Prime Blood: (Wheeljack) Dropping Bombs: Chapter 1

a/n Setting: TFP + G1 Consider this my version of how our beloved engineer became a Wrecker. This is dedicated to my dear friend Whatayamacholit. I never planned to write a story for Wheeljack, but I felt deeply for her One Human, One Spark. Powerful, powerful brotherhood of devotion and I always did have a soft spot for the Autobot Trine Science Team. The original Three Amigos.

BTW, my story pales in comparison to hers…. And she was my sounding board, ped in my aft/muse…. Wrecker buddy.

{Jasper, Nevada- Present}

The aqua blue and orange femme with the twin brass propeller adornments to her helm (very Princess Leia like buns) reclined on the medical berth chatted calmly with the CMO while he repairs a piece of her side.

"It wasn't really so bad until I clipped that iceberg and found myself face first with that cetacean. I'm sorry it died. I didn't intend…," she hated taking a life that didn't deserve to die.

The medic stops welding to rub her arm tenderly, "Hey, these things happen. I know, a blown thruster is going to screw up your reentry. And what were the odds that the Norwal would be coming up for air at the same time."

She bites her lip, "Is it in poor taste to ask if you think Icepick can be salvaged?"

Ratchet smiles knowing how the Wreckers are about their ships. "Let me get you patched up and then we can talk to Optimus. So, give me just a moment. Shouldn't take much longer. Just relax."

She giggles a little as he goes back to work, "I'll try but you have to stop using that thing there, hehehe, it tickles." He frowns and goes back to work.

Ratchet has just finished and is now helping her clip the armor back down over the healing wound carefully, when the sound of the powerful Lancia's engine coming through the land based tunnel sighs the medic. The sound of a transforming bot perks her attention. Ratchet's firm hand on her shoulder tries to hold her down.

Inside the main silo, the huge leader quickly approaches the incoming mech, "Wheeljack I need to talk-"

"WHEELJACK!" the femme squeals and launches off the med-berth. His second attempt at grabbing her shoulder to drag her back failed, due to the berth in between. The streak of water and sunset escaped into the main silo and around the side of Prime.

Wheeljack's optics bulged at the blur hurling it's self at him. On instinct, reaches out to hold it back. The blur stops moving it's body but the mouth starts. "Wheeljack! It's it really you? Please, say you're really here. Where are the others?"

He gapes, "Seastar?"

Her face instantly growls, "SHRAPNEL! Don't ever call me- {squeak}" Wheeljack's grip on her upper arms tightens and he begins walking, pushing her to walk backwards down the hall without a word or glance to anyone else in the room. "Wheeljack? Wheeljack?" Prime can't blame the lost mech.

Ratchet actually snorts in amusement still hunched over the berth, "Well that went better than I expected."

Prime shakes his head in warning, "It's not over yet."

Miko, down by his peds (who had leapt from the Lancia mode) calls up, "Uh guys, what just happened?"

Prime and CMO look back and forth trying to decide what to tell her. By now Arcee and Jack arrive back. Ratchet sends Arcee a com'd message about the new arrival. Her mouth does that perfect 0 . Ratchet just smiles at the tough femme's silent reaction.

"Fine, if you're not going to tell me, I'm going to find out for myself."

"Bad idea, Miko." Arcee quips.

"Says who?" Miko snorts back.

"I do," both Ratchet and Optimus fire back. Prime blocks the hallway, Ratchet stares her down. Arcee shakes her head in warning. The door down the hall slams shut.

"Alright fine!" Miko stomps towards the rec area. The other three convene near the computer to discuss Icepick's location. Miko sneaks down the hall to spy.

Laying down on the floor she peers under and gapes at the sight before her. Wheeljack has the brassy bot pinned to the wall. One hand to her hip, with a thumb caressing a gap in her armor. The other hand is curled around her cheek, tipping the helm up so he can caress her throat with his unguarded lips. His thigh is wedged between hers quite provocatively.

"You will always be my Seastar," he nibbles out.

One of her fists pounds on his shoulder plate while the other is wriggling it's way under a waist platting on his back. "I will not be called by my brother's name. It hurts too much."

"Fine, Star." He chuckles nibbling again. She slams harder. He bites, she squeaks. She digs, he digs back.

"Who else is here?" Some how a coherent sentence hitches out of her vocorder.

