Summer vacation day one, it's a little before nine in the morning on this wonderful day. Jirou is asleep with a smile on his face because he knows he doesn't have to worry about Suzutsuki messing with him. As for Konoe he would enjoy seeing her as long as the devil isn't with her.

The clock strikes nine on the button, he then hears this piercing noise and looks at his clock and he doesn't understand why his alarm is going off on his first day of vacation. He goes to turn it off when he noticed that the alarm wasn't going off and that his alarm clock wasn't the source of that noise. He then looks next to it and sees his phone going off, and on the screen says 'Suzutsuki Kanade'. He debates about answering the phone and when he decides to answer it, the phone stops ringing. He thinks to himself, 'oh well now I can get some more sleep then.' As soon as he lies back down he hears a ring on a phone. However it's not coming from his cell phone. He follows the sound and its coming from under his bed. He grabs it, looks at it, all it says is 'answer or die' he then answers it without hesitation and braces himself for a cruel conversation.

On the other line all you hear is laughing, he recognizes the laugh in seconds and he groans "it hasn't even been a day since summer has started and yet I get a phone call at nine in the morning of my first day off, from you none the less you." With a sigh "what is it?"

Still laughing she says "it's because we're accomplishes, you know that." She finally stops laughing and says "since we still need to hide the fact that Subaru is actually a girl still. I ran into a problem and I ne-..."

She trials off just rambling about the problem but Jirou just zones out thinking 'why didn't she just let Konoe just finish me off when I saw her that day? But then again I would have never gotten to meet her…' a sudden blush comes to his face. She's still rambling about to finish up what she was saying when Jirou says "what's the problem?"

She responded in a playful voice saying "weren't you listening?"

"Yes bu-"

"Then you know what the problem is. Do your best. Good luck."


'Click'...'beep' 'beep' 'beep'

He just stares at the phone and thinks to himself 'I don't know what she was talking about, and the one time where she probably was cluing me in on everything from the start I was spacing off...looks like this summer is going to be hell as well.'

He just shrugs his shoulders, gets back into bed and falls back to sleep. Within about 15 minutes of the phone call ending he gets a rude awaking to his sister. But it wasn't from her saying good morning by trying some new moves on him; instead it was a high shriek. He gets out of bed still wearing nothing but shorts and a plan t-shirt it was an ocean blue shirt the shorts were jet black. You see glimpses of those two colors as he races towards that shriek that came from his sister. He sees her passed out on the floor by the front door with a shadow hanging over her. As his eyes started to adjust he noticed the shadow had what looked like to be a butler's uniform on. He then noticed that the butler looking shadow was Konoe cradling his sister. After Jirou takes his sister to her room he and Konoe sit down at the kitchen table. They have a talk as to why she was at the door this morning over a cup of instant ramen. As always Konoe is enjoying each and every bite and can never get enough.

"So why are you here exactly and where's Suzutsuki?"
"Ehh? You don't know she told me she talked to you about it already…"
He then remembers that he wasn't paying attention and was thinking about Konoe when she was talking about it. He has small blush on his face by recalling what he thought earlier today. "Umm she said something along the lines of a problem I think."
"You weren't listening were you?"
"I was, I just had something on my mind….So can you explain to me what's going on?"

*sigh* "Why is it that when she fills you in you don't pay attention, but when she doesn't tell you anything you are trying to figure it out? Sometime you're just useless."

"Well then do you want me to help you out or not?"

Said with a cute face and a slight blush on her face. "You're saying…you wouldn't help me out?"

"N-No no of course I'll help Konoe."


"Yes, you're my best friend."

With a real soft whisper under her breath. "Ohh right, best friends…"

"Did you say something Konoe?"

"No-Nothing, nothing at all."

At that time Kureha was coming down the stairs dressed in regular cloths, a skirt that goes down to about her thighs but shows just enough and a pink shirt. "Ehh, my head hurts." With her hand on the back of her head as she walks through the kitchen.

Konoe with a sorry look on her face. "Are you ok?"

"Ko-Ko-Konoe what are you doing here?!"

"I was just going to explain that to Jirou. But first, how does your head feel? Is there a bump on the back of your head where you fell?"

"How did you know I fell on my head?"

"You let me though the door and I greeted you and you spun around real quick to go get Jirou and you tripped over your own feet and feel backward and landed on your head."

"Ohhh did I?"

Jirou's starting to get a little impatient about what's actually going on. "Hey Kureha, want some ice for your head?" Saying it with chop sticks in his mouth as he's heading to the freezer.


"Let me get that for her Jirou. I'm the reason why she fell on her head."

"Huuhh? How is it your fault? She tripped over her own two feet, and besides she was about to say n-"

"Yes, please Konoe." Said with a big smile. As Konoe is heading to get some ice. She gives Jirou a glare that says 'I'll kill you.'

Author's Note:

Well that will do it for now. I wanted to post this earlier but I had to do some other things. I have a lot to do this week so I don't know the next time I'll be able to post something, hopefully it will be no later than a week from tonight but don't hold me to it. I'd like to try and get all the names from each person's perspective right so if I'm wrong on any of them, or if you feel it should be a certain way let me know. Please let me know if there are any mistakes as I only read over it once to double check things. Any opinions would be nice and appreciated. I'm still reading the manga and I finished the anime a while ago.