~~Trying to make a normal story that doesn't involve death... No, actually I started this a year ago but then it's really crappy, the formatting's crappy, so I decided to type this from the beginning.

The main idea of this story is P—stands for producer?—music producer, and of course, VocaloidP (ボカロP).

...And is there any equivalent English saying of 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu'? I have no idea, so, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

In this certain night, I just received a new email. Thinking it's just the usual alert from a website which I'm registered on, I ignore it at first and continue my 'work'. That number in brackets which reads as '1' in front of the browser's tab title just stays there before I minimize the window, making it unseen. On my desktop, piano roll, audio spectrum and mixer are lined up neatly. Once again clicking the play button, music flows from my headphone.

I smile as the music ends. Finally become satisfied, I click on the record button.

Opening my mouth, I take a deep breath and start singing.

Chapter One

New School Term, Okay.

I'm kind of… regretting my action for ignoring the email in the previous night.

I find myself sitting in front of the computer in the morning, racing against time because I have to go to school—it's the first day of the school year! The opening ceremony! Being a good kid, I have to attend, but here I am, tapping my left index finger impatiently as I click and type things into the computer.

Because I completely have no idea that he had released a new song. I'm not that sure that he is a 'he', since I have no idea of his face or voice. It's a common thing in the internet, you don't know the real gender of a person across the internet. But it's not like I care, it doesn't matter. I don't need to see his face or hear his voice or know his gender to become his fan.


"Rin! You want to be late or what?! Get down here and have your breakfast, then go to school as quick as possible!" my mother yells from downstairs, making me jump slightly from my seat.

Her voice doesn't sound 'good' in my ears, so I decide that leaving the computer is the best thing to do for now.

I quickly close all the windows without bothering to save anything and call back to my mother, "Coming!" I stay there until the 'shutting down' message appears on the screen and run down in a hurry, not wanting to meet my angry mother.

A good thing that she doesn't look as bad as I thought. She doesn't yell anything after she sees my face in front of her eyes. She serves the breakfast immediately as I take a seat on the dining chair.

"Rin," my mom says while I'm eating, so I give her a muffled 'hm?' answer. "You are certainly waiting for this, right? To be a high schooler…" she continues.

I smile. "Not really, I'm not waiting for anything as long as I have my computer~!"

"Rin…" she mutters.

"Of course I was just kidding," I state firmly. "But it's not a wrong thing to say that I'm not waiting for it…"

She just smiles back. "Even if you say so, I bet you'll enjoy your new life in high school! Making new friends, be more active in school activity and getting better!"

Again, I smile. "Of course!"

What 'of course'? The teacher is now babbling about this school is this and this school is that in homeroom just after the equally boring principal speech, and I don't bother hearing him—my mind is on something else. The new song!

So it's kind of 'normal' when I find myself busy looking at my phone as my homeroom teacher continues saying things about friends, works, blablablah. I'm not hearing him, but I know what he's talking about, somehow.

Actually I want to be a better girl as I entered high school, but it's a hard thing to do…

Scrolling down the texts, I read the comments of the song one-by-one.

"Another great job!"

"Love it!"

"As good as usual!"

"More! I want more!" and so on.

Gah! There are so many comments already, with most of them saying that the music is good, and I haven't heard it yet.

Thinking that I shouldn't miss the so-important new song, I think I will download it into my phone as hear it as soon as possible, but apparently the teacher doesn't say so. "Okay, now it's your turn, the girl with white bow who's playing with the phone," he calls. "And please don't play with your phone right now."

I don't put my whole attention to the phone, luckily. I can still hear the teacher's call and answer him, the male homeroom teacher with pink hair. "Um, yes! I'm sorry!" Then I stand up while slipping my phone into my skirt pocket and start to introduce myself. "My name is Kagamine Rin…"

I trail off as I realize that I don't know what to say next. What did the others say about themselves anyway? I pay the half of my attention only for the teacher, not the students. Such a failure. Luckily the teacher tells me what to say next. "And your interest? Anything you like?"

"Oh, what I like is music," I say shortly…

… though it's a common interest, so telling that was no use at all.

"Okay, thank you for Kagamine-san. The next is…" I go back to my phone, a little bit more sneakily this time. I'm not bothering to listen to the other students. I can remember their names later by myself, after all.

I touch the 'download' button and wait for it to be loaded into my phone. And as the 'download finished' message appears on the screen, I can feel my lips forming a smile. But still, I have no courage to listen into the headphones in front of the teacher. I should wait until the break finally comes.

After that, I don't know why, my mind is brought back to the class and I can find myself accidentally overhearing the two girls who happen to sit in front of me.

"Have you checked EV System's new song out?" the first girl asks.

The second girl pouts. "I haven't! My mom didn't let me browse the internet! How annoying… All I heard is he's having a nice-sounding new song. Now saying that makes me want to hear it even more…"

"So I'm not the only one who hasn't heard it! I'm glad… But aaah~ I wanna hear it so badly…"

It's not only me! I just found out that the number of unlucky people in Japan is pretty big!

