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"EV System's collaboration with Kagami Sound—a million hits already in less than a month?! Their collaboration sure has a power to top the rankings!" that was what I woke up to in one certain morning in early January. And because of that, I thought it was a dream, and I was just going to sleep again when my phone gave a notification for the second time.

"EV System: "Kagami-san, did you see the latest ranking? The song we made has made it to the top!"" it said. EV System was a morning person, it appeared. Or maybe he hadn't gone to sleep, I had no idea. And of course I would feel bad if I didn't reply him so—wait, so that wasn't a dream.

I jumped to a sitting position, and typed in a reply, "I read it somewhere too, it's surprising!" I said. Really, surprising? EV System's song topping the ranking wasn't surprising at all, but this time, it involved me as well. Perhaps surprising wasn't the right word. What is it, then?

"Yeah, people seem to like it, honestly I'm just as surprised as you," EV System said a moment after that. "Ah, Kagami-san is not sleeping?"

"I have woken up," I answered. Yeah, I had woken up, all fresh and fine, I even had this (stupid) smile on my face already. I mean, waking up to a message from EV System—who wouldn't be happy about that?! Until now, he was still being mysterious; next to nothing was known about him, and the only possible way to talk to his was just through the web, but still, he's so adorableee!

"Glad hearing that! I thought somehow my message woke you up wwwwww" Aww, what a caring person… Well, actually that was the case, but I had no problem with that—it was the EV System, come on! This is the best way to spend your morning!

"How about EV-san himself?" I asked.

"Me? My work time starts early," he replied. "But well, don't you think working in the morning is fresher?"

"I don't know, I usually wake up and get ready for school in the morning," I replied, "I think I have a normal school life after all w"

"Normal school life, isn't it? Isn't there anything out of ordinary?" he asked again. "But then, just ignore that question. You know, don't trust the stranger."

"You are the stranger, EV-san! www"

"I know! Hahaha!" he said. "Well, you should close this chat because this old man is getting suspicious enough w"

"What is that? w" Hahahaha, what was with 'the old man'? It reminded me of what Miku often said about him—that man in his 30s. Maybe that was true…

He… said that he hadn't gotten married, didn't he? He couldn't be that old, could he?! (Yeah, this is a denial.)

"EV System is an old man so Kagami-san should avoid him," he said. Another message popped out shortly, "Just kidding, of course."

"That was…" I replied with a weird smile plastered on my face. At the same time, I rummaged my head to find a topic to talk about; this old man talk was getting odd… "Ah, how is Mirai-san?" I randomly asked.

"Mirai is fine, I suppose. Why asking?"

'Why asking' is a nice question, hahaha… Why, then? "Nothing, you're his work partner so maybe you should know about her… But I never talk to her in the net, actually."

"Well, yeah. Oh, but I think she's currently busy with… She's going to have her real debut!"

Well, that was new. "Real debut? You mean, in the real life too?"

"That's why I said her 'real' debut," he replied.

That was nice, actually, for Mirai to debut. She's a great singer; and I mean, great, so why just now? But it wasn't a matter, really, that debut alone was nice. "It's nice for her!"

"You should congratulate her, you know w" he said. "Don't worry about the fact that you've never talked to her before; she won't bite. She can't bite you…"

"Haha, I know that ww I should say congratulations for her," I replied.

Yeah, I should say it, despite the fact that I didn't know her that much (irony?). What should I say? "Congratulations! I heard you're going to have your debut shortly from EV System!" like that? I guess that would work. Hmm, real debut, wasn't it… Wait, does that mean she would reveal herself in RL, something like that?

I guess I could only wait to find out.

Why did I want to find out?

Chapter Thirty-Three: A Drama and a Singer

"Everybody, please settle down!" a loud yell from the front of the classroom caught my attention; coincidentally that also made the whole class went silent. There I saw the class representative, Hiyama. He had his dark brown hair cut short and neat, and his dark-colored eyes were framed by a pair of glasses. He had a good look, to be honest, and charming. But still, no one beats the ikemen-ness of my dear Len, especially with the glasses, of course. Ohohoho—

… Okay, what Rin, what.