"No one." He sighs heavily. How could he tell her, Bulkhead was gone too? Her twin brother Seaspray, Sandstorm, Roadbuster, Guzzle… so many others and now Bulkhead.

Her hands stop. His fore helm drops to press into the warmth of her crook. "It's just us as far as I know. I haven't heard or seen anyone in… eons. Not even Springer."

"No…," her voice rattles, "No, please say it isn't…" Cupping her helm with both of his palms, makes her look into his optics. She can see all his pain and truth.

His own optics speak the words he can never say, "I thought I lost you too." Leaning in, he kisses her tenderly, caressing, like his thumbs, rubbing and molding. Her own hands curl around his waist and nape drawing him closer to her embrace. Pressing his chest to hers now, the kiss deepens. Time and space are lost to the lovers. Glossa and time entwine to meld away the past and pains.

Then something happens Miko had never even knew was possible, a glow comes from the femme's chest. A white-blue blinding light increases while the creaking of metal slides back. Like the sound of doors that rarely of ever opens.

The femme keens pulling her lips from the deep kiss, "Please Jack. It's time. You said…"

Jack yanks back horrified. Miko can barely see from the blinding light emitting from the center of the blue chest. The human girl was sure that was the spark, the life force she was seeing. A sacred piece. And the look on Jack's face… like a deer caught in the headlights. A Wheeljack caught in the spark light?

He holds Seastar back by her forearms with his extended ones. Not touching her body with anything but his hands shaking his head slowly.

Her chest rolls out reaching for him in a desperate cry, "Jack… take it. It's yours."

"No." He simply whispers. "No… never."

"Jack?" Her voice tries to understand. He doesn't answer her. Instead, he lets go and bolts.

Miko barely has time to roll to the door jam as the white peds hurl towards the door and escape through it. Miko is confused looking between the retreating mech and the now silently sinking sobbing femme.

Dashing down the hall Miko is just in time to see Wheeljack grab Arcee's arm and drag her down the tunnel with him. Ratchet waggles a wrench at Prime, "THAT is more what I was expecting."

Prime frowns and points down the hall, "I suggest you check on your patient and make sure she is alright."

Ratchet cans his head, "I'm a medic not a personal relationship counselor." The Cant of Prime's head answers that rebuttal. Ratchet slaps the wrench down, "Fine!"

Arcee begins to sputter and wriggle in his near crushing grasp at the mouth of the entrance. "Wheeljack! What is wrong with you? Let me go."

At the very brink, he turns to her, the look on his unguarded face alone is enough to make her stop wriggling. But then he tops it off, "Please Arcee. I need you." And he lets go.

She swallows and then asks softly, "Where to?" He drops to his wheels and she stays with him asking nothing else. It should have been obvious where they were going. Jackhammer. His solace. His home… all he has left from his division.

Transforming at her side, Jack reaches out and caresses his ship's wing tip like she was made of glass. Arcee settles down on a rock and watches him… waiting patiently.

Finally she has to say something, "Optimus-"

"Could have done a better job, yeah I know." He flicks the thought away. Arcee giggles. Jack turns curiously. "What?"

"Oh you haven't seen Optimus around the femmes. Scared as a glitch mouse under a cybercats' gaze." A smile tugs at Jack's mouth. "Yes, he will contact us if he needs us. Now, out with it. I had plans."

Slowly he turns more fully. "Plans, you say?" That beginning of a smile begins to broaden as he stares at her in a whole new light. It nearly creeps her out. Standing up, she slowly backs away. He steps forward.

"Jack, I don't know what is on that processor of yours, but I swear, you better delete it PDQ," she flicks out her blades, "Or I will." He stops and chuckles. A nice warm comforting chuckle. Settling himself down on her rock, he beams. Now her hands drop to fists on her graceful hips, "Jaaaaaack?"

His gaze strips her bare making her shutter. "Arcee is you are a stunning bombshell, did you know that? I never saw it before, but now I understand what those other mechs saw. No wonder they were fighting over you as much as battling the 'Cons."

Now her optics turn to targeting points, "You just nearly berthed one femme and now you are aiming for another? What the SCRAP is wrong with you?!"

Dropping his gaze to his folded hands dangling between his knees he chuckles and then sighs. "I need your help."

She snaps, "Isn't that what Brassy-Bubble Bot is for?"

