Prime Blood Bombs Away: Epilogue:

Dedication: Bombs Away is dedicate to a brilliant young author and my friend Whatayamacholit. You must go read her One Human One Spark either on fan or deviant . That's an order. She is my inspiration for Wheeljack's story.

Authors warning: Spoiler to Iron's World ending and piece to Hope's Fire (not posted yet). Grab your hankies. It's gonna be mushy and slobbering sweet.

Notes: When I started Prime Blood I had not intended to add all these other bots into the story. Most certainly not Wheeljack! But immersing into the whole TF fandom has giving me a universe full of places to expand. And now comes the next hard part. When you introduce a new bot's story and you have him in place in other bot's stories, you have to figure out how to weave it all together. It very much becomes a piece of art incorporating past and present and trying to keep myself looking credible. So… here we go…. Let's see if it worked.


Eons have past since those days in Jasper, Nevada. Wheeljack had been upset by the departure of Ratchet and Ironhide. Everyone had a bad vibe about that mission, but no one could put their finger on it. Therefore the mission went on ahead. Ironhide left Chromia behind on Ocean City. Ratchet left Connie in Taranto. Shrapnel-Star left Wheeljack to return to Moon Base One and Ultra Magnus while she joined Ironhide and Ratchet's mission.

And then word came in. Ratchet and Ironhide had been assassinated. Ultra Magnus brought Hot Rod back in bad shape, near death. Seastar was MIA with only bits of her brass blades left behind. Wheeljack sank to his knees and grieved his brother and beloved.

It was Ultra Magnus that came to him alone while Perceptor did his best to stabilize the young orange flamed warrior. The huge blue commander lowered himself to one knee before his white engineer, "I know you are not a fully trained medic. But I need you desperately. Can you carry your brother's torch?"

Wheeljack shakes his head, "You should ask Topspin."

"I need everyone I can get. Please, can you be an intern medic for now, until I can get someone here in Iacon. You won't be alone. First Aide, Topspin, Perceptor, Jolt and Red Alter will all help."

Finding his chest pained badly, he gasped, "I.. don't know…"

"Prime and I talked. Wroughtiron wants to assist his uncle's mantel but he needs to be trained fully. You would be one of the best mentors he could have. Please, he's aching for both his sire and his uncle at this time." Seeing no response, Ultra Magnus grips his bicep, "Can you hang in there for him?"

Looking into the wise optics of his Commanding Officer, there was something more in those optics and extra burdened shoulders . This is why he was called beloved General. The white helm nods slowly. The blue and white helm nods too letting him know, he needed the white mech as much as the younger black & red medic-in-training.

"Thanks, Wheeljack." With that, pulled the white mech to his peds and lead him to his first patient. With a final look back, the commander saw his officer diving in to save the younger mech.

"Come on Hot Rod, stay with me. We've lost enough bots today. I refuse to let you go, you great big pain in the aft!"


More time passed: Wheeljack helped Ultra Magnus through the birth of his daughter. He watched Hot Rod become Rodimus and a sire himself (twice). Jolt, Bee and several others become sires. To Wheeljack's delight, Arcee was lifted off the dance floor by Springer's arms. She refused to say she love him, but everyone knew it was only her processor speaking, not her spark. No one saw either one for three days. (Standard bonding rules established by Optimus Prime and no one saw fit to change.) When Springer and Arcee did emerge, it was clear: the bond had finally happen. Without looking at her, Springer could make her blush definitely sending to her.

Wheeljack whispered to her in passing giving his blessing, "Bonding looks good on you." Arcee could see the hidden regret behind his own optics. Rather than say anything, she pulled him into a hug and didn't let up until he said something that struck her core.

" I am like Optimus. I understand why he lived the way he did without Elita." Smiling into her optics he lets her know he's alright, "I may have lost my chance to feel a mate's love with every beat of my spark, but I have not lost my chance at love. I see it all around me. I can feed off of the lives you have made. I'm okay and getting stronger each day." Then he kisses her cheek, "And today, I feel twice as strong." Arcee understands that her finally accepting Springer's spark has made Wheeljack elated. Now she can hug him in delight and not in comfort. He giggles with her. Springer cocks a curious optic at his fellow Wrecker and mate. Sensing Arcee's side of the situation, his head drops in gratitude to his mateless-comrade.

It wasn't long and the amazing revival of Optimus Prime came to pass. That was incredible and renewed Wheeljack's faith in Primus. For once in a very, very long time, he thought there might be a chance his beloved might still be alive out there. Just… maybe…. {sigh} or is it hoping for too much?

