't want to ruin what you have worked and trained all your life for and aside of Oogway naming me dragon warrior instead of you...i think is already enough" then Tigress kissed him which she had to do on tipi toes because Po's duties and training have taken a lot of sweat away from him and he grew taller and loss a good amount of weight but he was still a round shape panda.

"Master Oogway knows best, I thank him for putting you in my path" said Tigress then Po kissed her and she kissed back for 2 long minutes.

"For now let's keep this a secret alright" said Po smiling.

"Yes...that's a good idea" said Tigress. Then they opened the door and walked to the dinning hall for lunch.

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