A Gift From The Gods
This was written in about ten minutes, it is my first ever Spartacus fic. It probably sucks hardcore but whatever, it practically wrote itself.
I do no own Spartacus, Starz and Steven S. Deknight do, this was written for entertainment only.

Glaber paced back and forth, again Spartacus had evaded death. The roman wished to capture the Thracian and chop his fucking head off.

Spartacus and his men had captured Ilithyia; Glaber was not worried for her. He was worried for the child she carried. His child. Ilithyia was a strong woman, she could protect herself, but the child, it could not. Ilithyia would not protect the babe, for she had not wanted it from the beginning.

Glaber had always wanted a son, he dreamt of it. A son, to teach, to train. His son would become a general, a strong powerful man.

As he paced him thought raced. His head throbbed.

Ashur interrupted his thoughts, informing him that Seppia had been looking for him. Seppia, the little cunt. Glaber wanted nothing more than to see the little bitch gone. He had already taken care of her foolish brother.

As Seppia touched him, kissed him, his mind wandered. He reciprocated her actions, but he did not care for her, he did not care to feel her flesh beneath his hands.

Ilithyia burst through the doors, effectively interrupting Glaber's thoughts and Seppia's actions. Ilithyia collapsed; again Glaber was not worried for her life, but the life of his son.

The medicus examined Ilithyia, and informed Glaber that she and the child were not permanently harmed. That eased his mind, knowing that his son would be alright.

His son, who would be born quite soon. Glaber could not wait to begin teaching and training the boy.

Glaber and his men headed toward Spartacus' camp. He would kill the man who constantly evaded him, who endangered his son.

The battle was brutal, again Spartacus evaded death. Slipped from Glaber's grasp.

The only place Spartacus and his men had to go was up, high into the mountains. There were limited food and water sources so deep in the mountains. Glaber knew the Thracian and his men would return.

Ilithyia and Lucretia arrived, the roman sent them home, the child was to be born soon, Glaber would not have his son's life risked.

Glaber was getting impatient, he sent Ashur to speak to Spartacus, to get the rebels to surrender.

Ashur did not return, only his head. Glaber knew that Spartacus planned to attack, and he knew that the attack would come quickly.

Flaming stones flung at the roman troops was the start of Spartacus' attack. Tonight would be the night Glaber would have Spartacus' head.

Spartacus slammed his face into a pillar. He spoke but Glaber did not understand the words, his head was fuzzy from the impact. The only thing he could clearly focus on was thoughts of his son.

Glaber knew that he had been defeated. He knew that he would die soon. His son would never know him.

As Spartacus shoved the sword down his throat he thought of his son. His strong son.