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The 21th of December, 02:08 pm. Claire's POV.

"What?!" I scream, glaring at Phil.

"N.." he tries.

"Don't you dare interrupt me" I say, slowly. I walk over to him, he looks up at me like a trapped deer. "I'm not overreacting Phil" I say, fighting to keep my voice low. I will not let Haley or Clay know how upset I am, oh no, I was just fine. "I'm making sure our daughter doesn't do anything too stupid and get herself into real trouble" I say, but I know it comes out more as a hiss. "While I'm protecting our daughter, my loving husband is playing angry birds on his I-pad!" I scream, glaring down at him.

"Actually, I'm playi..." he starts, pointing down at his I-pad.

"Ah!" I shout, throwing my hands in the air and stomping out of the living room.

"I love you!" he shouts after me. "And you look great today honey!"

The 21th of December, 02:08 pm. Haley's POV.

I stomp up the stairs, dragging Clay behind me. I go into my room, letting go of Clay's hand.

"Ah! I can't believe the way she is acting" I say, stomping into the middle of my room.

Alex looks up from her spot on her bed. "Well, hello to you too" she says, looking back down at her laptop.

I look over at Clay as he closes the door behind himself. "Hey Alex" he says, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans and walking over to me.

"Hey" she says, shutting her laptop. "What happened?" she asks, looking over at us.

"What do you think happened?" I ask, shooting her a look.

She looks at me with a questioning look and then looks over at Clay.

"I'm not really sure" Clay says, with a shrug. I shoot him a dirty look, crossing my arms over my chest. "But... your Mom was in the wrong" he says, glancing at me, then at my sister.

I look back at my sister, she's smirking slightly at us.

"Don't" I mutter, trying not to smile.

I know what she is thinking and she's wrong, I wasn't treating Clay like Mom treats Dad. Clay just wasn't giving the whole story, that's all. I was just making sure he did. I really didn't need this right now.

"I didn't say anything" she says, smirking at me.

"But you were going too" I say, looking over at her.

She looks down at her laptop, smirking. I look over at Clay, he's looking between us. I grab his hand and give it a light squeeze, he looks over at me and smiles slightly. I take a deep breath and sigh, I need to calm down. Holding his hand, I drag him over to my bed. I crawl into bed, still holding his hand. I lay down and look over at him, he's still standing by the bed. I give his hand a slight tug, but he just stands there. I roll my eyes.

"Come on big guy" I say, smiling at him.

If we were back in his apartment he would of crawled in without thinking about it. But he was over thinking it, not wanting to get on my parents' bad side. What's a nice way to tell him, he's already on her bad side. Instead of voicing my thoughts, I tug on his arm again. He looks over his shoulder at the door, then back at me. He slowly climbs in and curls up next to me.

I had missed this last night, Clay beside me. It was weird being in bed alone, I guess it was the normal for me after the last few weeks. I have spent every night with Clay, since I told him. I just sleep better with him beside me. Last night I had spent most of the night laying awake, staring up at the ceiling. Sharing a bed with him was my new normal. I smile at him, then kiss him on the nose.

"I love you" I say, quietly. For some reason, I didn't want Alex to hear me.

He smiles at me and pushes some of my hair behind my ear. Then he leans in and kisses me. I should be enjoying the kiss, but all I can think about is the fact he didn't say it back. I just wanted him to say it back, I need him to.

"Alright, we get it" Alex says, geting Clay to break the kiss.

He's smiling his small smile, I look over at Alex and flip her off.

The 21th of December, 06:30 pm. Claire's POV.

I put my earrings on, trying to ignore Phil. I'm still a little upset over our little blow up earlier. Me overreacting? No, he's under reacting. Okay that just sounds stupid. I look at myself in the mirror and smooth down my light red blouse. But why couldn't he see that Clayton is not good for Haley, all I had to do was look at him to know that.

"You look good" Phil says, sheepishly, looking over at me.

I look over at him, I hold his gaze for a second before looking back at myself.

"Thanks" I say, quietly.

"Listen... I know Haley's not smart like Alex... but she's good with people, and if she's dating Clay, its because he's a good dude" Phil says, with my back to him.

I sigh and look over at him. "I don't want to hear it, ok Phil" I say, looking back at the mirror.

"What are you worried about?" he asks, walking over to me. He puts his hands on my shoulders.

I hang my head, biting my lip. "She's just like me, when I was her age" I say, turning around to face him. I don't look at him, keeping my head low. My mind on a young man named Todd, that I dated when I was nineteen. Who was always getting drunk and getting into fights. "I'm afraid she's going to end up like me" I say, softly. I look up at Phil. He looks confused.

