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Chapter 1

Chihiro felt butterflies dance in her stomach as she heard peaceful ceremony music. Today was her graduation ceremony. She was graduating high school and was very nervous. If only Haku was here...


It had been eight years since Chihiro last went to the spirited world, although it felt like a thousand. She almost always thought about Haku, the dragon that helped her get back to the human world. Now that she was thinking about it, she wished that she never left. She always missed Haku and the others, even that grumpy old witch Yubaba. She had even missed the painful work at the bathhouse. Then she replayed what happened in the spirited world in her head.

Chihiro had been only ten years old. She had been terrified. Who wouldn't be if she was trapped in a strange world and her parents turned into pigs. She had nothing until Haku came. He helped her survive in the spirit world. Chihiro fought back tears when she remembered him. 'Haku... I really, really miss you. When will you come?' I thought desperately.

"Chihiro. Chihiro? CHIHIRO!" someone shouted, snapping her out of her thoughts. Chihiro looked up and laughed. Her best friend Shi looked ridiculous in graduation clothes. His midnight black hair was shoulder-length and his bangs covered his battered and scarred face. He wore his dark blue graduation clothes inside out. The clothed made him seem big and fat, which was hilarious.

Shi growled, "Grr. I'm a big, fat graduation monster." Chihiro laughed even more. "I'm here to take your grades so that I can eat them!" She laughed even harder. Shi was trying very hard not to laugh when he said, "And I'll kidnap all the strict teachers since they usually have the tastiest grade in the school." She laughed so hard it hurt. "I'll destroy the world if I eat all the grades in the world!" By this time, Shi started laughing with her. They did not seem to notice the stared of the other graduates.

"AH-HEM! Attention please, including you, ." They immediately stopped laughing. "Please do not distract people who WANT to be here, and be careful with that cursed tongue of yours," Principal Wilmington said. Chihiro was his favorite student and Shi was his most hated student. Principal Wilmington continued, "Flora Kanji-"

Principal Wilmington never got to finish his sentence. A loud boom was heard very near Principal Wilmington. Shi perked up when he heard the boom and grabbed Chihiro's hand. "Let's go!" he said the exact same words Haku said when Chihiro had crossed the bridge. Shi sped through the hall with incredible speed.

'This is just like what happened in the spirit world,' Chihiro thought. 'Wait a minute. This speed is too fast for a human. Could it possibly be...?' Chihiro's eyes widened as she asked, "Shi, are you... a... um... spirit?" Chihiro forced out the last word.

Shi looked back at her with a smile on his face and replied, "What else would I be? A zombie?" Chihiro's eyes widened even more as he said, "It's unsafe for us to be here. Spirits were never meant to be here in the human world."

"But I'm not a spirit!" Chihiro cried.

Shi sighed and shook his head. "But you've been in the spirit world for too long, and the banished ones will come for you." Chihiro just cocked his head, not understanding him, but decided not to talk anymore since he heard a hint of irritation of his voice.

Shi looked around and ordered, "Listen carefully. I'm going to change to my dragon form. Get on me and close your eyes. Don't open them unless I tell you to. Ok?" Chihiro nodded her head. "Good, because if you skip even one step, we're both goners," he said as he turned bigger and bigger until he was a bit taller than the trees surrounding them. 'That's weird,' Chihiro thought. 'There are no trees here.' Shi's skin was overlapped with silver scales so that it looked like he wore an armor and his eyes glowed red. When he opened his mouth to attempt a smile, Chihiro saw that there were yellowed teeth with green venom dripping out. Shi didn't look anything like Haku's dragon form. Shi looked like the type of dragon that would kidnap princesses, the type that would usually appear in violent games. He nodded towards his back, motioning Chihiro to climb on him. She just stared at Shi, horrified that her friend had turned into an evil-looking dragon. Although he frightened her, she trusted him, so she climbed on and closed her eyes, clinging on to his rough scales.

'Hold on tight,' a deep voice muttered in Chihiro's head as Chihiro felt Shi go fast in blinding speed.

It had been a few minutes before Chihiro felt Shi go down really fast. Then she realized that she had fell and now was falling to her death. She opened her eyes and screamed and ear-piercing scream when she saw how close she was to the ground.

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