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The 21th of December, 7:00 am. Claire's POV.

I smile as I think about dinner tonight, they'll have to side with me and see that Clayton is no good. My Dad always has a way of seeing people for who they really are, well... besides Mitchell. But that's not my point, he will side with me, I know he will. And I know Mitchell would as well, he locks his car door when he sees a homeless man. There's no way he's going to like Clayton. I reach the bottom of the stairs, in my jogging outfit. I'm ready for my morning run. I look into the living room, Clayton is not there. The sheets and blanket, we gave him are folded and put on the coffee table with the pillow atop them.


This is the last thing I want, why did she bring him? Why? I've always loved having the mornings to myself, but no, Clayton just has to be up as well. He couldn't have just gone out or snuck up stairs to see Haley, but no, he was talking to me.

I look down the hall at Clayton. He walks out of the kitchen and down the hall, he's wearing a dark gray hoodie and jogging pants.

"Going for a run?" he asks, smiling that weird small smile of his.

Great, can't even enjoy my run alone anymore. I am a mother of three, not counting Phil, so the only time I get to myself is the mornings and my run. First he ruined Christmas and now he wants to ruin my morning run. But I won't let him, oh no I won't.

"What?... no" I say, shaking my head. I don't even believe myself. He eyes me for a second with a questioning look. "I just sleep in this" I add, quickly.

"Oh..." he says, with a nod. "Um... if Haley asks, just tell her I went for my morning run" he says, walking around me and to the door.

"Sure" I say, with a nod.

He smile that dumb little smile of his and goes out the door. First he ruined Christmas and now he was ruining my morning run. This is going to be the worse Christmas ever, Clayton was going to ruin everything. It couldn't just be our families, no Haley had to bring her boyfriend just to push my buttons. Doesn't he have a family of his own to go see?

The 21th of December, 9:14 am. Haley's POV.

My eyes slowly open and I look around my room, its still a little weird being back home. I sit up and run a hand through my hair, I notice Alex is already up and gone, not surprising. I have a lot of good memories here, I look over at Alex's bed. I can't help but think about that time when I was helping her befriend a popular girl from school by telling her what to say and what to text. Or me breaking down and telling her how I had lost my virginity to Dylan, I just wanted to tell someone who I knew I could trust. I smile a little bit, even if she did let it slip to Dad, I know I can still trust her.

Back then all I had cared about was being the 'cool' older sister. I feel that I have grown since then, since I no longer cared about what people think of me or about being the 'cool' sister. I in fact wish I was the smart one, then maybe I wouldn't be in this situation. Maybe the fact I didn't care what people thought or about being 'cool', meant I had grown as a person or maybe it was just a part of growing up.

I put my feet down on the carpet and run my hand through my hair again. Maybe I wasn't all grown up, considering I was still afraid of what my parents would say once they found out I was pregnant. I stand and walk over to a desk near the closet. The desk is pretty neat, with the books in a pile on the left side and a cup of pens and pencils on the right. I notice a few photos on a bulletin board on the wall behind the desk, Alex and a few girls are smiling back at me in one. Another one is from prom, I smile at the memory of Alex's very gay date, who couldn't have been a nicer guy.

I wonder what her life is like, what it was really like. Not just what she lets us know about. Did Dad act weird anytime she brings up a guy, was Mom even more nosey when she had someone over. Was she dating someone, if she was, was she having sex yet? I really didn't wanna think about my little sister sleeping with someone, I mean she's my 'little' sister. I know she wasn't little, but still. But she could very well already be having sex. I didn't think she was, but I feel like I should talk to her about sex. Maybe it was me just being pregnant, but I feel like I should make it clear to be careful. And that theres nothing wrong with waiting.

Yeah, it was definitely because I was pregnant. She was smarter then me, she wouldn't do something as stupid as have sex without protection. Oh god, I'm turning into my Mother. Worrying about things I have no control over. No, no I am not my Mother.

I go to the door and out into the hall, then to the stairs. As I go down them, I step on the 'step' and feel it give slightly, I quickly lift my foot back up and step over it. The 'step', it had been broken since I was about fifteen. My Dad's never going to fix that step. As I reach the bottom, I look into the living room, the sheets and blanket my parents gave Clay, are folded and put on the coffee table with the pillow sitting on top of them. I guess he's up already. I go down the hall and into the kitchen. I see my Mom, Dad and Alex. Alex and Dad are sitting at the counter, while my Mom was standing near the stove, sipping coffee.

"Morning sweetheart" My Dad says, smiling up at me from his I-Pad.

