I woke up outside in the dark, trees on every side of me. I got up and started walking, and as I walked I heard the all too familiar sound of feet crunching gravel.

"Crap," I whispered to myself, "I'd better not meet up with the Slenderman." I continued to walk forward, and I finally spotted a note. I picked it up and read it.

"Your friends are in Brennenburg Castle," I read the note aloud, "Find the portal, and join them, or meet your fate with the Slenderman." Just as I finished reading the note, I heard an ominous sound from behind me and at that point, I ran.

A little while later, after much running, I came across another note.

Your getting warmer… the note read, and after I had finished reading that note, I looked behind me and saw the Slenderman, staring. Well, not really staring, more looking in my general direction, due to the lack of eyes. Anyways, I ran faster than I had ever run in my life. I wasn't about to let the Slenderman kill me.

After five more notes and three close calls with the Slenderman, I finally reached the last note.

Five steps to the left, three steps forward, there is where your portal to safety lies… I heard footsteps behind me and I tried to fight the flight impulse.

"Five steps to the left," I muttered as I took five steps to the left, "Three steps forward," I took three steps forward.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. I was face to face with the Slenderman, but nothing was happening, it was as though I was watching a television screen with static.

Everything suddenly flashed blue, purple, and white. Then, as soon as the colors had come, everything went black and I lost consciousness.

"Ambrosia," I heard a voice, calling my name, and I felt the distant sensation that I was being shaken.

"Ambrosia, wake up," the voice called again.

"Stop shaking her, Erin," another voice said, "I have an idea," the first person stopped shaking me and set me down. There was a moment of silence, and then all of a sudden, someone slapped me.

I sat up bolt straight, one hand stretched out, grabbing at my slapper, the other holding my cheek.

"OW!" I yelled, "SERIOUSLY?"

"SHHHHH!" four people shushed me.

"Do you want to die?" one of them scream-whispered at me, she looked very familiar, with her short, dirty-blond hair and her One Direction t-shirt.

"Page?" I asked, as I looked around the room at the other three, "Jezebel? Anna? Erin? What's going on?"

"We're in Brennenburg Castle," Erin replied, pulling her long, dark brown hair away from her chocolate brown eyes, "Just like the note said." She pulled a note out of her jeans pocket, and so did the others. All of the notes said the same thing.

"When did all of you wake up?" I asked the others, "And who slapped me?"

"Well, we woke up a few minutes ago," Anna replied, pulling her very long, dirty-blond hair into a ponytail, "And as to who slapped you, that was me." She smiled maliciously at that thought. I rolled my eyes. Anna and I were best friends, but we were the kind of friends who half beat each other up every other day and had joy in the thought of it.

"Naturally," I muttered as I got up, "Did anyone find any potions? Or a lantern? Maybe some weapons?"

"It's weird, it looks like we have swords, knives, bows and arrows, and more," Jezebel answered, motioning to a pile of weapons in the corner of the room. "We also found five small bags of each, tinderboxes, oil, laudanum, and sanity potion next to five lanterns and five drawstring bags labeled with our names, which reminds me," Jezebel reached behind her and handed me four small bags, a lantern, and a drawstring bag with the Hunger Games' Mockingjay logo.

"How many weapons do we have?" I asked.

"Again, we have five sets of every weapon," Anna told me, walking over to the pile of weapons, "So we have our pick, it's really weird. Whoever put us here gave us almost everything we need."

I grabbed a handgun, a sword, a bow, and a set of arrows. I motioned for everyone to grab their things and pick a weapon.

Anna had a Pokémon drawstring bag and grabbed every knife in the pile and a satchel to put the knives in. Erin had a PewDiePie drawstring bag and grabbed an axe and a handgun and some ammo. Jezebel had a very unique drawstring bag, half Hunger Games and half One Direction, and she grabbed a bow and arrow set, so she could be Katniss. Page had a One Direction drawstring bag to go with her One Direction t-shirt and she grabbed a short sword and a club.

"Are we all ready?" I asked everyone, and everyone nodded.

We opened the door and set out into the corridor.

"I hate corridors," Erin said.

"Shut up," I told her. She was always quoting PewDiePie at home, and I half wanted to knock her upside the head whenever she did.

We continued down the hall with weapons at the ready. We heard nothing but squeaks of rats and dripping of water from the rain outside, until a few minutes after we had left the first room, when I heard footsteps down both of the halls to each side.

"Wait one moment guys," I held my arm out to stop two of them from continuing on.

"What?" Jezebel asked.

"Listen," I said and held up one finger. We all listened and the footsteps grew louder, and closer.

"Who is that?" Page asked.

"Only one way to find out," I said, and I ran forward, with everyone else following behind me. We ran down the hallway to the intersection and just before we passed the hallways, two groups of five people crashed into each other, all of them falling to the ground. We tried to slow down, but impact was inevitable.