Chapter 4

Konoe ends up taking the red hoodie with the shirt and the black shorts. The hoodie was a little baggy on her and you could tell, the shorts were a tad long but otherwise for the most part not bad looking and because the hoodie was baggy you could see the blue shirt that she had on underneath. It wasn't terrible looking but it could've been better in both their minds. But since it was Jirou's clothing Konoe didn't seem to mind so much that she really looked like a boy now.

Jirou thinking about how exactly the money is going to be used between cloths, personal stuff, stuff for a spare room, food, and a few other things it's going to be tight. While he's thinking about that Konoe asked him "when exactly are we going out because these cloths are a little big on me, Jirou."

"Yeah, sorry there were the smallest clothes I had. Well I'm still thinking about how to use all the money to make sure you get everything you need for the time you'll be spending here in this house."

"Yeah, well I don't want you to use all that money on me as I don't need too many things for month here."

Not trying to be mean ad sound like a jerk, "you don't need anything huh? Well then do you not need a bed?"

"No, I need that…"

"So then you don't need personal space where you can get privacy?"

"No I need that as well but I don't need much space."

"A bed, a dresser, a makeshift closet, bathroom necessities, food, cloths, all of that and more go into what you will need for the time spent here."

Stumped by what he said she's at a loss of words as she was sitting there trying to figure out something to say. Jirou knowing he might have said too much sits down with a piece of paper and pen and hands it to her.

"What's this for?"

"Well I probably made it seem like it was going to be a lot of money for you to live her for a month but you're going to write down things you think you'll really need and write a price next to it and we'll go from there."

"Ok." As she's writing stuff down like cloths, a bed, a closet, a desk, a dresser, and a few personal items, she looks up at Jirou and says with a big smile "thank you for all this, Jirou."

A small blush appears again on his face "for what, I told you I'd help you out and that's what I'm doing."

"No I'm thankful for that, but what I'm thanking you for is that this is the first time I can go get something from someone else that I want, not something that I'm given cause I need it."

"What exactly are you saying, Konoe?"

In a really soft a sincere voice, "I've never gotten anything that I want only things that I need have been given to me. And yet you aren't giving them to me you are basically buying them for me without a second thought at all."

After hearing what she said to him his blush got even darker and bigger, "yeah, don't mention it."

Both of them now sitting there just looking at each other and then looking around the room in total silence. This silence is broken by Jirou when he said "hey let's go get your cloths now and make a makeshift room for you when we get back from shopping."

She shifting gears very quickly as well as he did, "sure let's go."

Jirou figures she wouldn't need a lot of money so he took about a third of the money in the box (25,000¥) and then puts the box back in his room and then calls for Konoe and they leave for the mall together. Now at the mall Konoe wearing clothing that are a little baggy and it's quite noticeable that a few people look at with weird glares and give her funny looks she's was just wanting to get some cloths and leave. Konoe and Jirou are just walking in and out of a few places getting things at a cheaper rate than getting things that will look appealing considering its just for short term and that there were still other things to take care of.

Jirou and Konoe are just walking down when he says to Konoe "hey we got some cloths for the time being why don't you just change out my baggy clothes you are wearing and put something on that fits you more?"

Konoe stopped in her tracks knowing that it was logical to change into something that more her size but she thought about it and when it came down to it she didn't want to, she actually wanted to stay in his clothes she was wearing. Downplaying the situation in a soft shaky voice, "what if someone sees me while I change out of your clothes into something else, and then someone finds out I'm a girl." She's getting a little jumpy hoping that he buys it.

Clueless as always "yeah, that would be bad I guess, just stay in what you are wearing and you can change later."

Konoe has a blush on her face now because she knows she gets to keep wearing the clothes he gave her to wear. "Well since we got all the cloths I should need let's get some odds and ends that I'll be needing for my stay."

"Sure, that's fine we spent about 17,500 so far we have plenty leftover so we can go get what you need."

Konoe now happy that they are getting stuff for her that she wants/needs she's smiling everything time they walk in and out of a store. Every time they buy something she gets even happier, and especially when Jirou actually picks something out for her. She has yet to turn down something he picked. It's not because she doesn't want to say no to him, it's because they are things that she actually wants/needs and actually likes them. She kept thinking to herself 'he is really good at picking up on things.' They kept going from store to store looking at things they didn't even need and walked around town for a little as well, almost like they were on a date. Both of them laughing and smiling at things and eating ice cream and drinking some drinks along the way. They ended up spending about 21,000¥ on clothing for her and had about 2 week worth of cloths and got her some bathroom things like a tooth brush and some little odds and ends that she'd be needing. However when he bought them both ice cream and drinks and what not he ended up pulling that from his own wallet and not from the 25,000¥ that was supposed to be for her. He didn't want to waste money on himself that was for her or waste money that she really needed on something that was just a spur of the moment ordeal.

Now on their way back to the house Jirou tells her, "we only spent 21,000¥ on all the cloths and some odds and ends that you needed."

"No wait I thought we spent more considering that we had ice cream and some drinks and a few snacks along with spending more after buying the clothes."

Knowing that he was going to regret that he brought up the topic and knew he was going to have to try and lie his way through it, "I guess you counted wrong Konoe. I have all the receipts from when we were shopping as well as all the money left over and we spent exactly 20,984¥."

"Yes I have that counted as well I kept track of everything we bought and wrote everything down." She pulls out a piece of paper that she wrote everything down on, "see?"

Knowing where it was going he tried changing subjects, "so that leaves a little over two-thirds of the money left for some things to fix you a good room that you'll be in the den for."

Konoe didn't really care about that at the moment cause she was trying to figure out why there was more money that she counted, she had wrote down everything they bought in every store except for the snacks and drinks. That's when it hit her, so in real sly and smooth voice, "so you spent your own money on the snacks and drinks while we were our, didn't you?"

With a stunned look on his face and a really stiff body creaking as he moves his mouth, "yeah that's right, Konoe. I spent it from my own pocket not the money that we had brought for your stuff."

Really irritated at him and her voice is getting louder as she was yelling at him. "Why did you do that? You have all that money that was meant for me and yet you spent it all on me only. You could've used that money for those snacks and drinks?!"

Jirou now getting all defensive and not really thinking through anything just blurts real quickly, "because this money is meant for you and not for me, I told you I was going to use this money on you and only you. No one else, and I mean no else will get this money, I'm spending it on you and no one else. And I want to make sure you get everything you need for you stay here. Also I wanted to spend my money on those snacks and drinks for you."

Author's Note:

Well a little late in my book but it's out I guess and that's what counts. Well there's another chapter down and in the books, I had one exam this week and will have three next week. I will try and write a get something out by the end of next week but we'll see what happened and what goes on. Hope you've enjoyed this chapter as much as the other ones