His head jerks up and scowls at the put down, "Don't ever speak ill of her! You have no idea what it took for her to become a Wrecker on her own. I have the utmost respect for her and so help me if you-"

Arcee's turn to beam a smile at him, "Oh you've got it bad for her."

"Shut up!" He snaps back.

Both of them look way realizing the tension was getting to the point of setting off volatile tempers. Arcee retracts her blades and settles down on a new rock. A lady bug lands on her knee and she takes the time to watch it flutter it's wings and scamper around while he calms down.

Jack sighs heavily and then begins, "We were seeing each other. It wasn't anything serious. You know just … tension relievers. No commitments, no strings. Sometimes I would hook up with other femmes and vice versa. Nothing big." His toe digs into the dirt. "And then her twin Seaspray went MIA. I volunteered to tell her. And …"

When he doesn't continue Arcee helps, "Something happened?"

He nods, takes a deep breath and dives in, "We got over energized. I said some things I never should have. She told me things… I shouldn't have heard. I … I…."

"Spilled your spark?"

Jack lifts his head and looks like he's going to cry, "I almost gave it to her." Arcee's optics go wide. "I… made her a promise…" Arcee can see the hitch in his chest. It was getting hard to vent, "I… told her that if we ever met again…"

Arcee reaches forward and grips his folded hands with her soft warm one. Jack closes his optics. "I can't do it, Arcee." A sob chokes him, "I can't bond with her only to go off and get myself killed leaving her in more grief." He shakes his head, "She deserves better. Not a wrecked Wrecker." He tries to turn away, but Arcee grips his hands with two not letting him pull away.

Not one for standard replies or fluffy words, she just holds tight. Yeah, she can understand the hard core warrior thinking the partner deserved more. She knows exactly why Jack wanted Seastar. Both femmes have loved and lost. Clearly Arcee could understand not wanting to send someone dear down that road of pain.

Instead she asks softly, "Jack, what's on that processor of yours?"

He grips her hands back and then puffs out an amusing line, "Ratchet needs to get laid."

Arcee gapes, "What did you say?"

He lifts his head chuckling lightly, "Well, think about it. Bumblebee is too young and would never survived Seastar's bulk and brazenness. Optimus, pft! Yeah right. The guy's a monk." Arcee had to laugh at that one a little. She knew good an well Optimus would never move on one of his subordinates. Or if he did, he would court them for eons. Seastar would die of boredom first. If only Wheeljack knew how in love Optimus was with Elita even through death, maybe he would take that vow.

"Now the Doc, he's not half bad. Little rough around the edges, but the rougher they are, the more we Wreckers like 'em, and!" he taps her nose, "Do not tell old Doc Bot I said that or I'll twist your winglets into pretzels."

Once again she giggles. Jack continues, "You're a femme, you tell me. Ratchet's not a bad looking mech, hum?" And he waits for her reaction, "Well eliminating me from the scene, of course." Oh a hint of a blush? His smile quirks and continues, "The guy is smart as ol Prime," she nods in agreement to that one. "A fine warrior who can hold his own. Always good points when dating a Wrecker."

Arcee's thoughts drift back to Ratchet while drugged on the synthetic Energon. That bot was so damn hot and scary. She was torn between wanting to pounce him or dodge him. At times, she wished Ratchet saw her more than a patient. The few conversations the had were real nice. It was always a comfort to wake up with his hands on her cheek after surgery. Those hands, that rare smile, oh that laugh!

"You-hoo, Arcee, you still with me or did you drift back to the med bay?" His smirk was just so devious.

Trying to hide her blush behind a smart remark, "Really? I thought you were trying to set your femme-friend up with our CMO?"

He smiles seeing yeah he did catch Arcee day dreaming of the white and red medic. And then it strikes him, "Hey, you going to be okay of they hook up?"

Arcee's turn to flit a thought away, "Pft! Yeah right! I think you should be more worried about the wrench sticking out of your aft if Ratchet finds out what you are doing."

He cracks, "Doc couldn't hit the broadside of Nemesis with-" Arcee touches a dent in his shoulder from his last experiment in the silo that required Ratchet's rebuke. "Lucky shot." She touches the one on his knee. "Okay fine!"

Arcee backs off seeing him all flustered. "Fine what is your grand plan?"

"Sooo Arcee, wanna go on a date?" He tries sheepishly.

Her jaw drops, "Are you INSANE?"