At one of the first command meetings with both Primes: Wheeljack was the one who requested that Wroughtiron be given the title and shield of Chief Medical Officer. There was no negative reaction.

Ultra Magnus leaned in with a warm smile, "We were all waiting for you." Wheeljack shuttered nearly letting a sob break out when Ultra Magnus laid Ratchet's tattered shield in his palm. "I think you should give it to him."

Wheeljack shakes his head. It took him a few moments. Looking at the battered shield under his caressing thumb. "No, I have a better idea." Lifting his head with a warm smile, he told them his plan.

The old Hot Rod smirk graced the younger Prime's face about his new son-in-law. "I'll help you." Together the sire-in-law and brother of the old CMO cleaned, painted and redecorated the quarters rather swiftly for the newly bonded couple. Right there in the center of the main room, Wheeljack kissed the shield and laid it on the crystalline table top. Together they walked out. He was the one to unseal Ratchet's personal quarters and place the new name plate. Rod wrapped an arm around the white mech.

"Ratchet would be proud of us." Wheeljack wipes his tears.

"Yeah, we've come a long way, haven't we?" Together they nod.


More time passes. Another one of those missions where everyone has a bad feeling. But the Matrix and Primus were not going to be helpful or prepare them for what was to come. Some how, everyone knew, it had to be done. The bondmates to the Protecto-bots had been POW's for far too long. And now they had a chance. Win, loose, or draw, their imprisonment was over. With Wroughiron on special assignment, First Aide nearly glitching for his mate sending as hard as he could in the chapel with his brothers, that left Wheeljack to hold down the med-bay. He really wanted to be out there helping with the fight, but knew Topspin was out there. He sighed. And waited.

Out on the battlefield….. Rodimus has Roller clenched to his bicep with Firelock in his flame thrower mode clenched tightly in his hands moving closer to the huge mass of emerging Morgans. Ultra Magnus, Springer, and a handful of other Autobots are doing their best to hold them back as well.

Rodimus can see an opening, but with the way these Morgans are advancing, it wasn't going well. The femmes were trapped, the building was collapsing and burning around them. The femmes were going to die before they were rescued. Right before the Autobot grieving and Morgan grinning optics.

/Magnus, take 'Lock. Springer, Drift, Perceptor, to my left. See it?/ The bots all pinged they saw the opening. /When I move, go fast, do not stop. That roof is going to go quickly. Magnus, Lock, you must cover them./

Magnus does not like the way that sounded, /Rodimus, what are you thinking?/

/Bond them, Mags./ With that he yanked Roller from his arm with a squeal of protest from the little drone. Slamming him to his fire-powered son, raised the rife to his face. "I love you, bond her." With that final word, kissed the rifle, twisted and threw him to the Primes' SIC.

Magnus jumped on top of the burm he was using as a foxhole, roared to his troops "MOOOOOOVE!" and caught Prime's weaponed son. Instantaneously raised the weapon to fire at the Morgans rushing his advancing troops.

Out of the corner of his optic he saw Rodimus Prime rip his spoiler tips from his back. Brandishing the twin razor sharp boomerangs, "You want me bastards, come and get me!" Ultra Magnus couldn't watch the full fury of the young Prime in order to follow his own task, but it wasn't hard to miss the flying fur and blaze of twirling angry orange.

Springer's team was successful in cutting through the wall and yanking the femmes out. Each mech had two femmes and were scurrying as fast as they could back to Xanthium. Rodimus' Morgans were wearing him down, but Springer's Morgans were advancing as well. Ultra Magnus was torn. His own weapons were not enough to hold them off. He had to have Firelock and Roller in order to be successful against this many. He growled in his own frustration. Just as Springer's team was over the rise and in the safety of Xanthium's guards, Magnus turned to defend his Prime, but…

One last Morgan on the roof top rose a weapon Ultra Magnus knew the Prime just could not defeat. And the sniper was out of Firelock's range. Firelock, Ultra Magnus and Roller all cried out, but it was drowned out by the disrupter's beam reducing the Flamed Prime's spark to atoms and tiny molecules. The Autobot warning cry melted into a roar of grief.

The resulting simultaneous explosion of Rodimus' hidden hip bound grenades and Energon blood along with Primus last blessing of igniting it all with atom-shards of a Prime's Spark took out the surrounding Morgans and blinded the sniper. Ultra Magnus had turned himself and Firelock aside when the Prime was dying.