After everyone was looking at his way, he continued, "Now, we're going to use this homeroom time to discuss the annual school event. Nakajima-kun will explain the details."

Gumiya stepped to the front then stood beside Hiyama. "Okay then. As you can see, we're nearing the end of our school year as a first grader. So we're going to give our best for this end; a show, a performance, an art."

"And the exact art we will perform is a drama."

The class then went silent, really silent that it was strange that it was silent. After a moment, a girl raised her hand up and spoke, "A drama? Seriously? We are high school students, you know."

"Yeah, isn't drama a bit… childish? If we're looking back, it's the elementary school students who perform something like that," another girl spoke up.

"Don't think I didn't think that way," Gumiya hissed, loud enough to be heard from my spot at the back of the class. Then she cleared up and spoke, "But it's the school's annual event, so like it or not we have to do it."

"Besides, it's for the first grader only; you don't have to have it again next year," Hiyama added. "So everyone, I hope for the cooperation."

A drama… Seems like it won't have anything to do with me. I have no acting skill or anything so backstage, that's it. I think. Well, whatever backstage, I think it's not going to be hard.

"For the starter, then," Gumiya said while looking down her phone, "Should we choose the people in charge together or just let us decide it?"

"Just choose it. It will become a riot if we choose it together, maybe some will fight over one part or something," Yukari spoke with her hand raised, "But you should let us swap parts with the other if it's possible."

"Opinion taken. Any objections?" Hiyama asked. He was greeted by the silence.

"I think no," Gumiya said. "Then, I've prepared the names along with the parts. This was decided by doing some observations; looking at your personalities and… possible abilities." Okay, that sounded dead serious, as if we were going to decide parts for doing a… secret mission instead of a drama. Well, she did that method for my birthday surprise too, but that was only four people. This time was the whole thirty students in the class. "Wait for a moment for me to write it on the board."

While she was writing, the class broke into a buzz. Iroha turned back and faced me, "Are you excited for this?"

"Eh, I'm rather okay with everything. I don't think I'll get any important part," I laughed.

"Nah, the same goes to me, I guess," she said, "What I will get, I wonder. The tree?"

"I don't think the cast for tree is available," I commented while giggling a bit at her question. She smiled in return.

"Okay! Now turn your heads back to the board and read whatever I have written!" Gumiya announced loudly. Iroha turned back to her previous position and I glanced at the board. "As what I have said before, all of this is based from an observation—therefore 95% the chance is that you have gotten the most right part for you; swapping is highly not recommended. However, if you're being persistent and want to swap part, you may do it."

That was one serious warning. Then let's see what we've got here… Len got the part as the protagonist. Whoa, whoa! That's nice! A drama with Len as the main protagonist is sure, something I would watch! And what else? Miku became supporting character, Yuzuki got the costumes, Mew got the play props, and me… Oh God, this is bad—

Rin as the music director.

Damn it Gumiya… She did it on purpose, didn't she?! Of course; she knew that I am Kagami Sound, and from that she chose me to be the music director! I shouldn't have any problem if it's just about making or directing music, but it's about my precious identity! Well, in case somebody noticed… or maybe I was just being too paranoid—it's director, not composer; I don't actually have to make music. Shush, let's just calm down and—

"Ah, Kagamine-chan is in charge of the music?" I found Iroha had looked back at me with that question. Nooo, why did she have to say that?!

I had no choice but doing the usual thing, then. Hiding up the truth or something… "Well, I don't know how the 'observation' worked but because I listen to music often, they thought I have a good sense… maybe?" Not a lie, right? Music director and not a composer! Still, I tried to dodge the possible incoming questions, "What about you?"

"The scriptwriter, along with Gumiya-kun," she replied. "I didn't actually expect them to know that I like to write, either. But I think that way makes things easier, right?"

"You're actually right about that. It would be troublesome if we have to do what we can't do," I said while thinking, 'Come on, why don't you change the topic already?'

As if it was on cue, suddenly Gumiya announced loudly, "Alright, enough with the discussion!" And we went silence in response. It gave me the idea that we were the good guys here, but never mind. "I guess it was enough for you guys to make your mind. So anybody swapping parts?"