"What do you mean by that?" he asks, pulling away from me slightly.

It was just that she's dating a guy who was bad news. What if something happens? Something bad happens and she gets dragged into it, what if she's already in trouble? Maybe her and Clay are on the run? Okay, no, I'm just being paranoid. But my point is, if something bad happens, Clayton isn't sticking around, I know it. And I didn't mean what Phil thinks I did.

"What I mean is, what if she gets pregnant and she isn't lucky like I was" I say, putting a hand on his forearm. "and the father isn't a great guy" I say, looking up at him. I then kiss him softly.

As I pull back from the kiss, he smiles slightly.

"Well, you don't have to worry" he says, smiling down at me. "I gave Clay the 'tough dad' talk, I put him in his place" he says, puffing his chest out slightly.

I can't help but smile a little bit.

The 21th of December, 06:34 pm. Haley's POV.

Clay turns his back to me, bringing the tattoo into view. An angel and demon are tattooed from his shoulders to his lower back. The angel is beautiful, her long blonde hair dances around her face, her bright blue eyes staring up. Her hands are pressed together, like she's praying. Her skin is a pale white, much paler then Clay's tan skin. Her wings are folded behind her. A short white dress is wrapped around her shoulders and stops mid thigh.

The demon is just terrifying. More then once, I have woken up with it in my face and freaked out. It looked like it was screaming, with its mouth wide open. Showing its dagger like teeth. Its black eyes were glaring out at me. Two horns sat on his head, one was broken. It had no hair on its head. Its fists were at its side, Its black nails digging into its palms. Its skin was a dark red, with scars darting up and down its chest.

Above the angel's and demon's heads were the words, 'Good or Bad there is always a choice'. He got it when he was seventeen. Young, I know. He told me, that he knew a guy who didn't care if he was old enough. He got it as a reminder to stay on the straight and narrow, he got it after he lost a very close friend. He didn't tell me how his friend died, it was a painful memory for him, I'm sure. It was a beautiful tattoo though and my favorite of his.

But the tattoo didn't hide the scars, that where there. Good and the angel's head were bumped out with three long scars, that looked like they had been slashes from a whip or something. I hadn't worked up the nerve to ask him about them. A long scar wrapped around his ribs and stop in the middle of his back, it went across the demon's chest. The last of the scars on his back were at the feet of the angel and demon. They were close together, there were four of them. Small circles, they looked like burn marks or gunsh... no they won't. I was just being silly.

I watch as Clay pulls on a gray dress shirt, hiding the angel and demon from sight. He buttons it up and turns around to face me. The sleeves are pushed up slightly, showing the two scars on his wrists. I know how you would get those, I have a friend or two who had the same scars. The few tattoos on his wrists and forearms, Irish symbols mostly, didn't hide them well. Even from my bed, I could easily make them out. They were the only ones that scared me, he had... had tried to kill himself. I know he wouldn't talk about it, not that I would ask. They scared me, I didn't want to know what would push someone as strong as Clay to the edge like that. He pulls the sleeves down, hiding his forearms and wrists. He buttons the cuffs and looks at himself in the mirror.

"You sure this looks alright?" he asks, looking over at me.

I smirk at him. "I liked you better without the shirt" I joke, hoping to get away from the dark thoughts in my head.

"Ha, ha" he says, looking back at himself in the mirror.

He's nervous, I can tell. I can't help but find it a little funny. I've never seen him nervous before, never. Well, he was a little nervous on our first date, but he was fine about an hour in. But for some reason meeting my family was scary for him. He could get into a ring and fight a guy bigger then him, no problem. He worked in the worst parts of town at night and was fine. But put him in a room full of family of the girl he knocked up and he turns into a nervous wreck.

"I mean, you can't see them, right?" he asks, looking back at me.

I roll my eyes. "Really?" I ask, looking at him. "I promise you, no one will care" I say, leaning forward on my bed. "About the tattoos or... the scars" I say, not being able to meet his eyes.

We never actually talked about the scars on his wrists, not that I thought that he would talk openly about them. He wouldn't talk to me about his family, his childhood or his dreams, hell he wouldn't tell me he loves me, so I never asked about the scars. And not just the scars on his wrists ether. The ones on his back or the five small scars on his stomach, that looked like the ones on his lower back. I guess I always thought he would tell me about them when he was ready, but part of me knew I was just scared to know just how hard his life had been. I could never truly understand what he's been through. I have been lucky, I have loving parents and a great family, a happy childhood. So if he never tells me, I can always just believe he had an easy life, like me. Even if I truly know that's far from the truth.