If it hadn't been for that grief bound moment, they too would have been blinded and they never would have seen one last femme. Well actually, it wasn't the actual femme he saw, just one broken propeller blade of brass. As swiftly as he could Ultra Magnus ran towards it. "Primus I beg of thee, please, oh please…"

The blue mech hadn't run this hard or this fast in a long time. "Firelock, I need your help, please." Firelock transformed into his bi-ped form and ran beside his commander. Sliding to their knees, and then their bellies, they scrambled to pull debris aside. Ultra Magnus continued to pray, uncovering a hand and then an arm. "I'm going to lift, you have to pull her out, okay?"

Firelock was numb and silent, but agreed. Shoving his shoulders under the fallen wall and beams, Magnus raised to all four and lifting the impediment. Firelock pulled and pulled. Magnus' arms began to shake, but the younger mech kept pulling. Just when Magnus thought his shoulders and arms would break, he heard the grunt from the femme and the "Got her," from the mech.

The explosions can be heard of the disrupter headed their way. On top of that Sunstreaker was calling, /Sir, you have to hurry. They're headed for us./

/Scoop us up./ The General ordered. /Rodimus is dead/ letting the pilot know they would be the last two aboard. And Xanthium's engines changed pitch. Standing, hefting the femme over his shoulder, he turned to the dazed mech, "Ever make a running leap to board?"

" ..not lik…like th this." He was shaking.

Magnus knew Firelock couldn't fail now. Not so close to getting him home and following Rodimus Prime's last order. A personal request to bind their families together. "Just follow me. I'll show you how it's done, soldier."

With that, they ran. Magnus kept Firelock either beside or ahead of him. Xanthium came in over their heads and dropped in low. It was going to be close, too close. "NOW!" The two mechs ran faster and harder than they ever had in their lives. The disrupter beam was cutting their way and coming closer with every step. With a last effort, Magnus reached over, caught the kid's back plate and shoved him onto the ramp. With a tremendous leap of his own, just barely made it aboard before the beam cut the ground beneath his heal. In fact, it cut a piece of his heal off! "Slag!"

"MOOOVE!" Kup bellowed reaching down to drag Firelock into the safety of the ship's belly chamber. Magnus scrambled up and watched the beam cut away the ramp below him. "GO SUNNY!"

Slamming his fist to the wall, the secondary barrier shield engaged as another piece of the ramp was cut away and Sunstreaker yanked the ship into a ninety degree yaw, throwing Magnus and Firelock's backs to the shield. Magnus was panting, Firelock was catatonic.

Given a few minutes, the ship leveled out. Kup and Springer reached out. Springer took the femme from Magnus so he could get his feet under him. Kup curled the younger soldier to his support seeing how he was pretty messed up in the processor.

Springer looked to Ultra Magnus for confirmation to Sunstreaker's information. All he had to do was look to the son, and knew it was true. Kup pulled all the kid's weight to him and towards his sire's quarters. Springer looked down to the battered body in his arms, "This looks like Seastar."

Ultra Magnus nods, "I know. Get her to Topspin, right now. I need to contact Optimus." Springer nodded silently.


As Xanthium was in it's final approach to Iacon, Magnus personally contacted Wheeljack. /Meet us in the hangar. I have something for you./

The Protecto-Bots were twitching anxious for the news as to which of their bondmates had made it and which were to be forever grieved. Topspin had sedated them all making it harder on the mech-mates to feel their femmes.

While they all rushed to the back of the rampless ship to leap aboard, Magnus called Wheeljack to the side and ordered him to stand still. Figuring his duty would be prepared to prepare Rodimus for burial, he was completely unprepared for what Magnus came down the stairs with. He froze in place. It was a very battered femme… for him? Noooo. His spark began to tremble.

One leg was in a horribly twisted mess. The other leg was missing from the knee down with splintering wires and shredded metal. One arm was missing from the shoulder. There was no identifiable paint. One helm propeller was gone and only one blade remained of the other. One optic was dead. But she was being brought closer and closer to him. One chest panel was burned away exposing her bare naked protoform breast. Even pieces of the under armor skin was burned away near chest center. But he could see her spark pulsing. She was alive and being pressed into his arms.

A whimpering whine came from Wheeljack. No one else in the hangar noticed too busy with the other injured femmes and the death of Rodimus Prime. This femme in his arms was the worst of them all, but Ultra Magnus knew exactly what she and the mech needed above anything else. The blue arms pulled back laying her completely in the white arms of the weeping mech. Her weight was too much for his spark and he keened to the floor, bending over her body and openingly sob, "Oh my Seastar, my beloved, beloved Seastar."

Her only hand raised to his cheek, the one not buried in her throat. "My Jackie. My beautiful lavender Jackie."

He sniffed and sobbed again. "Thank you Magnus." And then he said the praise he never thought he would ever have a chance to say, "Oh Primus thank you, oh my dear Primus forgive me for doubting …. Thank you for bringing my beloved Seastar home to me… alive." Another sob broke over him.