He waves his palms as her temper flares up. "THINK about it. Seastar sees me dating you. In order to get me back or make me mad, she comes to the only other femme on base who would understand. You hint and nudge her in lonely-Doc's direction. And then, we let Primus take it form there."

Arcee digs a pointed finger to his spark, "You sure you can handle Primus doing so?"

Wheeljack nods and drops back to the serious tone, "She would be safer in Ratchet's hands than mine. The old coot has managed to not get killed yet, has an honorable spark, and isn't half bad in the looks department." He tries to pull out of the funk again, "All in all, Ratchet's good mate material."

Arcee reaches out and caresses the explosive expert's cheek, "You too Jack. Don't sign yourself off too quick." Just to top off the conversation and give him her approval, she leans in letting a light kiss grace his lips. His optics go wide. She pulls back slowly, "Sure, I'll date you, Damaged Goods."

He grips her hands tenderly, "I promise to break up with you as soon as they're bonded."

Arcee giggles, he chuckles ever so lightly and press their fore helms together, "Deal."


Meanwhile back at the silo: Ratchet slowly walks down the hall to Wheeljack's rarely used quarters. He knocks on the door frame. "Sea- erm….. Shrapnel?"

By now the spark chamber is closed and armored over, and the helm is buried in the bent knees. The sobs have subsided, he had waited in the hall that long. She doesn't move. "I'm coming in unless you say otherwise." She doesn't move. He enters and settles himself on the floor beside her. "He's an aft." She rolls her head in a negative answer. He huffs and pushes the issue, "Yes he is. A boisterous, arrogant, blow hard."

She rolls one cheek to her knee and looks up to the medic with her moister dripped optics, "No, he's a Wrecked Wrecker." She sighs, "We both are."

"Well that doesn't give him any right to be a jerk."

She lits a smile, "Are you worried about me, Doc?"

He rolls his optics, "I swear all you bots are dense sometimes. I'm a Doctor, its my JOB to worry about all of you." She giggles. He smiles seeing her slowly coming out of her funk. "I talked to Optimus about Icepick. We are going to need Jackhammer's help. Can you work with him?"

She pulls up straight and firm, "I am an Autobot Wrecker! We have no emotions." Ratchet scowls at the thought of her shoving her personal emotions aside so quickly, too much like Prime. "Give me a 'Con and all my aggression will be released. Do you have one on tap?"

Ratchet puts a hand on hers planted firmly on her knee, "Look, too few of us to be running around like that. I will yank you from the ranks if I find you running on revenge. Ask Wheeljack or Arcee. Done it before, will do it again."

She sighs and nods understanding the weight of his authority. "Can we go see Prime about my baby?" Ratchet smiles seeing she is getting clear headed. They stand and head back into the main room.

Ratchet points to the kids, "Sea- {glare} - erm, Shrapnel, I would like for you to meet our human friends. Jack, Rafael, and Miko. Agent Fowler will be here soon."

Miko gazes up at the femme who nearly interfaced with her guardian. She seems calm and cool now even though a few moments ago she was crying over him. Shrapnel smiles at them all warmly wiggling her dark digits, "Hello."

The boys cheerfully reply, while for once, Miko is at a loss of for words and only waves back then looks to her boots. Ratchet narrows his gaze at the girl. Then it snaps in his mind, he did see her coming down the hall after Wheeljack fled the base. Oh, she must have heard/seen them. He leaves it alone.

Optimus points to the screen, "Well Sea- erm, Shrapnel…."

Jack raises his hand, "Wait a second, what is going on? What's your real name? Is she an ex-'Con?"

Ratchet looks to the femme who begs him to reply for her. Ratchet soothes her arm, "Seastar and Seaspray are twins in the Wrecker's Division. When his spark died… a piece of her did."

Rafael replies softly, "Like Dreadwing?"

"Do not SPEAK that murder's name in my presence!" The femme roars. The humans leap back in fear. Her face falls in shame and turns to leave the room before she can be rebuked. Ratchet reaches out and catches her wrist before she escapes. She halts her retreat (arm stretch taunt) but does not turn back around.

Ratchet continues, "It was hard on her to hear the shared part of their name. Therefore, asked to be referred to by a new designation. Shrapnel. Optimus and I are trying to respect her but it's hard," he steps back and smiles into her face, "Because we still see the good things they shared and it's a reminder of happier times for us. That not all has been lost to us." She sags, he tugs her arm turning her back around to the screen, "Now about your beloved Icepcick…"

Optimus taps the screen, "There, off the coast of Greenland …."


