It had been a long day, no a long month. Usually the team had the man or woman in no time but this time it took them a month, the guy was good. He used military weapons and secret covert gear to ward them off, but it didn't last. Kate wished that it had taken less time though, the cases that took a week messed with her sleep but a month she was sure was going to leave her with insomnia till she was old and gray. Taking a deep breath and stretching out her muscles she turned on the hot water in the shower room, waiting for the right amount of heat she stripped off her clothes and wrapped a towel around her body.

As a little time went by she stepped in allowing the heat to work her muscles and relax her body, letting the month of stress wash away. Kate had two of everything in her locker for showering; one set of material was in case of just a quick shower the other was for cases like this for afterwards to help her relax. The sandalwood and jasmine hit her senses allowing her to relax, sadly her relaxation was going to be interrupted. Just as she was about to apply the shampoo the curtain door was pulled open and squirt gun with ice cold water began to hit her, she instantly began to shield her body and throw her bottles of shower products at the man.

"You jackass, Dinozzo!" Kate yelled as she heard Tony laughing, but the laugh died when cold water stopped hitting her. Tony looked at Kate who had an 'if looks could kill' look; she had forgotten she was completely naked but Tony hadn't. "My eyes are up here!" She yelled as she was getting out of the shower and reaching for the towel, with quick thinking Tony grabbed the towel.

By doing so Kate stepped out and reached for it, Tony looked over into a mirror and saw Kate's tattoo plain as day. A smirk on his, upon noticing the smirk Kate looked toward the mirror and almost dropped from embarrassment but not wanting Tony to win she snatched the towel and wrapped herself.

"What gives, Dinozzo?"

"Pay back for the prank you pulled on me last week." Tony smiled as he turned and began to walk away; Kate turned away and was going to get back into the shower when Tony said one last thing. "I always thought you would be a rose kind of girl, but a star works."

Stopping where she stood and turning quickly, she noticed Tony was gone. Releasing a frustrated sigh she got back into the shower with ideas on how to get Tony back racing in her head, it was going to be a restless night.