"Morning honey" my Mom says, before sipping from her coffee cup.

Alex looks up at me for a second, before looking back down at her book.

It was nice being home, I had just missed seeing them every morning. My Dad playing with his I-Pad, my Mom sipping her coffee by the stove and Alex with her head buried in a book. All I needed was Luke eating cereal like a dog, to make it feel like when I was still living here.

"Morning" I say, walking over to the counter. I grab a banana from the fruit basket and start peeling it. "Where's Clay?" I ask, looking around at everyone.

"He went for a run" My Dad says, looking over at me.

I nod and take a bite out of the banana.

"Yeah, Clayton was up bright and early" my Mom says, with a look, that clearly reads she wanted to say something, but wasn't.

I hear the slightly bitter bite to her voice as she's says it. If she has a point, then she should just say it.

"Clay likes to keep in shape" I say, before taking another bite out of the banana. I know this would happen sooner or later. I shoot her a look, challenging her to say something.

"Well that's just another thing me and Clay-Dog have in common" my Dad says, flexing his arms. Well... I think he's flexing.

My Mother rolls her eyes at my Dad and looks over at me setting her jaw. She eyes me for a few seconds, before turning around and going back to the stove.

"So, you two known each other long?" Alex asks, looking between our Mother and me.

I know she's waiting for a fight to break out. I look over at her and smile. It was weird, but I had really missed my little sister. Most of our childhood we had spent fighting, but when I moved away I found that I missed her. she was always there for me, when I really needed her. I could always talk to her about things, I couldn't ever talk to anyone else about. Even if we did fight all the time, she was still my sister and I loved her.

"About ten months" I said, even though I know its been ten months, two weeks and four days... its not weird I remember that, right? I don't answer my own question, even though its not weird to know how long you've known someone.

"Oh, ten months, wow" I hear my Mother mutter.

Does she think I didn't hear her or does she know I did and that's why she did it. Ah, she can't just be happy for me, no everything is about her, everything!

I shoot her a look, but before I can say anything, my Dad speaks up

"How did you two meet?" my Dad asks, smiling a smile I knew he was forcing.

My Dad was trying his best to stop me and my Mother from fighting. He had always been the one to step in and try and stop us fighting, even though it almost never worked. He was the one who always wore a smile and tried to keep everyone smiling and laughing. So for his sake, I was going to try and not fight with my mother. No matter how much she pushed me, I was going to try and be nice.

So, I look over at him and smile.

"Well we met..." I start, but stop when I hear the front door open. I look over at the doorway as Clay comes through, dripping with sweat. He smiles at me, his small smile.

"Morning" he says, before kissing me on the cheek.

"Ah, you're all sweaty" I say, smiling slightly as I lightly slap him on the shoulder.

He smiles at me, he looks over at my family. "Morning Mr. Dunphy, Mrs Dunphy" he says, with a nod to each. "Alex" he says, smiling over at her. "Can I get myself a glass of water?" he asks, looking between my parents.

"Sure" My Mother says, with her forced smile.

"Yeah, make yourself at home" My Dad says, getting up and patting Clay on the back.

I notice my Mother shoot my Dad a dirty look, that clearly reads she wasn't happy with him.

"Thanks Mr. Dunphy" Clay says, looking slightly uncomfortable. Clay wasn't the type for being touched by people he hardly knew.

"You don't have to call me Mr. Dunphy" my Dad says, smiling at Clay. "You can call me Phil, Brother-P or P-Dog" he says, clapping Clay on the back again.

Clay smiles weakly, nodding at my Dad. "Ok, Mr. Phil" he says, before walking over to my Mother. My Dad looks disappointed. My Mother hands him a glass. "Thank you, Mrs. Dunphy" he says, taking the glass.

"Yeah" My mother says, going back over to the stove.

Clay, seeming not to notice the cold shoulder from my Mother, goes to the sink and fills it up. He drains the glass in one and fills it again.

The 21th of December, 11:23 am. Claire's POV.

"I can't believe you're acting all buddy buddy with him" I say, looking over at my husband. I swear he's always trying to befriend anyone and everyone, no matter what. Its was a enough to make me want to pull out my hair.

"Clay is a good guy" Phil says, looking over at me.

Clayton is a good guy, right! We don't even know him and Phil was going to act like he did, this is our daughter. Our daughter was going out with some guy we knew nothing about and he wasn't worried, not even a little bit. It was enough to make me want to scream.

"What happened..." I stop when I realize I'm almost yelling. "What happen to the 'tough dad' talk?" I ask, looking over at him. I know I'm probably hissing more then talking.