I still haven't mentioned anything about that… have I? It's somebody under the name EV System, a pretty popular music producer over the web… and he just uploaded a new song the night before. And me, being his big fan, still haven't heard it because I ignored the mail alert, thinking it was just an unimportant mail… or a spam message.

Maybe I really should focus more on my study rather than this… I let out a sigh and decide to pay attention to the class, right when the teacher announces, "Okay class, I know you want to know each other better, so I give you a free time to have a chit-chat with your classmate now. Go on." The class became noisy in that instant.

Some students have already made a group, then start talking to each other. And me? Don't ask. I'm staying here on my desk, not knowing what to do and where to go. Then I decide to observe the class.

There is a group of girl and a group of boys as well, then a mix of girl and boy. I see no similarities, but maybe they have the same interest and are currently talking about that. And there, I also see a pretty, cute looking girl with long flowing teal hair in twintails, walking from group to group but doesn't stay at one group for a long time. From my point of view, it looks like she is trying to join the group, but no one even bothers to notice her there.

Like, she is trying to make some friends, but no one wants to be her friend. I think, at least she had tried. And this painfully familiar scene makes me feel uneasy.

Then it hit me. What am I doing here, just sitting on my desk watching everyone instead of knowing them better, just like the teacher said? I look around again, finding a 'destination', a place (a group) to go.

But then I find someone who is also alone. Across my seat on the left corner, sits a girl by herself. She's looking out from the window, not really caring about her surrounding. Maybe I could be her friend...

I stand up, but then I meet the face of the teal-haired girl from before.

"… Hi." I awkwardly smile while waving my hand to her.

The teal-haired girl and I decided to have a talk on my desk… Yeah, she's kneeling while I'm sitting on the chair… What… I'm feeling superior this way…

"I'm Hatsune Miku, nice to meet you!" she chirps happily as she extends her hand to me. Whoa, hold on. What's bad about her? Nice appearance, nice attitude (I think), and even a nice name… Still, I take her hand and shake with her.

"I'm Kaga—"

"You're Kagamine Rin, right? I've memorized your name from the time you introduced yourself," fast paced-ly, she says.

Add 'nice memory' to the list.

She doesn't say anything after that. I don't as well so…

The first awkward moment in my high school life.

"Uh well, so what are you doing here?" I say, making a conversation, "People are talking in groups, and you don't join them…"

"Then what about you?" she asks back. "You sat here from the beginning and not even trying to blend with the others…"

… Though honestly, I want to. "I was going to go there…" I was going to point at the girl, but it looked like she had disappeared from there. I guess she had gone to one of the groups. Then I continue, "But you asked me to talk with you…"

Surprisingly, she laughs. "Ah, sorry, sorry, actually it's my fault, eh? I'm not going to bother you anymore, then."

"No! You're not bothering me at all! It's nice to talk to you…" I say… before I realize that sentence sounds awkward.

"Oh, that's great," she says with a confused look, no sarcasm detected from her voice. "Actually I'm happy that you want to talk to me in the first place. Thank you…"

There's something I can hear from her voice, though. Is it sadness?

"What do you mean? Of course I want to talk to you, who doesn't? A nice, kind girl like you…"

She laughs hollowly. "Almost everyone."

Then it hit me. She really was trying to make friends, but no one wants to be her friend, just like what I had thought before.

"O-oh, I s-see… Sorry I really didn't mean to bring that topic up! Uh, really, really sorry!" I say frantically while waving my hands.

"It's okay, that always happens." She smiled. Wait, always happens, seriously?! "That's the thing of past, though. I'll try harder next time so I can be friends with people in this class."

Now I feel bad. I have just encountered with ex-bullied girl and I don't know what I have to say or to do. Maybe…

"So… friends? We're friends now?" I ask. I see nothing bad from her anyway, I guess there's nothing wrong befriending this girl.

"Ye-yeah!" she says, smiling so brightly that it radiates to me. "So… May I call you by your first name… Rin-chan?"

"Of course you can!" I say happily. "I will call you Miku-chan as well, then~"

Somehow, I feel happy… that I can make a new friend in the first day of school. No, I mean, that's great!

"Miku… chan," she repeats, her eyes soften as she says that. "I haven't heard anyone called me that for a while except my family—it's always Hatsune this and Hatsune that. Whoa, I'm happy that finally someone calls me that." Again, she smiles at me. "Thank you, Rin-chan."

"Um, it's supposed to be okay, no need to thank me," I say nervously. Really, I didn't think her life was that bad. I wasn't a really sociable person, but my life never has gone… that bad.

She pouts and looks down to the floor after hearing my reply. "Well, it really means a lot for me, Rin-chan," she said. "Um… Now we're friends and all… then is it okay for me to tell you something?"

"Yeah, what is it?" I ask.

"I love you, Rin-chan."

If I was in the middle of drinking something, I swear I would've spitted it out right now.

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