Chapter 4

When Medeia had entered the classroom, she noticed the teacher wasn't there yet. Her eyes scanned over the class and noticed that all the class was in complete chaos. Guess they're enjoying the teacher's absence. I have heard a little bit about the English teacher. They say she's the most energetic and the best teacher in the whole world. We'll see about that. Medeia thought.

Medeia saw that most seats were vacant. Everyone was standing in groups of friends or moving from one place to another. Nobody was still. Or quiet. Medeia liked this. She didn't like it when it was silent... well only under specific circumstances. She choose to seat in a desk near the window.

Medeia had been home schooled before she came to this school due to her father's line of work. They were always moving around from one place to another. When Medeia was young she attended school, but she became tired of adjusting from one kind of environment to another. It took a lot out of her.

Although, most of the schools had a monotone kind of setting. At first they seemed to be different from one another, but a few days she noticed that all the schools were the same. There were always different kind of groups even when she was in first grade. She remembered that preschool was the only time that the whole class played together and had fun with each other.

Starting from first grade and up the class was divided from the boys and girls. Boys played with boys and girls played with boys. Medeia found it stupid because it was more entertaining playing with everyone together. She even told her friends so, but they didn't listen and shunned her because they felt that she was calling them stupid.

It didn't matter because afterwards she changed schools once again. After going to twelve schools in her first grade year she decided that school was boring. Her dad taught her more than she would ever learn in school at her age at home when he was present and therefore Medeia was ahead of her class by several grades.

School was easy hence her boredom.

She then decided to change her attitude in school. Not change her opinion of school, but to spice it up a little. During her first grade year and moving to several different schools she realized what she was doing and what made school life lifeless or uninteresting. It was he personality. She noticed that she was always with the same type of people and doing the same thing in each school.

She was only six years old, but was very observant and was very intelligent. Starting her second grade year she acted, dressed, and talked completely different. In her previous schools she was a good girl, a teacher's pet, and always followed the rules, but for this school she decided to completely different.

Medeia dressed only in the brightest of colors. acted hyper, and talked liked a four year instead of a seven year old. She caused her teacher Mrs. Len, who was in her mid-thirties, a migraine every day from the day she set foot in her classroom to the second she left.

Medeia enjoyed bothering her teacher and sometimes the students as well. She was filled to brim with energy and was hyperactive. Mrs. Len thought that she drank at leadt 20 cups of coffee from Starbucks everyday to be that energetic. Medeia was friendly with everyone, but she also had a devious mind. All throughout the year she prank the teacher. On her first day she shocked her teacher with a buzzer while shaking her hand. But afterwards she made such a cute face that the teacher forgave her. Well that was before she did one of her major pranks.

She remembered once during their first show-and-tale she brought a wild squirrel to show to the class. At first everyone was a little bit scared of it, but after Medeia assured them that it was tame when it actually wasn't thy asked her if they could pet it.

Of course the teacher objected and the students were resigned to watch it in its cage while Medeia talked about it. Medeia even let one of the students feed it a nut. The student quickly tossed in the nut in the cave and watched it eat it. Finally, Medeia returned to her seat and didn't notice that the cage's door was slightly open. How can a normal seven year old notice if the door was open or not?

Of course, this was Medeia were talking about. She is anything, but normal. Of course, she noticed the door was open, but ignored it. The moment she sat down and placed the cage on the floor the squirrel dashed out of its confinement and bounded across the class while a student was in the front of the class showing her doll to the class.

The student next to her immediately noticed that the squirrel was loose and screamed. Luckily, Medeia knew what her classmate's reaction would be and she already had a pair of earplugs in her ears. The whole class turned to see what had happened and there were more screams as the squirrel went around the class making chaos in its wake. With every bound it either crashed into something or toppled something over.

Most kids were in a hysterical state as the teacher to was nearing hysterics as well. All the while. Medeia sat in her seat watching the scene unfold with interest and wearing a smirk on her face. She loved this. It was waaaay better than her previous schools.

The squirrel was already on Mrs. Len's desk and destroying anything that was on it. Mrs. Len tried to shoo it off her desk and was successful, but the matter turned even worse. The squirrel jumped onto Mrs. Len's face and crawled up to her hair. Mrs. Len shrieked and tried to get the squirrel off of her hair, but that only resulted in it drawing its claws deeper in her scalp.

Mrs. Len screamed her head off and dashed out of the classroom's open door and into the courtyard. She tried to pull the squirrel of her head, but she only pulled out clumps of her hair out with every pull. Her screams alerted the other teachers from their classroom's. They all saw he predicament and decided to help her.

Medeia chuckled under her breath and saw that some of the students were laughing as well. After the initial shock from the squirrel the children saw their teacher doing some kind ridiculous dance that was hilarious. Medeia took video from her dad's cell phone that she borrowed. She took plenty of pictures of her teacher that she was to use for blackmail against her. She smiled a devious smile of how she was to use it and when would be a good opportunity to do so.