I looked around the class to find nobody was raising the hand. I guess everybody was okay with it. Well, me too. It was something I can do—and probably the only thing I'm good at, after all. Actually I guess I would enjoy this~

Gumiya tapped the board with the eraser after that and spoke, "Then it's settled. This is the roles for everyone in the class, no swapping roles anymore." While she was saying that, the loud sound of the eraser she tapped sent my gaze to the board once again, and I skimmed through the list.

Why was Len assigned to the main character?

Each of us was in tight schedule after the drama project thing started. The performance would be in mid-February, and it was 30 days left until that time. Everything was in the hands of the people who were good in that—could feel the professionalism here—and I was involved too, of course. What a great feeling, haha! Massive high school level production!

… That reminded me. They said it was from an observation and I held this suspicion that Miku was also behind that 'observation' by stalking us. Of course! How would they know if they didn't spy/stalk on us? Sure it had nothing to do with me, but it made me feel uneasy.

Thinking about it again, why the hell did I care about that? Had I been with Miku too much that it made me care about what she did? Perhaps becoming something like, "Of course, I care about you, my lovely Miku-chan~!"


"The next part, then." And at the same time, somebody threw a bundled paper—which was thick—to the table, making me jump from my weird thought rather literally as I heard the loud thud. I looked up and saw Kiyoteru (yeah. Soon I found out that the class representative (Hiyama)'s first name is Kiyoteru) standing near my table. He wasn't really looking at me, but then he ask, "Did I startle you?"

"Honestly, yeah, but don't be sorry. I wasn't paying attention." I grabbed the paper stack he had just thrown and began flipping it.

"Okay then, if you said so." He pulled up a chair and seated himself on the same table with me. "Just take your time to read the script."

I nodded in response. It was still because of the play, Kiyoteru was assigned to be a music director as well so we usually worked on it together. Actually I didn't expect him, from all the people, to be assigned to such thing. The class representative—who had glasses and tidy hair, not that tidy like nerdy tidy but still tidy nonetheless—and music director didn't sound like a match. But he told me that he played in a rock band; and sang too. That surprised me for sure.

What about Len, then? He was the protagonist, so he was supposed to be good in acting. It surprised me too, actually. But thinking back to my birthday surprise where he was chasing me down with cutters with killing intention… This time his role wasn't a psycho killer, though. Somehow I was glad of this.

Now, what we had to do here as music directors was finding the right song for that scene and we would play them as the BGM. There was absolutely no need to make one; the internet had become a great source already, but finding them in the infinite cyber world was a challenge as well.

"Eh, this is nearing the climax already?" I asked after skimming the script.

"Right, and this part is rather complex because the actual nature of the characters is being revealed; but questioned. The usual heroic song with trumpets and such isn't going to work," Kiyoteru replied.

"Something more dramatic, then," I said as I scribbled what he had just said on the paper. "Perhaps something that built up suspense?"

"Ah, that, you're right," he nodded in approval. "The strings, then. And drum."

"Strings and drums," I repeated after him, scribbling down his sayings again.

"Fast tempo?"

"How about it being slow at the beginning and becomes fast at one point?" I suggested.

"That's nice too."

Pretty much our conversation went like that, and I don't think you want to hear all of it, so that. The main point is I was being busy with that job of deciding the music.

Usually we did it in our performing art hour; the teacher purposely let us to use the time to continue the drama. And everybody went their separate ways—the actors practiced their acting in the indoor hall, the scriptwriter and director was there too, keeping an eye on the play act. Some stayed in the class—like the one who took care about the stage, the lighting, the costumes, the props—meanwhile Kiyoteru and I used the music room. Actually it didn't really matter; all we need was a computer with an audio editor and DAW, in case we still had to add things to the music we got from the internet, but that computer was only available in the music room. If the time wasn't enough, all of us usually used the time after school to stay a bit longer and work on the play.

