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The 7th of December, 8:36 pm. Haley's POV.

I stare down at the white stick, it couldn't be true. I know it is, four other white sticks, just like the one in my hand, said the same.

"Shit" I mutter quietly to myself, as I throw the stick into the trashcan with the others. I look around the small bathroom. The walls are gray, with an old yellow toilet and a lime green shower. I feel trapped in the small space. So I quickly go to the door and exit the room.

I step out into the hall, on my left is his bedroom and on my right is a closet, straight ahead was a large room with white walls and dark hard wood floors, used as the living room and dining room, with a couch and T.V on one side and a small table and a few chairs on the other. I step into the large room and look to my right where the large leather couch and flat screen T.V are, some old romantic comedy was on, just as I left it. I then look to my left where the small old wooden table was, two table settings were out. I walk a little deeper into the room and go past the table and look into the kitchen.

I spot him standing over the stove. He stands about five ten with a large muscled chest and thick arms. he is in a white long sleeve shirt with the sleeves slightly pushed up, showing some of his tattoos, and he's also wearing a pair of wore out jeans. He looks over at me and smiles his small smile, it was like the smile had to fight its way out. his eyes are a dark brown. His hair is also a short dark brown. "Hey, Clay" I say, softly.

I never thought, I would date a guy like him, a guy who screams trouble. But he couldn't be a nicer guy, opening doors for me and pulling out my chairs, saying yes sir and yes ma'am to anyone older then him. I guess it goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover.

"You got here just in time, they're done" he says, flipping the burner off. He grabs two plates from the cabinet and sets them down on the counter near the stove. He pulls out tongs and pulls two pieces of fried chicken out of the pan and puts them on the plates. "Here" he says, holding the plates out to me, showing the Triskeles tattooed on the ring fingers of each hand.

I take the plates and walk over to the small table, I set them down and take my seat. I grab my half empty glass of unsweetened tea and sip from it. He walks over and sets a large bowl of salad down in the middle of the table. He puts a large pile of salad on his plate and starts eating. I put some salad on my plate too. He was a surprisingly good cook, I, by now was kinda used to it, but when we first started dating, it was weird seeing a guy who looked like him cook better then my mother. We both sat quietly with nothing but the sound of us eating and the sound of the T.V in the background.

I look up at him, I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking about, how would he take it, would he get mad, would he leave me. He notices me staring and smiles slightly.

"Do I got something on my face?" he asks me, smiling slightly.

I giggle a little and shake my head, thankful that he made me feel slightly better about the thoughts bouncing around my head. "No, I..." I trail off.

He reaches across the table and takes my hand. "What?" he asks, looking at me, still smiling slightly.

"I need to tell you something" I say, feeling tears working their way up. I fight to keep them back but a few still fall.

"Shit, what happened?" he asks, giving my hand a comforting squeeze.

More tears start to fall as I start panicking, I know once I tell him there will be no going back to the way things were.

"I'm pregnant"

Well, there's no going back now.

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