Wheeljack and Arcee come walking back into the silo giggling and chuckling together rubbing shoulders in some joke. Hearing the twin sets of laughter, everyone turns and gape. Arcee laugh with Wheeljack?

Optimus decides to cut all the questions and head straight into a mission, "Wheeljack, how are Jackhammer's engines?"

He buffs his chest with his knuckles, "Per-fect. What's the mission?"

Optimus decides to ignore the attitude and points to a satellite picture of Icepick submerged. "We need to get her out of there before the humans or Decepticons do."

"No problem, when do we leave?"

Optimus points to Ratchet, "How is Sea-Shrapnel's repairs?"

Ratchet gives Wheeljack an accusing look, "For the most part fine. Well enough to assist with the recovery of her ship as long as-"

Wheeljack can feel all optics/eyes on him. Brazen he steps right into the medic's face, "Say it. Come on get it out. Say it. I'm not good enough for her. Fine! You're right. So there. I'm a no good piece of scraped aft even a scraplet wouldn't touch? Happy? Conversation over, I have things to do." The room is dead silent. Even Shrapnel stared at him knowing exactly what he was doing. Pushing her away and making sure Ratchet and Optimus were behind him in pushing. It was a knife to her already damaged spark.

She puts her hand out, "Just give me Jackhammer and I'll do it on my own."

He narrows his gaze to her, "No."

"I was clipped by an asteroid on reentry. It was not pilot error."

"I've specialized systems in her. You aren't touching her." But it sounded more like he didn't want Seastar touching him.

Now she gets right into his face talking about both issues, "You let me fly her before. What's changed?"

His optics narrow in a bit tighter and his voice hitches, "Everything." Knowing he was slipping, backed away and transformed, "I'll be adjusting 'Hammer's tractor beams for saltwater retrieval. I will contact you, PRIME, when I am ready." With that he takes off out of the base alone.

Everyone freezes. What can be said that won't come out wrong? Taking a deep sigh, Shrapnel turns to her CO, "Sir, can you see how bad the damage is to my ship?"

Taking her cue, Optimus zooms in the image. "Looks like three pieces. There's going to be quite a bit of water damage, unless you got the shield up."

She nods, "I just hope they hold out long enough to get above water. They were acting funky and the tractor beam could shut them down."

Optimus turns back to her, "You really need to be talking to Wheeljack about this. You two really need to be a team. I need you both to be soldiers and engineers."

Shrapnel can't say anything because it would come out badly. Arcee steps forward, "Optimus, she needs a land based mode."

"Will the hover craft be too conspicuous in this desert?" Shrapnel finds her voice. She looks around the room for suggestions.

A new voice comes from the opening elevator, "Not really. We do have a military base not too far from here. Test projects are always going on. My concern is the cactus and the rubber skirt, Ma'am."

Shrapnel turns to the new voice. Optimus introduces, "Agent Fowler, a new member of my team, Shrapnel."

Fowler holds out his hand, "Ma'am."

Sticking one finger out in greeting she smiles. "Hello, Agent Fowler. Arcee, does he talk to you this way?"

The blue warrior snorts in amusement, "No, because I nearly removed his head for even thinking of me as damsel in distress." Fowler flushes. Arcee and Shrapnel grin together. Ratchet chuckles.

Optimus gets back to the subject, "It seems your alt mode should be fine, Shrapnel. Agent Fowler, don't worry, the bottom is not Earth based flexible material. It will handle your botanical spines just fine. We need to be more worried about the cacti than the bot." He points to Shrapnel for the warning. She nods understanding to be careful in moving about.

Arcee ponders the deal she made with Wheeljack. Looking between Ratchet and Sea-Shrapnel. It's obvious Wheeljack has it bad for her, and the new femme is aching badly for her old friend and lover. Ratchet is warm and caring…

The white mech switches his weight to the other leg making his hips sway. Planting those delicately sensitive finger tips on them. The way they splay across the plating, the thick thighs, the broad chest, the curved strong shoulder, the exposed neck cables that…

"Oh scrap," Arcee moans softly. Everyone turns to her, including those soft warm optics of her current attention. In fact he moves forward and looks to her with concern.

"Arcee…?" She flushes and turns away.