That made me rarely speak to anyone in my break time since everyone was pretty much busy. The good thing was of course, no Miku who would confess her love to me and declaring that she had been stalking me or something along that. But that made me rarely saw Len as well—you don't know how busy the actors were, it was seriously serious—and I was a bit disappointed of that. No, perhaps not a 'bit'. A lot. Like, a lot. Now, I think we should have spent more time together during the year-end break! But yeah, it's like I actually had anything I could do about it.

Some weeks had passed, and Kiyoteru and I had finished about three of four of it. But because there was still a quarter of it, we were still working on it when it was possible; staying longer at the school in the music room. Just the two of us, with nobody else around. Whether it was a good working environment or not, I don't know.

… So, it continued until one afternoon, when somebody slammed the door open while we were in, it startled me so much that I jumped from my seat about 10 centimeters. "I am here to deliver yet another script of one part you need to work on!" Shining with the sunray blaring from behind, Gumiya stood right in front of the now-opened door with a script in her right hand. Then she closed the door behind, and walked nearing us. "What brings me here is the fact that this scene is rather special, so special explanation is needed as well."

"What would it be?" Kiyoteru took the script from her hand.

"Like what we have known, we're doing this all out. And so Hatsune will sing," she said while glancing at the computer screen.

"Ah," I exclaimed in a small voice. Now she mentioned it, I remembered what Mom had told me about Miku and her singing debut. I have never heard her singing before, but judging from Gumiya's decision, she must be good, like good.

"Oh, Hatsune-chan. Nice idea," Kiyoteru commented. "So what do we have to do with it?"

A smile curled up on her lips, "Make a song for her to sing."

I widened my eyes in shock. Making a song? Making? I thought this isn't even the job of music director! And just then Gumiya spoke, "What's with your bewildered expression, Kagamine? No need to be that surprised—heck, I ask you two to make one is because I know you can make one. All out," she put emphasis on the last two words and that was it, I was left speechless.

I uttered the word of defeat, "Fine…"

"So my business here is done, now it's time to keep an eye to the actors again. Bye." And she walked out from the room in a fast pace. Just like that, she came and went in less than three minutes.

"I thought with the number of scripts left we would have this finished by next week, but apparently it's not the time yet," Kiyoteru spoke, gaining my attention. "Then… Have you ever tried to make a song before, Kagamine-chan?"

"Eh," I yelped in surprise. "If it's just the melody and composition, I guess I can handle it." Actually I can sing too, and even do the arrangement as well, but I'm not going that far. Not in this place, ever. It's for the sake of my identity!

"Oh, what a coincidence. I can make the lyrics and arrangement just fine," he replied. "But then I have to shift from rock, don't I? I can't guarantee it."

"It should be fine," I spoke without thinking, but after realizing myself, I corrected it. "I mean… I don't know. I have never heard Miku-chan sing before so I don't know if her voice suits for rock or not."

"Hm, this is a bit troublesome," he muttered while rubbing his chin. "But Kagamine-chan, you're pretty close to her, don't you?"

"Yeah, you think I should ask her directly?"

"Of course."

I didn't know why, but there was a little hesitation inside of me.

And of course, because it's Miku—the Hatsune Miku, there would always be a feeling of hesitation every time I have to begin the conversation. Though I shouldn't be, because it had become a habit already.

"Aw, what is this? Rin-chan inviting me to the music room after school? How sweet of her! When I thought that my feelings won't be returned—oh, oooh! Is this even real? It's just the two of us in this room, Rin-chan! We can do things together! And of course you know what those 'things' are."

"I'm not asking you to come here for that!" I yelled in response. Seriously, this girl…

"For what, then? This is something you had set up, isn't it? Two people in a dimly lit room and the atmosphere just feels 'right'."

"I, no, Hiyama-kun has something to do with the student council so he asked me to ask you here—not to do anything," I paused not at the right place. But who cares? I was getting tired of this person; yelling wouldn't have any effects anymore. "But to sing," I finished with a huge sigh.

"Well, sorry about that. I guess I was just… got carried away," she admitted, and then she took a seat on the piano seat. "So it's about the drama and the fact that I have to perform a song, eh."

"Yeah, but none of us knows how your singing voice sounds, and it's the most basic thing, so…"

"Oh, I understand," she opened the piano and began pressing random keys. I didn't really pay attention to that, as I was thinking about the fact that she sings.