He doesn't say anything back. He adjusts his collar, looking slightly freaked out. I pull my knees up to my chest, he was nervous. Which was now making me slightly nervous too, tonight was the night. I was telling everyone, my Mother would freak out, my Dad too and my Grandpa as well, I'm sure. I was the screw up, I knew that's how everyone saw me. I had flunked out of college and then ran away up north, then I got pregnant, I wish I could of done better. I wish I was the smart one, the golden child.

I know it wasn't fair for me to think like that, but I've seen the looks my family gives me. They were one of the reasons why I left, they made me feel so small. Like I couldn't do anything right, they made me hate myself. So, I moved up north to hide from everyone, go where no one knew me. But it just made me more lonely then I ever had been before. But being up north made me realized just how much my family really loved me. My Mom, Dad and Alex calling me two or three times a week. Cam sending me cookies or cakes, my Grandpa and Gloria sending me money. Then learning about Amber's and Clay's families, Amber told me all about how she wasn't even on speaking terms with her mother and how she had never met her father. It made me realize that I hadn't appreciated what I had.

The only good thing to happen this year had been Clay. I look back at him, he's still looking at himself, still looking very nervous. I slowly slide off my bed and walk over to him, I wrap my arms around him

"No, you can't" I say, resting my head on his back, since he's too tall for me to rest my head on his shoulder. "You look great" I whisper, giving him a light squeeze.

I lose my grip on him as he turns around. I look up at him, he's smiling, his small smile down at me and I couldn't help but smile back at him. He puts his hands on my face and leans down, he kisses me. I close my eyes, losing myself in the kiss. All the dark and scary thoughts leave my mind, because at the end of the day its just me and him. That's all that matters, me and him. Not his past, his scars, his family, even if my own family disowns me, I'll still have him and he'll have me. It will be me and him raising our child, not our families or our pasts.

I slip my tongue into his mouth, wrapping my arms around him. His hands slips from my face, down my body. They stop on my behind, he picks me up and carries me over to my bed. I know full well where this is going, but I want it to happen. After everything that happened with my Mother earlier and what's going to happen tonight, I wanted a release. I wanted to lose myself with him, even only for a little while. When we are together, its like we are the only people in the world. He slowly sets me down on the bed. I break the kiss and look up at him, smiling slightly. He kisses me again, lightly on the lips. Then he moves to my neck, I close my eyes, leaning my head back. My hands go to his hair, I lightly pull on it.

"Eww..." I hear Alex scream.

Clay jumps off me and my head shoots up, I spot her near the door with her hands over her eyes.

"Oh come on Alex, grow up" I say, sitting up. I see Clay out of the corner of my eye, grabbing a pillow and putting it over his lap.

"I can't believe you two" she hisses, sounding a lot like Mom. She closes the door and stomps over to her bed.

"Well, you could of knocked" I say, crossing my arms over my chest. "You knew Clay was getting ready" I say, a slight smirk to my lips. "Don't tell me, you were trying to get a look?" I ask, smirking.

"What?!.. no!" she nearly shouts, blushing a dark red. She looks over at Clay. "Not that your... well that's not why..." she trails off, still blushing.

Clay seems to find the pillow very interesting, since he won't look up.

I laugh at the two, I couldn't help it. "I was... kidding" I say, between laughs

"Ah!" Alex shouts, grabbing something off her bed and running out of the room. I'm still laughing. By the look on Clay's face, I'm guessing he didn't find it as funny as I did.

Well, that didn't end how I thought it would. But it was a type of release.

The 21th of December, 06: 54pm. Claire's POV.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go!" I shout up the stairs. Haley and Clayton have been up there for more then a few hours, but I at least hope they were ready.

"We're coming!" I hear Haley shout back.

"I've been ready" Alex says, smartly as she walks by.

"I know sweetie" I say, looking over at her. I look back up the stairs. "Let's go!" I shout again. I then look around the room, making sure I got everything. "Phil!" I shout, grabbing the keys then turning to look down the hall. "Phil!" I shout, again. I never understand why no ones ever ready.

"Relax, I'm ready" Phil says, coming out of the kitchen.

I give him a once over and sigh. "Shoes, Phil" I say, shaking my head at him.

"Ah, come on Phil, get it together" he says, going to the stairs.

As I watch him go up them, Haley and Clayton come down, meeting Phil half way.

"Looking good Clay-dog" Phil says, clapping Clayton on the back.

"Ah... thanks, Mr. Phil" Clayton says, looking uncomfortable.