"Um, I'm going to see if I can be of any assistance to Wheeljack-"

"No, Shrapnel will go. You can be a professional, see to it."

Rafael pipes up, "Sir, can I go too? Maybe I can be of some assistance?"

Ratchet pitches in, "And be a buffer."

Jack snorts, "More like a referee."

Shrapnel can only blush to that. With a nod, Optimus agrees, "Miko, go with them." For once, the punky girl is silent and agrees.

Shrapnel drops down to her aqua blue and Coast Guard orange striped hover craft mode. The two kids jump on. Immediately, Raf gets his lap top out and starts talking about the tractor beam and her shield to see if there is anything his can do. Miko is silent thinking about the relationship between the two bots…. And that gazed look over Arcee's face. Weird. Very weird.


Wheeljack is half under his precious ship when feels and hears that delightful hum of his dear-more-than-friend's arrival. Focusing on the tractor beam emitter, huffs down his emotions. He can hear two of the children's voices as well and then her transformation.

Raf calls, "Wheeljack, I'm coming under."

"Alright, I won't move." He calls back.

Miko tries to repair the other damage, "So uh, Shrapnel, how long have you known 'Jackie?"

The mech snarls, "Stow it Miko."

Shrapnel ends the conversation, "Too long." Then calls to the engineer, "Optimus said she's about three hundred feet down." He grunts in reply. "How does the tractor beam work with the cold temperatures?" The mech stills. So she chides, "Didn't think about that?"

Miko shakes her head, "Wow. So what else is there that tractor beam has to worry about? I thought is was simple, you know like on Star Trek. Push a button and here it comes."

Jack snorts, "Get your head out of the box, Miko. This is the real world, not sci-fi entertainment."

Shrapnel also tamps down her emotions. She will pour everything into saving her Icepick. "I'm going in to check the controls. Her last run through the Scoshen Nebula left a strange coating to her hull. I may help us." The grunt is supportive.


The two Wreckers stuck to the task and got the mech's ship calibrated. Stepping back, covered in grease and grime, they both smirk in amusement. She tries to rub some off his fore helm, but he gently pushes her hand aside. "Leave it, I like it better that way."

She stuffs her glossa in her cheek ready to retort but his glance to the ship reminds her they are not alone. Instead, flits her hand in the air. He chuckles.

Miko stand in the door, "So when do we go?"

Wheeljack shakes his head, "You don't. We do."

Raff is still tapping away on his pad, "Wheeljack, I can be of assistance. Please, just ask Prime."

Wheeljack thrusts a finger to his chest, "I don't ask Prime for noth'n!"

Seastar stands before Wheeljack and gapes, "Ultra Magnus would ground your aft for that blasphemy. How dare you-"

Wheeljack whirs on her, "Don't you ever tell me my place. And how many times have I told you NEVER to discuss PRIME with ME!"

The two lock gazes with each other in a brutal staring contest. Miko turns to Raff, "Hey Raff, I know how to make this baby fly, want me to show you?"

Raff shrugs, "Sure, that sounds fun."

Wheeljack breaks the gaze to narrow his optics to the kids, "NO ONE flies Jackhammer but ME! Now out of the way."

He enters the ship and takes the pilot's seat. Silently, Seastar takes the other. Miko and Raff plunk their kiesters down on the floor for the remainder of the silent trip. Miko and Raff use the pad to type back and forth their concerns and ideas about Sea-Shrapnel and Wheeljack's volatile relationship.


Soon enough they are at the iceberg laidened waters off Greenland's coast. No freighters in sight. The two Wreckers look over Jackhammers systems inspecting Icepick. "Well, just as Prime surmised. Three pieces."

Shrapnel taps away, "Looks like the shield is holding for the moment."

"Ready?" He asks, she nods.

They activate Jackhammer's tractor beam. It grasps the shield and begins pulling the ship closer to the surface. It was slow going.

"Oh, scrap, it's failing!" Shrapnel groans.

"Hold on," Wheeljack adjusts the beam to grasp the ship through the shield. There's a jolt to Jackhammer as she readjusts to the new grasp. "Frag…" he hisses.

They both see one of the three pieces breaks out of the shield and falls. Shrapnel curses as well. Thrusting herself from the co-pilot's seat heads behind the seat. Wheeljack keeps his optics locked onto the monitor but snarks back, "And just what do you think you are doing?"