"Anyway, Miku-chan," I called out to her. She turned her head in response and I continued, "I never knew you sing, but my mom told me that you're gonna have a debut. She works on the record label which is gonna make your debut album, it seems. And, well, yeah." Why did I feel awkward now? "She told me after she went back from America for the meeting. That meeting about your debut… You went there to attend it as well, right? And you never told me anything."

"I think I have never," she smiled. "Now where to start… Ah. At that time I told you that my parents forced me to take over their business, and I had to attend their meeting there. That was what you know, but behind that is… You know that I don't really want to take over, don't you? But I am the only child so I have to, no matter what—that's what they think. So I came up with a clever solution; that I will agree in one condition. Let me catch my dream first."

"Your dream?"

She nodded. "My dream, to be a singer. I want to be a singer before I take over my parents' company because if I do the latter first, I probably won't have the chance to, well, sing," she said. "There is no way I would actually run away from the responsibility I have—they are my parents, after all. I suppose that's the only way to save myself for now," she giggled after that.

"Oh, wow, that's great," I somehow became fascinated with her. Like, there's this spark of admiration inside. "So if at the end you can have your debut, then your parents agreed… just like that?"

"Ah, ah, don't you underestimate the great Hatsune Miku," she said to me with a smirk. "Not to brag, but I have a pretty good track record of my singing ability. And by that, they are convinced enough to let me try to assign to one certain record label, and I got it!" she said excitedly.

"Oh! I'm happy for you too!" I felt a smile forming on my lips. But this was… déjà vu much? "Honestly I'm still surprised, I mean, you never say anything about this! And I never hear you sing as well before, so, surprise."

Curiosity built up in me, and what I wanna know now is her voice. I don't know the reason, but I'm just… curious. First was Mom who told me about her, and then she was asked to sing in the class drama—which was decided by serious observations. And if Gumiya had asked her to, then she must be really good in singing; I couldn't doubt Gumiya, somehow. And she was pretty confident about her skill too. I was still thinking about 'how'; how wasn't such thing noticed by me before?

"Surprise, hm. Well, I don't sing in public, actually, so the surprise isn't so surprising."

"Why not?" subconsciously I asked.

"What about you—why not as well?" she asked back. At first I had to think what she meant by that, but then I realized that I didn't sing in public either. Well, it's because I'm a net singer; my listener is the internet inhabitants. But her? "You are an internet singer—of course you don't need to perform in real public, is what you think?" Oh great, she had just read my mind.

"But what if I'm just like you?" she asked again. Before I could answer—I hadn't even gotten the chance to think about her question—she had twirled around to face the piano and began pressing its button in a determined manner, playing a song. I listened to her play as I watched her finger moved around the keys. EV System's song.

As I recognized the song, I felt myself freeze. I didn't know why, either, although it wasn't a bad thing. The actual surprise came when she started to sing along the music—I swear my heartbeat stopped for a moment. That voice was terribly familiar. I had heard that voice for hundreds of times—maybe a thousand already, so I thought I wouldn't be mistaken that it was… Mirai's voice. But, no. It wasn't that uncommon to have similar voice, so perhaps it was just 'sound alike'. Yeah, Miku's voice sounded similar to her voice.

But if it's about singing… Everyone has their own singing style, and people could tell singers apart by that. Maybe people with similar voice will sound different when they sing. But that wasn't the case. Miku's singing voice just sounded like hers—just like Mirai's, that I made myself put my full attention to her voice. Somehow denying the fact that she actually could be Mirai, I searched for a difference. But as the song went, I found nothing; everything was the same. And this lead to one conclusion.

Oh my God. Oh my God, I couldn't… I didn't know how to express my feeling. She was her; she was Mirai. Miku is Mirai. That famous net singer is my own friend—best friend, technically speaking. But, how… Oh God. Oh God. Seriously, oh my God.

While I was standing there, both speechless and breathless, she finished off her singing and pulled her hands away from the piano. Then she casually looked at me ask asked with a smile, "How was it?"