I look at Haley and Clayton. Haley's wearing a light pink top and some jeans, Clayton's wearing a dark gray dress shirt and a pair of jeans. What is he trying to do, impress us? As Haley reaches the bottom of the stairs, she shoots me a dirty look. She's still upset about earlier, but I know one day she'll thank me. Clayton smiles that weird small smile of his and he stands next my daughter, I give him a slight nod.

"Me and Clay will meet you guys over there" Haley says, looking over at me.

"What? Why aren't you riding with us?" I ask, looking over at her.

Haley huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. "Mom! I'm riding with Clay" she says, glaring at me.

"Oh, are you now" I say, narrowing my eyes at her.

"It's not a big deal, I'll just follow you guys over" Clayton says, putting his hands up slightly, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Haley shoots him a look. "It is, Clay" she says, looking back over at me. Her arms are still crossed, with that determined look of hers. I can't help but still see the little girl I used to sing to sleep. "I'm an adult Mom, I can make my own decisions" she says, stomping one of her feet.

I know that she's looking for a fight, but so am I.

"Now Liste..." I start, but Phil's hand quickly covers my mouth. I was so angry that I hadn't even noticed he had come back down.

"Alright, let's go" he says, keeping his hand over my mouth.

I scream at him and Haley, but his hand doesn't move and it comes out as nothing but a muffle.

"Haley, Alex why don't you go with Clay, and Me and your Mother will meet you there" Phil says, looking between our daughters.

I'm going to kill him, I mean it.

They both nod, Haley smiling and Alex looking slightly confused. Haley grabs Clayton's hand and pulls him to the door with Alex following.

The 21th of December, 07:13 pm. Haley's POV.

"I can't believe she was acting like that" I say, I could hear the frustration in my own voice.

"What did you expect?" Alex asks from the back. "You've been hiding up in our room all afternoon with him"she says, smiling smugly.

"You were with us most of the time" I say back, I know I'm pouting slightly.

"Yeah, but the one time I left, I come back and caught you two doing it" she says, smirking.

I roll my eyes. "Please, we won't doing it" I say, looking back at her. "And the doesn't change the fact that she is acting like a bitch" I say, looking back out my window.

"She just cares" Clay says with a shrug.

I look over at him. "You can't be serious?" I ask. I know he's just trying to be nice, my Mother is acting like a complete bitch.

"Yeah, I'm serious" he says, looking over at me. He looks back at the road, smiling slightly.

I sigh, deciding not to argue with him.

"Alex you got enough room back there?" Clay asks, looking at the rearview mirror, before looking back at the road.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Alex says, pushing one of Clay's workbags over a little.

"Sorry about the mess" Clay says, weakly.

"Its fine" Alex says, looking between me and Clay. She has a weird look on her face, like she's looking for something. "So... what's going on?" she asks, looking at me.

I freeze up a little. "What? Nothing" I say, maybe a little too quickly.

"Hmm" she mutters, looking between me and Clay. "Nothing, huh?" she asks, looking back at me. "You been avoiding coming home all year, but for some reason you couldn't miss Christmas?" She asks, with a questioning look.

Why is she so damn smart?

"I always loved Christmas" I say, looking over at Clay before looking back at her.

"And you bring home a boy, that no one knew anything about before a few weeks ago" she says, smartly. "Seems like you're hiding something to me" she says, smirking.

"Turn left up here, right?" Clay asks, nodding his head. I want to thank him for helping me avoid the questioning.

"Yeah" I say, nodding too. I know we're both avoiding the question, but still, what are we supposed to do, tell my little sister I'm pregnant?

I could, what was stopping me? I could trust her... then again she let me losing my virginity slip to Dad. She could just figure it out though, she is smarter then me. She would probably just get it out of me, she always seemed to figure out my secrets anyway. I could tell her. Maybe she could help me with how to tell everyone else or she could just freak out like Mom would. Man, I wish I knew the right answer.

I look over at Clay, he didn't shave today. A little bit of dark brown stubble was covering his face, I always liked him better with a little bit of stubble. Seeming to know I'm looking at him, he looks over at me and smiles his small smile. He looks back at the road and reaches over and takes one of my hands in one of his. I smile a little bit more and look ahead again. I could do it, I could do anything with him at my side. I squeeze his hand, he looks over at me. I look over at him and smile, before I take a deep breath.

"Me and Clay got something to tell you" I say, looking ahead at the road. Clay shoots me a questioning look, while Alex does the same from the back. I look back at her and smile slightly. "I'm pregnant"

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