Daphne wasn't sure how much more of it she could take.

For the past hour, she'd unwillingly subjected herself to listening to Frasier as he ranted endlessly about some ridiculous caller he'd had earlier that day. Apparently it was a call that had traumatized him so deeply that he found it necessary to leave work early and spend the rest of the day making everyone else miserable.

After the horrible night that Daphne had experienced, the only thing she wanted to do was spend a relaxing day in front of the television set. And she made it clear to Dr. Crane and Mr. Crane that she had no intention of doing any work. If they objected to that, they could either fire her or take it out of her paycheck. Fortunately Dr. Crane seemed to understand her plight and chose to do neither. Sometimes it was nice having a boss who had as bad luck in the dating department as Daphne did.

But she was certain that he'd never had a date quite like the one she'd had last night. The memory made her shudder and she had to force her tears away. She'd done enough crying in the past several hours to fill every coffee cup at Café Nervosa.

At Roz's insistence she'd reluctantly agreed to go out with Bruce, the friend of Mark, who was Roz's latest man. Bruce was of average height and fairly good looking, plus he seemed friendly enough. When he came to pick her up, he was cordial and polite and was eager to show Daphne the time of her life. He took her to a restaurant that even Dr. Crane hadn't been able to get reservations in and she made a note not to tell him. To do so would only start a rant that might never end. But as the night wore on and they were en route to the movies, she realized that he was interested in more than her personality.

In what proved to be a scary situation, she successfully fought him off and then forced him to take her home. Unfortunately he wasn't too happy about their evening being cut short, and he let her know by how recklessly he drove through the streets of Seattle; leaving Daphne to wonder why there were never any cops around when she needed one. When she tried to get out of the car, he insisted on escorting her into the Elliot Bay Towers. However, she never expected him to grab her arm as hard as he did, jerking and dragging her up the sidewalk. The only thing that stopped him was the sight of the doorman, who had glanced up in the nick of time.

Still trembling from the horrible experience, she stepped into the elevator and made her way to the 19th floor. Thankful that it was late and everyone was asleep, Daphne ran to her room and spent the night sobbing into her pillow.

But not before she called Roz at 3am and gave her a piece of her mind. She could tell right away that Roz didn't care about how horribly Daphne's date with Bruce had gone. Most likely, Roz was in Mark's arms at that very moment. No wonder she seemed so distant.

"Bloody hell Roz, some friend you are!" Daphne muttered to the dial tone. Seems that the ringing telephone had awakened Mark and in a groggy voice he'd let Roz know that she had a phone call. But clearly he was more interested in continuing whatever he and Roz had been engaged in at the moment.

And Daphne could only imagine what they could be doing... most likely in the bedroom.

Feeling alone once more, Daphne returned the phone to its cradle and turned out the lights, letting her tears and sobs carry her into sleep.