I couldn't find the strength to answer for an unknown reason. I just kept on standing there with my heart nearly leaping out from me, looking at her with wide eyes, and breathing unevenly. I mean, she was… Was she really…

"… M-Mirai-san? Are you really… Mirai-sa—"

I didn't even know how did she got this close to me, but suddenly her face was some inches away from my face. With a sharp voice, she proceeded to say, "Do you think I am?"

And at the same time, she held something thin and metallic near my neck. I looked down to the object and let out a questioning noise from my mouth which immediately became drowned by my heavy breathing. "A… Ah?" She held a knife close to my neck. A little more until it touch my neck and slice my skin, then…

Suddenly I became dizzy. And before I could react and do something to that, I felt myself falling down as my sight blackened.

Needless to say, when I opened my eyes I found myself lying on the bed, probably in the infirmary. It was rather hazy, but I could recognize it anyway. I felt lightheaded, weak, and… not good. Just not good.

"You're okay?" asked a familiar, floaty-sounding voice. I turned my head to the source of the voice, and I saw Miku standing next to me. I tried to answer, but I couldn't find the strength to do it properly. What I could let out was just a moan.

"Give her some moment, Hatsune-chan," said another voice, who turned out to be a baby pink-haired teacher in white coat.

I could fall asleep anytime I want—I was lying on the bed already, anyway. But I don't feel like sleeping, I just stared at the ceiling while waiting myself to feel better although the room still felt like it was spinning. After a while, I felt my strength to speak was coming back. "What is it?" I asked in a small voice. Actually what I was asking, I don't know.

"You fainted; in case you aren't aware of that yet," the teacher said. "And I suppose you're feeling better already?"

"Yeah… somehow." The way she asked me was like, there was an implication behind; something like, "Oh, if so, get your butt out of this room right now." But I didn't wanna, I was still feeling pretty weak, weaker than usual. Ugh, why did I faint, anyway? This was rather troublesome.

"It's fine, no need to hurry. I will stay until you feel good enough to walk around," she gave me a warm smile, which erased my previous thought about her. Perhaps I shouldn't judge that easily… "Do you think I should check your blood pressure? Maybe you fainted because it's low."

I replied, "But I felt just fine for the rest of the day."

"It might have unknowingly dropped down, you know."

"Eh? Are you sure?" I asked back in doubt while thinking about what had happened before I fainted. First was… I asked Miku to come to the music room, and she came. After that we talked about her upcoming singing career—and her debut, too—and then she sang. I remembered it vaguely that it reminded me of Mirai, or perhaps she was really Mirai. But somehow I doubted myself, since… Well, it might have been just a dream—I did end up fainting at the end, okay?

"It might have been my fault, then. I'm so sorry Rin-chan," Miku then joined. Strangely she didn't sugar-coat her voice and it sounded purely concerned. That was unusual. "Did you recall it? What I had done…"

… What had she done? I guess she did do something, but my mind was hazy, so it was hard to remember. But then, Miku left her words hanging just like that, like she had no intention on continuing it. Before I knew it, we were engulfed in this awkward silence already.

"O… kay then," the pink-haired teacher said after being silent for a moment—not to mention she sounded awkward too. "I guess I have to take the sphygmometer now. Hatsune-chan, keep your eyes on Kagamine-chan, okay?"

Miku nodded. "Okay, Megurine-sensei."

"So then, see you soon," still smiling, she waved her hand before fading from my sight. That was it? She decided to run away at the worst timing!

After that, we were in silence for a moment, before Miku spoke, "Really, Rin-chan. I'm really sorry—I didn't mean to, I lost control of myself. I wouldn't do that if knowing that you will faint!" she apologized again.

"What did you do wrong—or rather, what had actually happened?" I asked her.

She immediately froze after that. I could see her gulping before answering, "The… knife? Eh, you don't remember?"

"Hmm…" The knife, eh? I think I knew something about the knife. Just before I fainted, yeah, she put a knife near my neck in an 'I will kill you' fashion while saying something like, "Do you think I am Mirai?" if I'm not mistaken. But it would mean that it wasn't a dream…

"Aaah, you!" springing up from the bed, I accused a finger to her. "Y-you, you are really her, right?!" I felt my heartbeat quickening. I mean, if that Mirai was really her; even though I wasn't that close to her… Oh my God, this is seriously too unexpected!