Once the teachers finally got the squirrel out of Mrs. Len's hair which was almost devoid of hair because of all the pulling and scratches, Mrs. Len approached her students which some were smirking and still laughing. Her eyes were filled with fury, but not once was Medeia resentful of her actions or scared. She was actually overjoyed at her prank. It was the most fun that she had ever done and the funniest thing she had ever seen.

" Medeia Smith," announced Mrs. Len with a calm and dangerous voice. Medeia just stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Later she was off the hook because she told the principle and the teacher that she hadn't noticed that the door was ajar. At first they didnt believe her, but then she used her cute puppy dog eyes that were glistening holding back tears and they gave in. While Medeia walked to house that day she smirked at how easy it was to get them off her back and not get in trouble. She laughed evilly about the other pranks she would play while she stayed there.

For three weeks poor Mrs. Len had to bear her outrages pranks and she could never place the blame on Medeia for her pranks were untraceable. Mrs. Len knew it was her and thought her more of a danger hazard than her twin boys when they passed the terrible threes. She grateful when she left, but she fell to notice the effects she had with the rest of the class.

The class grew fond of Medeia and decided to carry on her legacy. For the next few years, whoever had that group of students had to face themselves with the reincarnation of the devil not only with one but thirty of them! Some even had to quit because of the things they were subjected with. Medeia left with a smile because she knew she had won even if she to leave.

After that Medeia changed not only her personality with every new school, but her way of speech, her clothes, but her appearance as well. As her experiences grew she noticed that her appearance also mattered. With every new school she changed into a new person and had more new experiences with new people. She even changed her appearance for her present school in Britain. She wasn't a natural blond either, but it helped her new person.

Soon her CUBE file was filled and everyone of her teachers were confused as to what game she was playing. At one point she had to go to a therapist to see if they could figure her out. They couldn't. Medeia decide to make it easier for them and changed her CUBE file as well with the help of her father. He said that she was finally learning how to in the business.

And so with a define background she created for herself she created her new self each time. It was fun for Medeia. She never got bored in school anymore although she was a little lonely because her friends didn't know her true self. She didn't think of it much and instead focused on her knew self.

By her sixth grade year she was eleven years old and decided that she wanted a break from school. She told her father what she thought and he agreed with her. Her dad was engrossed with his work and was away from home longer than in it. With the constant moving around Medeia wanted a stable place to stay. By her twelfth birthday Medeia was leaving alone on her own apartment. She was pleased.

At first her father objected, but soon gave in. He couldn't stand up to her puppy dog eyes which still effected him. It said in her school file that she was home schooled, but in reality she just doing whatever she wanted. Without adult supervision she had the opportunity to do anything and she divulged in it. But mostly she went traveling. From the magnificent museums of Europe to the sandy beaches of California in the US.

She also spent her time visiting her family in Canada and making long period stays there.

Medeia had a very interesting life to say so far.

And know there was someone who held a mystery to Medeia. It was Alex Rider. For some unknown reason she was pulled towards him. He interested her. She had to admit that he was good-looking and as surprised that the other girls didn't surround him wherever he went.

She was thinking of him when she noticed that the noise had increased. She looked around and saw that a group students were crowding her desk. They were talking to her and asking her question. She never heard the end of one question because the person that was talking kept being interrupted and it turned into another question. She tried to answer the questions that she caught and smiled and laughed.

Medeia just sat their smiling and laughing and occasionally answering a question she was able to answer. Medeia scanned over the room once more and saw that Alex still hadn't entered the room. She sighed. He was more interesting than the group of people surrounding her. Medeia recognized some of the students from her previous classes, but didn't know their names.

Alex Rider entered the classroom then. Medeia look toward him, but immediately turned away so there eyes wouldn't meet. She didn't know why, but she blushed. At that moment the teacher entered. She saw that Alex had stopped a few feet away from her desk. He just looked at her with a blank look. I guess this was his usual seat. Not anymore it isn't.

She remotely heard the teacher say something. Something about seatsand... the history of chairs? She looked at the teacher and noticed that she was young. Hmmm. She seems hyperactive and.. fun. I guess.

She started to nod off and daze off. Her eyes were wondering out on the window and dreaming. Her thoughts turned to a certain teenage boy who was seating next to her. Her eyes started to the right and she saw that Alex was looking at her. They're eyes met and she smiled attentively. He looked away from her. Medeia was slightly hurt, but ignored her.

She heard the teacher say that they were have a partner to start a project. Once she said go all the kids stood up from their desks and ran towards their destined partner. She saw that some students were headed her way and sighed. She didn't really wanted to have a partner. She liked to work solo. She thought that a partner would just be in her way. It may be an ignorant way of thinking, but that was her way of thought.

Her eyes settled on Alex and she spotted Alex sitting alone at his desk. He didn't even reacted to the activity around him. Medeia made his way towards him only a little bit aware of what she was doing. The palms of her hands were slightly sweating and her heart was beating fast for some unknown reason.

She finally arrived to his desk and saw his head raise a little bit and saw his eyes filled with confusion.

" Would you be my partner?" she asked trying to sound nonchalantly.

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