Marry You



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because the first time they met, he thought she was an annoying little twit. she, on the other hand, had tumbled head first into puppy love.

Five year old Rin peaked around her older brother, glancing warily at the large school. It looked like a castle! It was a shame that the building was so big and so menacing. It stood seven stories tall, the cement blocks weathered with age and the trees eerily empty. It was nothing like her bright and cheerful pre-school. How she wished she could just go back. She frowned, unable to spot a play set. Where do we play? She wondered, looking up at her father. She gently tugged on his hand, "Papa?" She spoke softly, her melodious voice drifting towards her father's ear, "Do I hafta go?"

Her father chuckled, bending at his knees to be face to face with his daughter. He poked her nose gently with his finger, "Sorry squirt, but you hafta."

She pouted, her lower lip extending forward, "Really?" She sighed, her shoulders dropping as she watched the children around her bound up the stone stairs. She turned on her heel, her pigtails bouncing as she spun, "But I can help you with yours work!" Her small hands clapped together eagerly, "I cans draw you pictures and everything! Right? Right?"

"Ah," Her father rubbed his head, "Rinny, your killing me." He dug around his pocket and pulled out an orange sucker he kept for emergency situations such as these, "Look. Let's make a deal. You go to school today and I give you this sucker. Deal?" He held out the candy and grinned, "Come on," he shook it, the plastic wrapper rustling, "It's orange, your favorite."

"Otay," Rin grabbed hold of the sucker, "Can we have chocolate cake for dessert?"

Her father laughed as he stood up from the concrete sidewalk, "Sure squirt. Just let me talk to mom, ok?"

"Otay!" She launched her arms around his legs, "I love you!"

"Love you too," he patted her head playfully, taking care not to muss her pigtails. "Now Miroku," he looked towards his son who was watching the stream of girls walk past, "Take care of your sister, ok?" He fluffed his hair, "And stop checking out the chicks dude, you're here to study."

Miroku grinned as he looked up at his father, his eyes sparkling with delight, "But they're so pretty."

His father rolled his eyes, "Right. Just like your mom. Now go on," he shooed them away, "School is starting soon."

"Hm?" Miroku looked at the clock at the top of the school, "Oh." He grabbed his sisters hand, "Come on Rin, we're going to be late. Bye dad!"

"Bye," she waved to her father, "Bye papa!"

"See you guys later!"

"Roku," Rin stumbled as she tried to follow her brother, "You're going so fast!"

"It's because you're so short," he teased, slowing down his pace. He stopped as they walked through the front doors, "Ok. You're in kindergarden, which is in the front hall." He pointed to the corridor to his left, "And I'm in second grade, which means I'm in the right wing," he pointed down the hall, "Got it?"

Rin nodded, bouncing on her heels. "Uh-huh."

"Good." He grinned wide, his missing front teeth showing, "I'll see you at recess!" He ran off, leaving Rin to wander off by herself.

"Huh," Rin grabbed the straps of her bright pink backpack and walked towards the hall, teetering to the right ever so often because of the large water bottle that hung off of her bag.

"Why hello there," a woman loomed overhead, her bright smile warm and comforting, "Are you lost?"

"Erm," Rin paused for a moment, thinking hard as she stared at the floor. Am I lost? "Yes."

The woman laughed, "Well good thing I found you then. Do you know who your teacher is supposed to be?"

"Uh," Rin starred back at the woman blankly before grabbing the note from her pocket. She thrusted the note up towards the woman, "Here!"

"Well perfect! You're in my class," she held the door open for Rin, "My name is Mrs. Hiroto."

"Hello! My name's Rin."

"Nice to meet you Rin," the teacher bent down to shake her hand, "Class starts in just a couple minutes. Why don't you find a seat and get comfy?"

"Otay," Rin's sandaled feet pattered against the classroom tiles. She looked around the class, taking a seat next to a girl with the prettiest red-hair she had ever seen. Soon enough, the class started and so began Rin's first day of school.

During lunch the entire student population of Shikon West elementary school had congregated in one large play area. There were play sets and a small forest to the end, with a jungle jim and a soccer field in the middle. Rin however, found herself alone as she sat on a green bench, watching as the kids played with each other. She shrugged, unfazed, fishing a sucker from her dress pocket. She grinned in anticipation, removing the plastic and moved to place the candy into her mouth.

"Lookie here, this little girl has found my sucker!" A daunting voice came from behind her, snickering ensuing from the sides.

Rin gulped as she turned around, her eyes widening as she spotted the three older boys. "H-hello," she greeted softly, her gaze darting from each boy. The tallest was obviously the leader, his expression wolfish as he licked his lips predatorily at the candy. He was flanked by two smaller boys, each wearing a shirt with a skull on it.

"Yo," the leader of the group crossed his arms, "Why don't you give me that sucker and we'll leave you alone."

"Yeah!" The smaller boy waved his fist, "We'll beat you up if you don't!"

Rin began to tremble in fear, whimpering as her arm extended to give them her candy, "Otay, here."

The leader grinned, snatching the sucker from her hand. "Perfect, red's my favorite."

He was about to pop it in his mouth when he was interrupted. "Really Kouga?" A dry voice came from her left, "Taking candy from a little girl? I thought you were better than that."