A flash of negative emotion showed up on her face for a moment, before she answered me. "The fact is that… yeah, I am Mirai," she answered quietly. "If you do notice, my name is written as 'mirai' too. It's not that obvious enough, isn't it…" it ended with a sheepish laugh.

She actually looked nervous for real. Was the Mirai problem mattered that lot to her?

"Actually I'm really not used with people knowing this; so sorry if I did an unexpected thing to you. Really, I didn't mean it!" she held her hands up in an apologizing manner. Made sense; I didn't think she would hold up her knife just like that. Why knife, though?

"If that's the case, eh, it's not a problem. Don't worry, Miku-chan. I guess I'm just not expecting that," I said in return.

"Haha, is that so?" she said.

"I guess so," I smiled to her.

Now, after knowing that Mirai is actually Miku, I had to calm myself down. I mean, so what if she is Mirai? Aside from the 'that famous net singer is actually my friend', there was no matter… besides that she was a net singer usually working with EV System, and supposedly she was the only one who knew EV System's real identity, as what she had stated. But well, it was more than that, wasn't it? They were even dating before…

Dating? Wait. It couldn't be true that…

"What is it, Rin-chan?" Miku asked me after probably noticing my surprised face or hearing my heartbeat—I don't know, it sounded so loud for me!

I took a deep breath before continuing. Okay, here it go, Rin. Ask it to her.

"Then, EV System is… Len?"

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A lot of people had guessed that Mirai is Miku, and it's true. Your guess is right. ("Ha, I knew that!") And what's left is EV System's identity. Yep, it's me being a jerk for leaving a cliffhanger just before I go on a hiatus. Now you know the question; it's not 'guess his identity' anymore, I've reduced it to "EV System is Len, or not?" because 'EV System is Len' is something people had guessed even from the first chapter.

As for the help I need... You can see I'm trying to mention the drama as vague as possible because I don't know what they will perform. Ideas, everyone! Help me with this! Don't worry, there are still 5 months before I update this story. It has to feature Len as the main character and Miku sings. Maybe you can alter story song series or something... *is desperate*

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Letter Of Regret: No, I should be the one who thank you for the idea! And as fluffy as it would be, Rin was 'emotionally drained' (actually both of them were) so there, skipped. Don't worry, fluffy things are awaiting!

B.L: Updated!

Dummy Perception: Yeah, the Evillious Chronicles is one big series and I just lost track because of its complexity haha! The only one I can understand (and bother to read) is just the Daughter of Evil... Perhaps you were doing a lot of works; I was doing a lot of works too. And yep, she did. It's because she was emotionally tired from the circus (or the author is just lazy).

Pandagger: Not stopping; I hope you're okay with 'pausing', though~

Wonders of Chocolates: Whoa, long review! I actually supported LenxLen too, I made a fic based on that Bringing the Rain song years ago (I bet it's bad), the module pairings are what I wasn't aware of. Don't worry about the confession, believe me, it's not that embarrassing. And about the revelation of EV System, not yet. Now to answer your question about making stories; of course it's not 'writing whatever I have in my head', but I plan about how it starts (prologue), what is the climax, and how it ends (epilogue). Basically just that, and what goes between those parts is something that comes up in my mind. This story attached you? I'm happy hearing that! Thank you so much! And thank you again! *doesn't know what else to say*

kimikokatsumi: I'm happy hearing that you like my stories, thank you! Yeah, Mirai is Miku but EV System... you'll need to wait. Don't worry, I would never forget about you and the other readers (and because of that somehow I hate it when people discontinue their story). Thank you for the support!

w: No worries! And thank you!

Potatoes And Len Otaku: ... And guess who's planning on going to a hiatus. Hoo, dA is something I use often, but you forgot about this? It's okay, you came back anyway! Your reactions are amusing, by the way~

Special thanks for the reviews, reviewers! And thank you so much for everyone who reads this. See you later, and wish me luck!