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Thanks for understanding!


All right…finally here. I walked up the short garden path, stepping lightly onto the welcome mat in front of the door. Shifting my backpack from one shoulder to the other, I pressed the doorbell, hearing the familiar ding echo inside the house.

"Hey, Jay!"

I looked up to see my best friend Olivia sticking her head out from one of the upstairs windows.

"You can come on in," she explained. "I'm just grabbing something from upstairs."

"Okay," I called back. I reached for the door handle and let myself in, slipping my shoes off in the entrance hallway.

As I waited by the bottom of the staircase, I heard a sudden loud bang from upstairs.

"Olivia? Is everything all right?" I peeked up the staircase.

"Near! Get back here, you little-" Another loud crash made the floor vibrate beneath my feet. I quickly dropped my backpack, sliding my shoes to the side. What the heck is she doing?!

"Olivia?" I called again, hurrying up the stairs.

"My CD's!" She shrieked. "And I had those alphabetized! You'll pay for this, you albino runt!"

I hovered outside Olivia's bedroom, wincing at the various destructive noises, before knocking on the door.

"One second! Aha! Gotcha, you little rat!" The door opened, revealing Olivia, disheveled and slightly out of breath.

"Oh, hi," she panted. "I'm all set up downstairs, I just have to put Near back in his cage."

"What did he do this time?" I asked, trying not to smile.

"He was chewing on my sheets, the little rodent."
"I wonder why he would do that? You always keep him so well fed…" I trailed off as a blush spread across Olivia's face.

"You forgot to feed him this morning, didn't you?" I chuckled, straightening my glasses as her blush intensified.

"Maybe…" she muttered, not meeting my eyes.

"Someone was thinking about Aaron from math class again…"

"Shut up!" Olivia's face was now so red that it almost matched her hair. "It won't happen again…will it, Near?" she asked, addressing the white-furred rat clenched firmly in her fist. The rat squeaked, dipping its head down and closing its eyes as if in shame.

"I swear, he understands you sometimes." I shook my head.

"Well, rats are supposed to be smart, right?" Olivia laughed. "I'll catch up with you in a 'sec…"

As I headed for the basement, I grabbed my backpack and sleeping bag from the floor, brushing a small piece of dirt from the backpack's base. Once I got downstairs, I dragged my sleeping bag out of its case, setting it on the couch opposite from Olivia's. A manga novel slipped out of the bag, landing on the sheets with a plop. I picked it up, immediately recognizing the cover.

"Death Note, Number Thirteen! I've been looking everywhere for this!" I muttered, hugging the novel to my chest. I placed the book in my backpack with the rest of the series, zipping the bag closed. Finally…my collection is complete again! I was worried I would have to go out and buy another copy…

Olivia came pounding down the stairs, Near on her shoulder, her flaming hair back in its usual headband.

"I brought popcorn!" she called, plunking the bowl down on my sleeping bag.

"…What about root beer?" I asked.

"Huh? What root beer?"

"You always bring me a root beer when you bring down the popcorn."

"Wha-at?" Olivia put on a fake expression of surprise. "Since when do you like root beer?"

"Oh, come on. Stop messing with me, Olivia. I know you have it," I said, eyeing a hand hiding behind her back.

"Hmm…fine," she laughed, bringing out the can and tossing it to me. "Have your root beer."

I popped the tab and took a deep swallow. "Aahh…much better…"

Olivia chuckled. "You really are addicted, aren't you? It's like Ryuk, only it's not apples, it's root beer."

I took another sip. "And you'd better keep giving me a fresh supply, or I might start getting withdrawal symptoms…like doing handstands…"

"And your body getting all twisted," Olivia laughed, finishing the quote.

"M-hm…hey, weren't you gonna put Near in his cage?"

Olivia shrugged. "I was, but…I don't want him to be alone up there all night. And I'm running out of puzzle pieces for him to chew…so, should we get started?" Olivia asked, pulling a set of DVDs from a nearby shelf.

"Definitely," I grinned. Olivia popped a disk into the player, and I leaned against the back of the sofa with a sigh. The Death Note theme song started up, and Olivia unconsciously began to hum along.



"Shut up."

"…Oh. Sorry."

About halfway through the episode, the TV broke out into static, cutting off L's famous 'I am L' revelation to Light.


"Come on…work, you stupid thing!" Olivia tried pushing several buttons on the player, but nothing happened.

I grabbed my backpack. "Well, we could always read the mangas-" I was cut off by a loud screech from Olivia. I looked up, startled, to see an impossible sight.

Olivia's hand was stuck inside the TV screen. And not 'stuck inside' like 'punched a hole in the screen'. It was as though her hand was passing through the screen, almost as if the screen wasn't there.

"What the hell?!" Olivia yanked repeatedly on her hand. "It won't come out!"

I quickly rushed to her side, pulling on her arm with all my strength. Her hand didn't move an inch.

"Gaahh…It's really…in there…" I panted, pulling even harder. "What…is going…on?!"

Near scurried to the top of Olivia's head, squeaking in agitation as he buried himself in her hair. Olivia and I kept pulling, leaning backwards with all our body weight. Without warning, a tremendous force yanked Olivia's arm out of my hands, and she was pulled completely into the TV screen.

"Olivia!" I only just managed to get a hold of one of Olivia's feet, but the strength of the tow was so intense that it pulled me into the screen along with her.

"Oof!" I grunted as I fell onto a hard surface, glasses flying off my face as I dropped Olivia's foot. I lay there for a minute, trying to get my breath back, the world a blurry mess of shading.

"Olivia, you okay?"

"I'm…I'm fine…" she groaned. Blind, I felt around on the ground, my fingers finally brushing the familiar spectacles. Beside me, Olivia got shakily to her feet, bare socks scuffed with dirt. Near, still buried inside her hair, poked his head out, nose twitching.

"Where…where are we?" I glanced around, surveying our surroundings with a keen eye. "It seems like some sort of …city alleyway…"

"Hang on…Jay…" Olivia hesitated. "What language are we speaking?"

"Engl…wait…" I froze, realizing something. I could completely understand what Olivia was saying, and I could talk to her in the same way, but…the sounds coming out of my mouth were definitely not English. But, I didn't even have to think about translating my words, it was just…instinct.

"I have no idea," I admitted, turning to face Olivia. As our eyes met, I noticed something…different about her. But…that's impossible…

"Jay…?" Olivia looked at me strangely.

"Olivia…you look like…you're twenty, or something…"

"But…so do you…" We both stared at each other in shock.

"How is this even possible?! You can't age years in just a few minutes!" Olivia stuttered.

"I…I know…" I hefted my backpack off the ground, matching Olivia's confusion. Hang on…my backpack feels a lot lighter now…

Curious, I opened the zipper, taking note of the contents of the bag.

"What?" Olivia asked, stepping closer.

"I used to have the entire Death Note manga series in here…but now most of them are gone, and there's some other stuff inside…"

"Death Note, Number Thirteen…I-pod…contact lenses…hotel card key…and…" Olivia pulled out a credit card, a mischievous look in her eye. "I wonder how much is on this thing?"

I snatched the card back, storing it safely in my backpack. "Hang on a sec! That's not even ours…" I slung the backpack over my shoulder, rising to my full height. "Let's find out where we are. And…" I glanced down at my feet. "…we need to find some shoes."

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