"Yo, Eddie," Eddie read aloud to her sisters,"'Sup? I shouldn't say this over a text, but I think we should-" Eddie stopped reading and tears prickled in the corners of her eyes."Guys, it's just a stupid message. Let's do something else." Beth reached for the phone. "Eddie, are you okay? Lemme see."

Yo Eddie-

'Sup? I shouldn't say this over a text, but I think we should break up.

So yeah. The long-distance thing's just not working. Sorry.

I'd say c u l8r, but I don't know if you'll wanna talk 2 me again.

Please don't be mad. Let's stay friends.


Caroline read over Beth's shoulder. "What a jerk!" She shrieked. She yanked up the phone and dialed his number. "Caroline!" Eddie protested, the corners of her mouth twitching as though she knew that Caroline was up to something. "Helloooooooo? Jake? No, this is Caroline." Pause. "Why do you think I'm calling?! You just dumped my sister over a text!" Pause. "You thought you'd 'never see us again'?! 'Long distance relationships are too hard'?!" She made air-quotes with her fingers. "Yeah, right!" We're visiting Buckman in 2 days for our spring break! We're going to school with you guys for a whole two weeks before your spring break! 'Never see-?" Pause. "YOU DIDN'T KNOW?! Gosh, this is gonna be awkward." Beth grabbed the phone. "Buh-bye, Jake!" She hung up on him.


"Hi, Jake. Hi, Josh." Sienna was the blue-eyed, chocolate-brown-haired new girl-AKA the reason Jake dumped Eddie. Jake grinned. "Hey, Sienna." Sienna smiled. "I was wondering if you wanna hang out after school today?" She asked. "That'd be fun," replied, "But we have friends of my parents coming over today. Unless...Do you wanna come and meet them? They have kids our age." Sienna smiled. "Sure! I'll be there!"

"ARE YOU NUTS?!" Josh blurted. "WHAT ABOUT EDDIE?!" Jake shrugged. "What about her?" Josh sighed. "You can't have your girlfriend that you dumped because of another girl and that other girl in the same room two days after you dumped your girlfriend!" "Eddie won't care! Just chill!" "Fine."