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"Sami! You ready to go?" Lucas shouted as he walked into the Brady house without knocking. This was nothing new. In fact it was an everyday occurrence. Lucas always showed up to take Sami, Eric, Belle and Brady to school.

He looked towards the tiny kitchen and found Belle and Brady eating generic brand cheerios, talking about the day ahead. It was Belle's first day of High School, she was fresh meat to most of the upperclassman guys, but Lucas was positive Brady and Eric would protect Belle from the gruesome truth Sami had been exposed too.

"You guys look nice today." Lucas commented, trying to make small talk while waiting for his best friend, who ran on her own time.

"Thanks!" Belle exclaimed, face lighting up with enthusiasm. "Sami took us to Plato's Closet instead of Goodwill this year!"

Lucas nodded in acknowledgement, knowing he needed to oblige Belle and act as if he knew the difference between the two consignment shops.

He heard Eric's deep rumbling voice and looked towards the narrow hallway that led to the measly 2 bedrooms the Brady siblings shared. Eric was leaning on the door frame of Sami and Belle's room, right leg crossed over his left and arms folded to his chest.

"You look fine. And Lucas and I will be with you, so don't worry about everyone else. We've got you covered." Eric said, trying to get his sister to hurry up so he could have time talk with Carrie about their money situation before school started.

As if reading her twin brother's mind Sami held up her hand and said, "No. Eric, no. We are not asking Carrie for money. She has made it pretty clear she has no intentions of helping us. We're doing just fine on our own, why don't you go and eat something real quick and round up Belle and Brady."

Eric let out a frustrated sigh and slipped down the hallway quickly before Sami could ask him which flats she should wear with her headband. Noticing Lucas, Eric whispered "Good luck. She's in one of her moods." before he sat down at the quaint wooden table in their kitchen.

Lucas took a deep breath and bravely walking into Sami's room, a gigantic smile plastered on his face. "Which shirt matches my shoes better, this one," Sami said, holding up a shirt to her body to give Lucas a visual, "Or this one?" Sami asked replacing the first shirt with the second choice. Her face set in an unreadable expression, waiting on Lucas' input.

"Uh. The first one. But if you don't hurry we're all going to be late for our first day of school," Lucas pointed out. Sami simply stripped off her pajama shirt and answered Lucas with, "Oh, please. The truancy officials are severe slackers. I'll be able to say I was in the bathroom, the rest of you will have to come up with your own excuses." Sami joked half-heartedly. "Wow, aren't you just a bundle of joy today." Lucas quipped noticing her dampened mood.

Sami shrugged, "Pregnancy hormones."

"Well it's not my fault your pregnant. Don't take it out on me." Lucas snapped before smacking his hands to his mouth to stop any other stupid comments he was about to make from slipping out.

Sami had frozen in the process of slipping her shoes on, her right foot raised a couple inches off the floor, her left hand holding on to the dinky night stand she and Belle shared. Lucas could see the tears forming in her eyes, her expression contorted into one resembling a look of hurt.

"Sami I.. I didn't mean that. I'm sorry. I'm just nervous. And stressed." Lucas said, reaching out to hold his best friend. "I'm stupid."

Sami leaned stiffly into Lucas' hug whispering "I get it. You think I brought it upon myself. Everyone else does too. Let's just go to school." She finished, wiping hastily at a few tears that had slipped out of her eyes.

Sami tried her best to hide her waddle as she made her way towards the front door. "You guys ready? Make sure you've got everything you need 'cause we're not turning around to get something you forgot." She reminded her siblings sternly.

Brady, Belle and Eric all looked to one another in confusion before all three pairs of eyes rested on Lucas who was frowning and watching Sami walk away. "What'd you do?" Brady asked Lucas angrily.

"I said something I really shouldn't have. I'm so stupid. I basically said she asked for what happened to her." Lucas replied clenching his fists tightly before striking out and punching a nicotine stained wall of the Brady apartment.

"God Dammit Lucas!" Eric boomed, chasing after his sister hurriedly, hoping to catch her before she climbed into the death trap Lucas called a car. He stopped short when he saw her sitting with her head leaning against the passenger side window, her right hand caressing her stomach. Eric noticed she had tears sliding down her cheeks even though her eyes were squeezed shut.

Eric gently opened the driver side door and slid over to Sami on the bench seat. He wrapped his bulky arms around Sami's frail body and held her as she sobbed uncontrollably. When Sami's sobs gave way to hiccups she wiped her snotty nose on her twin brother's shirt and grinned tearily up at him.

"Samantha! You know this is my best shirt!" Eric teased lightly. "Where'd we get it from?" She asked, sizing up his plain black t-shirt. She could tell it was cotton, her cheek rubbed gently against the fabric but she also saw his pale, untanned skin peeking through a hole near the bottom hem.

"I'm pretty sure we got it from Goodwill, most likely on one of those color days. You know, like when everything with a purple tag is 50% off?" Eric answered half jokingly.

Sami leaned her head back and laughed. Eric gazed at his sister's face and relished every moment of her laughter. Ever since she was attacked, Sami rarely smiled and she had distanced herself from not only her twin brother but also Belle and Brady.

Eric stared at Sami's face, her eyes crinkled in elation; her nose scrunched up to match her eyes; and her mouth. Her mouth was curved into the most beautiful smile he had ever seen, it lit up her face like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Eric hugged his sister tightly and kissed her on the head as she leaned into him. "I don't know what I would do without you Eric." Sami whispered as if she didn't want to admit it out loud. "I couldn't live without you Sami." Eric whispered back before glancing out the passenger side window and seeing Belle, Brady and Lucas walking out of the apartment.

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