Instead of responding to him she lifts the two children and sets them in her seat. She points to the control panel, "See that, alright those are manual grapples. Here's what I want you to do, you have about fifty yards of cable. But I want you to wait until I get the unit within forty, snag it. Try missing the fuel tank. Could explode and blow us all to shrapnel. Got it?"

Raff nods, "Forty yards from Jackhammer and don't hit the fuel tank. Got it."

Shrapnel nods to Miko, "Don't let him miss. You know how mechs can be." Wheeljack only snorts. She slaps him up the back of the helm, "Arrogant aft heads, the lot of them!"

She turns to the side door. Wheeljack barks back, "It says the water is in the negatives that for down."

Just to finish off their conversation she makes her statement slow and cold, "I'm used to submerging myself in dark cold places. Named my baby after my last failed relationship." With that leaps. Wheeljack shutters to her obvious jab to him.

Miko doesn't let it drop, "Whoa, 'Jackie she just totally slammed you."

"STOWE IT MIKO!" that snarl was normally reserved for Decepticon bar fights, but both femmes had just pushed his buttons too far. Miko jumped, his retort actually scared her. More than that, it hurt.

Everyone watched Shrapnel flip to her third form, submarine. Raff awes, "She's a triple changer?" Only a grunt comes from the white mech. "I didn't know-"

"Watch her. No chatter." The engineer focuses.

Shrapnel swoops under the wing/pod that began to drift back to the bottom of the ocean floor. Meanwhile Jackhammer continues the slow process of bringing the other two up to the surface. The orange striped blue submarine manages to stop the fall, and then slowly begins to push the piece to the surface, rising faster than the tractor beam

"Slow it down Star, there's no need to rush."

"Uh, yes there is." Her voice shutters.

Wheeljack's processor begins to spin, "Star…?"

"How close are we?" Her voice is warbled and chitterling.

Raff calls it out, "I need about sixty more yards."

"Raff, you may have to fire it at the fifty yards."

"But if I miss, it will take longer to recoil the line."

Now her voice is really warbling and Wheeljack can see the warning signal pop up, "Star, bail out. Surface now!"

"I can't. She's my baby."

"Star don't be daft."

Even though her voice is failing, she still has enough to throw out one more jab, "She's all I have."

"Frag…" Wheeljack hisses again. He knows his arrogance has done this to her. "Bail, NOW. We'll figure something else."

Now her voice is really failing, "You don't own me, 'Jack."

Raff hit's the release, he didn't need to call it, they could all feel the jolt and sink of the white shuttle as she took on more weight. Wheeljack cursed again watching the striped submarine tip to it's side and begin to sink.

Without waiting, he reaches over and plunks Miko into his seat. "Hold her here, when I tell you, hit the autopilot. Raff, prep that second cable. Shoot me anywhere but the helm, got it?" The kids gape.

"Wheeljack, where are you going?"

He doesn't respond. Instead, he does a perfect dive off the side of Jackhammer's open door way into the icy depths below. Miko and Raff can only gape watching Wheeljack push himself to dive faster and come under the submarine. They both know Cybertronians can't handle cold like this for very long.

It seemed to take forever for Wheeljack to finally reach the failing submarine. Clamping on, he wrapped his arms and legs around the cylindrical form. Much like a child would latch onto a parent's leg.

"NOW" The distorted order bellowed through the comline.

Raff hit the comline, "The cable won't reach."

Miko cried out seeing both bots sinking farther below the fifty yard mark, sixty, sixty five, seventy… "WHEELJACK!"

To their shock, Wheeljack released one hand and flipped it to a blaster. He fired repeatedly, causing him to rise only a few feet each time. It barely seemed to make a difference. They would both freeze into stasis lock before the cable was within reach. Quickly he grabbed the grenade from his hip, yanked the pin with his teeth and threw it as hard as he could, swiftly wrapping the arm back around the sub.

Raff held his finger over the firing button. The explosion was just enough to shove him aside towards an underwater range. Getting his peds under him, thrust upwards.

"Come on Jackie…." Miko pleaded.

Wheeljack kicked his feet as hard as possible to gain those last couple yards and then growled as the grapple caught him in the shoulder deep and hard, nearly blacking him out. Jackhammer shuttered again at the new weight.

Miko hit the auto pilot. "Heading home."

The mech only grunted back. The kids looked at each other and shuttered.