"I was... Well, I was getting to that" Phil says, looking at me with that dumb founded look of his.

"Were you now? Were you?" I ask, nodding, crossing my arms over my chest and narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yes, I was" Phil says, putting his hands on his hips.

"Then get to it" I say, very slowly, making sure he understands.

Phil sighs, and throws his hands in the air. "Come on, please don't make me" he wined like a child. I shoot him a look, clearly telling him, he's going to do it. "Fine" he says, before sighing. He goes to the door of our bedroom and opens it. I follow him down the stairs, he slips on the 'step'.

"I'm gonna fix that!" he shouts, looking up at me, before continuing down the stairs.

I shake my head, he's been saying that for years. Ever since that earthquake broke it again.

He reaches the bottom and goes into the living room. I stop on the stairs and look into the living room. Haley and Clayton were talking in hushed voices on the couch. What are they talking about that no one else should hear, huh? Did they think I wouldn't notice them talking in low voices, cause I did. Phil steps in front of the couch and looks down at them, the two look up at him.

The 21th of December, 11:23 am. Haley's POV.

I run a finger over Clay's large knuckles, they been busted and broken so many times that the skin covering them was hard and rough.

"When are we going to tell them?" Clay asks, his eyes on my hands.

"I don't know yet" I say, quietly. A small smile comes to my face. "Its just nice being home" I say, smiling down at his hands. I had almost forgotten what it was like just being around my family, you could almost feel the love that filled the house. Even with the way my Mother is acting, it was still nice just being home. My smile fades slightly, I knew Clay didn't know what that was like. I look up at him. He's smiling that small smile of his.

"Yeah" He says, with a nod. "Your parents are good people" he says, nodding.

Clay could be so sweet when he wanted to. Despite being uncomfortable around my Dad and my Mother acting like a bitch to him, he still liked them, I knew he did. Like I've said before, when you're dating someone who doesn't talk much, you learn to read them. I know he liked my parents, which was a relief for me. It was good considering he was tied to them for the rest of his life, since he was the father of their first grandchild. Now, I had to get them to like him back. My Dad would be easy, but my Mother... well, that would be a challenge.

As I look at him, I think about what his home life must have been like. I hope being here wasn't... well, reminding him of what he didn't have. Even with him never talking about it, it wasn't too hard to put together. I mean, considering there wasn't any pictures hanging in his apartment of family and with the fact he didn't like talking about them.

I take one of his large hands in mine and bring it to my lips. I kiss it. "Sorry" I say, knowing it can't be easy for him.

"Don't be" he says, still smiling. "Its nice" he says, looking at me.

I smile at him. "Well, I can be sorry about my Mother" I say, looking back down at his hand.

"She just cares about you" he says, moving his fingers slightly. "If we have a daughter, I would do the same if she was dating a guy like me" he says.

I smile at his hand. "You're going to be a great father " I say, running a finger around his palm.

"Yeah" he says, with sarcasm in his voice.

I look up at him, putting a hand on his face, forcing him to look me in the eye. "You will be" I say, slowly, keeping my eyes on his. Then I pull him in for a kiss. Its a sweet kiss, he moves one of his hands to cup my cheek. My mind goes rushing as I think about more then a few kisses like this that led to more then just kissing. We break apart and I smile at him, I'm blushing slightly. "So don't talk like that" I tell him, smiling.

I hear my parents coming down the stairs, I hear as my Dad slips on the 'step'.

"I'm gonna fix that!" I hear him shout. I shake my head, looking at Clay.

"He's never going to fix it" I say, smiling at Clay. Clay chuckles and looks over as my Dad comes over to us. He looks down at us. "You need something Dad?" I ask, looking up at him. I wonder if my Mother thinks I can't see her on the stairs.

"Yeah... well" my Dad says, stuttering. He's doing that weird thing, where he blinks alot. "Um... I need help... ah" he says, looking around the room. He looks over at the stairs and at my Mother. "The... the step... I need help with the step" he says, looking over at us again. I notice my Mother talking him through it. "I need... Clayton's... Clayton's help" he says, nodding.

"Dad, don't you thi..." I start, but Clay stands up before I can finish.

"I would be happy to help, Mr. Phil" Clay says, before looking down at me. "If you don't mind?" he asks, with a questioning look.

"No, go ahead" I say, smiling up at him. I stand up and hug Clay. "Are you going to be ok, being alone with him?" I ask, quietly.

"Yeah" Clay says, smiling down at me. He kisses the top of my head and smiles. "Just eat something, yeah" he said, before looking over at My Dad. "I'm ready when you are Mr. Phil"

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