I do not own Yu-gi-oh, my only disclaimer.

But I do own Cara and Keira

Oh, yeah Cara sounds like (Car-ra not Care-ra and Keira is Key-ra.)

The sister of the king of games

Oh,Hello I'm Cara Moto the little sister of the king of games which is Yugi Moto. You probably all ready know that though and you probably didn't know that I was ever alive. So here's the story about why you don't know about me and my parents.

I was five at the time and my parents were on a plane heading for for London to see this special doctor for me. (I hate doctors especially when there meant for me, so doctors beware.) You see I suffer from nightmares almost every night. So we were flying over Egypt because the pilot decided to take a detour and that is when the chaos started. The left engine suddenly died and my father ran to me and open the cargo door and pushed me out into the sandy dune. And I was up set about this for months and I had hit my head on some sandstone when I was pushed out of the plane.

The plane exploding from hitting something hard was the last thing I saw before I passed. I never got to see what though from hitting my head and waking up in some random oasis not knowing how I got there and that's where I found the millennium bracelet. And stay I there and hunted for my food using hand crafted spears until Pegasus found me the next year. Then I lived with Pegasus for two years until I ran away when I found out that he was planing to steal my soul, but I still kept the cards he gave me. After that I got a job at Kaiba Corp in security to watch after Mokuba. I also thought about finding Yugi, but my fear of rejection kept at Kaiba Corp and I kept that job until Battle city. So now I'm back where I started, which is home. I can't believe after seven years away from my remaining family, I am home again. Let the story begin.

Revenge:How did you like my intro?

Yugi: Awesome.

Revenge: Thanks :)

Seto: Why would I give a job to a kid, that couldn't even watch over him when she's younger than him?

Revenge: Shut up, this my story.

Seto: Cry baby.

Revenge: I'll get you for that. (Storms off in anger.)

Cara:Hi guys.

Joey:How is she...when did she...where did she uh, you know never mind. (Walks off.)

Yami: To be continued