Rin looked to her side, gasping as she spotted the older boy. He looked like an angel!

"Heh, whatever Sesshomaru," Kouga shrugged his shoulders, holding the sucker to the side, "She's just some loser kid."

"And let me guess," Sesshomaru raised his brow, "You think terrorizing kids like her is fun."

Kouga snorted, "I don't know why you're standing up for her. What, you in love with her or something?"

Sesshomaru growled, agitated, "Enough. Leave now or I'll be the one to beat you to a pulp."

"Whatever," Kouga whistled, tossing the sucker at the girl, "Have fun with your girlfriend Takahashi."

Sesshomaru shook his head, glancing briefly at the girl who was starring blankly at the sucker on the bench. You're welcome, he thought sarcastically, turning to leave.

"Wait!" Her squeaky voice erupted from her small body, "Wait for me!" She huffed to catch up to him, bending forward when he stopped, "Thank you!" She bowed repeatedly, "Thank you for saving my candy."

"Hn," Sesshomaru looked her over, noting that she wore an orange sundress and had paint smudged across her cheek. She was a mess, he thought, turning on his heel to leave.

Rin simply grinned as he walked away, following him obediently as he walked around the playground. He's so pretty! Like a movie star! She wondered what his favorite candy was, she hoped it was suckers. Oh how she loved suckers. She glanced up, speeding up to stay behind him. Or maybe he likes sour candies! She had a secret bag of them hidden underneath her pillow. She sighed dreamily, she liked him. Even if he didn't talk a lot. Or at all. But that was ok, she liked him enough.

She soon began to daydream, imagining a life together. We'd live in a castle with dragons and frogs. Oh! And a cotton candy machine and rainbows and cupcakes...

Meanwhile, Sesshomaru snarled as he whipped his head, that girl was still behind him. Kami, he glared, taking a sharp turn around the swings and ducked into the small grove of trees. How annoying. His eyes twitched as he heard a soft pattering of feet against the grass and her soft voice singing about cotton candy and birds. Not that he was listening to it or anything. She was just an annoying little thing that was getting on his nerves.

Finally fed up, Sesshomaru turned around, his amber eyes blazing with anger, "Why are you following me?" He demanded, faltering as he looked back into her big, brown doe eyes.

The little girl flashed him a bright smile, dimpling her rosy cheeks as she leaned up onto her toes to kiss his cheek, her five-year old mind made up. "Cause I'm going to marry you!"

And in that moment, for the first time in his 8 year old existence, he was speechless. Stunned. Absolutely, positively flabbergasted. Wh-wh-at?

The little girl bounced up and down, "I'm going to marry you," she repeated, gently tucking her small hand into his. "Sos I have to be your best friend first. Ok?"

"I-" Sesshomaru glanced down at their interlaced hands, when did that happen? "You..."

"Yay!" She hugged his arm, "Let's go play on the swing-set and then the monkey bars and thens maybe we can build a sandcastle!"

"I-" Sesshomaru soon found himself being dragged towards the play set. How is someone so small so strong? He wondered as he was pushed onto the end of the teeter totter. "Who are you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Rin's name's Rin!" She clapped her hands and ran to the other end of the teeter totter, "I'm going to be your wife when we grows up!"

Sesshomaru sighed, pinching his nose, Kami, why did he have to save her and her stupid sucker?

"We're going to live happily ever after like in the story books and everything!" She frowned as she struggled to get into her seat, "And, and we're going to have three babies and four dogs and six cats and three birds and live in a gigantical mansion with flowers on the roof! Ok?" She beamed as she looked back at him, taking his silence as an acceptance of their relationship. "Yay! Rin likes being best friends with Sesshy-maru!"

Sesshomaru groaned, pushing his legs up so the teeter totter began to move. He so didn't want to be married to this annoying little... thing. He snorted, watching as her pigtails bounced up and down. Even if she was sort of cute, in a pathetic puppy dog sort of way. Yeah, he felt the sides of his mouth lift as they continued, she was just an annoying little thing.

Later that day Rin skipped alongside her father and brother, running eagerly towards the doors of the apartment complex in which they lived. When they arrived on the sixteenth floor she shot towards their apartment and knocked furiously on the doors. "Mama," she called out, "Mama!"

"Hello Rinny," a bubbly young woman opened the door, kneeling down to embrace her daughter. "How was your first day of school?"

"Goods!" Rin glanced up at her father and grinned as he fluffed her hair, "I mets a new friend."

"Oh really? And what's her name?"

Rin shook her head, her pigtails slapping lightly against her cheeks, "Nuh-uh. He's a boy."

"Oh," her mother raised her eyebrows, her tone serious, "A boy, huh?"

"Yup!" Rin leaned forward to peck her mother's cheek, "And I'm going to marry him."

Her parents eyes widened at her bold statement, her mother struggling not to laugh, "I-" She covered her mouth, glancing up at her husband who looked equally as amused, "Well then." She cleared her throat, standing up to lean against her husband's form, "Is he a nice little boy?"

"Mm," Rin tapped her chin, thinking back to their encounter, "Nope!" She skipped through the doors, a wide smile donning her face, "But he's handsome!"

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