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Chapter One=




Xsus cursed to himself as he strapped a machine gun over his shoulder. His black combat boots smashed into the asphalt as he ran through the abandoned streets. He slid to a stop next to a nearby building and pressed his back into it, holding his breath.

"Spread out!" a dark voice suddenly yelled. "He has to be around here somewhere!"

A shadow appeared on the brick wall before him, thanks to the fires that still somehow burned in the city, and the shadow was that of a hedgehog's. Xsus' eyes narrowed as he turned around and booked it down the alleyway he was in. He hopped over a decaying chain link fence and smashed into the ground, splashing into the water.

Xsus slid around a corner and ran into a familiar face, literally.

Xsus crashed onto the ground and lifted a fist, ready to throw a punch at the person he ran into but stopped cold when he recognized the face. "Clive!"

Clive gasped in relief as he struggled to his feet. The Light Giver helped Xsus to his feet and both grinned at each other. Both had grown up to the horrors of war over the years, and both were now barely seventeen years old.

Xsus still had his golden fur and big, leaf like ears but the childish light in his ocean blue eyes was gone, replaced by a serious tone instead. He wore an unzipped and hoodless jacket over a light blue shirt with a dark blue wavelike pattern on the bottom. He wore dark green cargo pants that were stuffed into his black boots and a black ace bandage wrapped around both of his hands. The blue glasses on his forehead added a nice touch to the golden cat's appearance.

"By the Light Givers, you're still alive!" Clive said shaking his head slowly. Clive was a black and white colored raccoon. His black fur covered most of his face and his ring tail was almost long enough to touch the ground. He wore black combat boots like Xsus along with a black t-shirt with dark green cargo pants. He lifted a white gloved hand as he continued. "I just got a call from HQ, they got the machine to start working."

Xsus shook his head. "Finally! What's been taking them so long?"

Clive shrugged. "Who knows? Or cares for that matter, come on, we have to get out of here!"

Clive jumped to his feet and helped Xsus to his own feet. As Xsus pulled the machine gun off his shoulder, he watched as Clive pulled a Light Ray out of his pocket while whistling quietly to himself in awe. Light Rays looked similar to a gun or a pistol but were the color of the ocean on a sunny day. The guns were known for shooting pure white energy at the victim and turning them into ashes instantly.

"Nice Light Ray," Xsus complemented.

Clive shrugged. "Eh, I miss having a machine gun. It makes more of a bang when I shoot."

Xsus rolled his eyes. "Good heavens, Clive. Still as aggressive as ever, I see."

"Come on, Father Darkness would hate for us to keep him waiting," Clive made a signal to have Xsus follow him and both cat and raccoon ran down the narrow streets that were what was left of Station Square with the never ending cloud covered sky above them.





"You're going to have to try harder than that to stop us, Egghead!" Sonic the hedgehog taunted as his feet pounded on the asphalt. He lifted a fist and showed it to the doctor that was running away in his classic flying machine while also showing his trademark grin.

"You meddling hedgehog! Stay out of this!" Eggman growled back to the blue blur.

"No can do, Doctor E!" Sonic chuckled. He glanced to the left and watched the X-Tornado fly down from the sky.

"Sonic!" Tails called. "Catch!"

Sonic grabbed the golden ring Tails had thrown at him as he outstretched his hand. He smirked at Eggman and then curled into a ball before shooting up at Eggman.

"Ah!" Eggman yelped and jerked his control stick to the far left, barely avoiding Sonic's attack, except the small hovering machine crashed into the side of the building and Sonic landed on the ground, chuckling and rubbing his nose.

"How you feeling now, Doctor Egghead?" Sonic snickered.

After a moment of silence, Eggman managed to pull his machine out of the building. He scowled at Sonic but Sonic couldn't help but laugh at the doctor since he had the dust from the wall and ceiling all over his face, making him almost as white as a sheet.

"I'll get you someday Sonic!" Eggman said, swearing to do so for what seemed like the billionth time. He took off to the sky and then suddenly, a flash of dark light from a nearby rooftop made the hovering machine explode and sending Eggman rocketing towards the horizon and out of sight.

Sonic glanced to the rooftop the blast came from and gave the person on the rooftops a thumbs up. "Good one, Sierra."

Sierra, a pure black cat with icy blue eyes smirked and turned around before marching off, her black cape and clothes blowing in a sudden gust of wind. Tails landed the tornado next to Sonic and hopped off with Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose.

"She keeps popping up in the most random times," Amy huffed angrily as soon as Sierra was out of sight, putting her hands to her hips. "It's getting really annoying!"

"Ah cheer up, Ames! As long as she's being helpful, that's all that matters right? It's better than her trying to kill us." Sonic grinned, shrugging innocently.

Amy frowned. "I suppose…"

"Come on, let's head over to G.U.N. HQ and tell them that we defeated Doctor Eggman for the… I lost count. Tails?" Sonic turned to his adopted brother hopefully.

Tails lifted a small calculator shaped machine and shrugged as the words on the calculator showed the E button for infinity. "The machine lost count too."

Sonic laughed as he jumped onto one of the wings of the plane while Knuckles took the other. Tails and Amy climbed inside the dark blue tornado as it took to the sunny skies and flew northwards, towards G.U.N. HQ.


"Shadow, you got any Kings?"

"No, go fish."

Rouge the bat sighed in disbelief as she reached into the random pile of cards in the middle of the table as Shadow the hedgehog turned towards another black cat but had red streaks in her bangs and hair. Her sky blue eyes looked up at Shadow then glanced down at her cards as she lifted a gloved hand and shuffled the cards in her hands and then she looked back up at Shadow.

"Katherine," Shadow said, calling the cat by name. "Do you have any Aces?"

Katherine scowled, making her face scrunch up in annoyance, "Okay, now you're cheating. How do you know all the cards I have? Omega, are you helping him cheat?"

The robot known as E-123 Omega turned to Katherine from its position on the other end of the room. Shadow, Rouge, and Katherine refused to let the robot play since he used his robotic intelligence to beat all three of them multiple times. "NEGATIVE. I HAVE NOT BEEN HELPING SHADOW WIN THIS GAME OF GO FISH WITH FACE CARDS."

Katherine shook her head as she pushed her Ace towards Shadow across the table. "You're cheating…" She grumbled as she glared at Shadow the hedgehog, who happened to be her brother after an incident on the ARK over fifty years ago.

"Am not," Shadow said bluntly as he took the card and placed it in his pile.

Katherine muttered something about how annoying little brothers could be before glancing at Rouge. "You got any sevens?"

Rouge shrugged and pushed a Seven of Clubs over to Katherine.

Suddenly, the door opened, startling the three of them to look up as they saw the commander walk in with Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy following him. Sonic grinned at them as they looked at him in surprise. "Hey guys, what cha doing?"

"Playing Go Fish with face cards," Katherine muttered.

"Deal me in." Knuckles said flatly. He took a seat next to Rouge as Katherine pushed a couple of cards towards the Echidna.

Amy sighed as she sat next to Katherine, "You and your games."

"Maria made this game up," Shadow growled, turning harsh crimson eyes onto her. "Don't make fun of it."

"Sorry, sorry!" Amy said weakly. After a pause, she frowned, "Hey, where is Maria?"

Shadow grumbled something under his breath, "With Cream and a couple others."

Katherine shook her head as she remembered the Day of the Dead, an incident that brought the dead back to life for a week. They were able to let Cosmo, Maria, and Katherine's friend Savanna stay alive with the power of the Chaos Emeralds in the end, making stay alive instead of disappear forever, like what normally happened at the end of the Day of the Dead. "So," Katherine continued, waving a hand at Sonic as everyone took a seat, except Omega. "I take it you beat Eggman?"

"Yep," Sonic said as he put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair. "It was a piece of cake!"

"Piece of pie…" Katherine muttered, snickering to herself as she remembered the argument she had with Zap about this in her home dimension, since she was from another dimension after all, along with a few others. Everyone in this dimension knew them as the Dimension Jumpers though and called their group that.

"What?" Sonic frowned at her, confused by her comment.

"Never mind," Katherine sighed, "So, what are we all doing in here then?"

The commander turned his attention to them. He was a flat faced man with a permanent scowl attacked to his face with white gloved hands and a button down gray shirt. He had white hair on his head and he pressed a button on the touch screen table before him and the lights instantly dimmed, the blinds showing the outside world closed, and a TV monitor floated down from the ceiling.

Shadow tossed his cards into the pile along with the others since it was too dark to play anymore. He turned his attention to the commander. "I take it you are giving us a new mission?" He asked seriously.

"Actually an assignment," The commander said seriously. He pressed a few buttons on the touch screen table and on the TV monitor a picture of a crazy looking white bird with the biggest blue eyes appeared, making everyone lean backwards (even Omega) in surprise since the bird was leaning close into the camera's lens when the picture was taken with both of its eyes going in opposite directions.

"What the…?!" Knuckles started to say but stopped short when Katherine glared at him. Everyone knew how much she hated it when someone swore.

"This old bird was talking constantly about the ARK and how something bad will happen on it," The commander explained. "Your mission is to talk to him to see if he's really just a crazy old bird or if he's telling the truth."

Rouge raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. "So you want us to talk to a crazy looking bird just for some information?"


"I'm outta here," Rouge grumbled. "This is way too crazy for something like me to even do."

"If you do it then I'll give you a Chaos Emerald," The commander sighed.

Rouge leaned forward, an excited light flashing through her eyes. "Carry on then, good commander!"

Katherine face palmed across from her while the others rolled their eyes in disbelief.

"So, your mission is to find the bird, talk to him, and find out if what he's saying is actually a true or not and then, if it's true, investigate it." The commander said with a shrug, "You are all dismissed."

"Alright team!" Sonic jumped to his feet and lifted a fist. "Let's go talk to a crazy old bird!"

The rest of the group (except Shadow and Omega) cheered and then gathered out the door as the commander turned to the white bird with a frown on his face. "Are you right, bird?" He said to the picture as he frowned at the crazy look in the blue eyes. "Is this all coming to an end?"

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