Magnus gives the mech's prayer a chance to settle in, then smiles, "I know I have final orders from Rodimus, but I am passing them on to you as well. BOND HER, you aft head," and whapped upside the back of the white helm. "Conceder me passing that along from Primus." With that, the blue mech turns to his orders to bond Firelock to his daughter Hope.

Wheeljack lifts his head and looks down to his battered and beaten beloved. Cracking a tear stained smile he tells her, "Orders. I need to bond with you."

She giggles back through her racking cough and cracked lips, "You mean that's *cough* all it would have *hack* taken? And I took the *cough cough cough* long way round?"

A wave of amusement comes over her. Stroking her face he leans in and become very serious, "Can you handle my spark right now?"

Her fingers curl around his fin tugging him back closer, "I can't wait any longer."

Bending further, he kisses her carefully and separates his chest armor. His glowing life light carefully and tenderly reaches out. The tendrils are slow and gentle to her battered body. Oh so warmly and softly, reaches through the damaged spark case to help it open and wrap cuddling streams of love connecting the aching femme's spark to the grateful mech's.

They did not care if anyone saw their sparks entwine right there in the middle of the hangar. With how tightly the chests were pressed, no one could actually see the tendrils, only the glow surrounding the lovers. First Aide was doing the very same inside the shuttle. A couple more of his brothers arguing the medics to be allowed the same.

So this is us?

I like us.

It feels sooooo good. A moment of painful regret passed for not binding sooner, but it was chased away faster than it had arrived. Regret was replace with rejoicing. Pain was replace with immense pleasure and passion. Swimming through the desire to never let go, the new single entity would not allow Itself to think of being Two.

There were no thoughts of past, only making plans for the future. A glimmer of tiny spark raced through. A giggle and a stampede of ten more raced through.

The laugher was what finally broke the couple back into two. Some how the actual bodies had begun laughing causing the femme to cough. The jostling between coughing and laughing had pulled the sparks back into their respective cases.

A flash over worry went over the mech, "Are you okay?... I mean…"

The beaming smile said it all, but she finished with words, "'Jackie, I feel whole again. Something I haven't felt in eons beyond eons. I feel, wonderful." Curling her hand around the fin thumbing it into tingeing it blueish-lavender with a glint to her working optic, "Can we do that again soon, only this time with a lot less armor?"

He couldn't help but laugh. She was already half out of her armor by almost a quarter of her body either severely damaged or missing. Rolling back to his peds, lifting her up and then rising, he carefully presses her to his chest, "I'm going to have to find new quarters. I had just given mine away, seeing how I never used them anyways. But now, it seems will need them."

She touches his nose as he carries her to the med bay, "An big ones too." He shakes his head, "Twins run in my family, big bot."

He winks to the fellow Wrecker and lays out the next statement with a seductive twist, "Is that a threat or a promise?"

Her lone optic turns that dark shade he rarely resists, "Let's find out."

He chest was hammering to take her spark within his own again, right there in hall but some how logic kicked in, "I want you healthy to survive the first incubation. I have a tendency to be a bit destructive and I certainly don't want our first born to take after me in that sense forbidding your side to shine forth in the second and third."

Her spark mewls to the empathy he pushes towards her through their new link. "Okay. I'll try to hold off, but only until Ratchet gives me clearance." His steps stumble nearly dropping her. "Wheeljack?"

He looks down at her, she had no idea. "He… he didn't survive the attack."

Carefully she reaches for the fin again. Through their bond she pulses her support. He takes it and then trudges along, "Come on, we need to get you to the med bay."


The next several hours were overwhelming with emotions. It was scattered with joys for the returning femmes, grief for their lost Prime and a few other soldiers, gratitude for stolen moments to rebond, pain of immersion for what both sides had been through while parted… it was draining to say the least for everyone. Wheeljack was begging Primus to bring the CMO back quickly. He didn't answer that one.

Wheeljack stayed in charge of the medbay so his fellow medics could get some rest. When Springer brought Arcee the news of Seastar's return, it took all he had to hold her back. So while the triple changer slept, his mate slipped down to the med bay. It amused her to see it so packed. It was like a slumber party with the single berths all double in mated pairs. The couple she was looking for were way in the back. The mech is sound asleep, legs crossed with his beloved's sleeping helm in his lap, his own back and head resting against the wall, mouth slacked open and snoring.

Arcee first looked to the battered femme. Yes she was covered in a thermal blanket to maintain her temperature and hide the worst of her damage. Her helm was finally cleaned, but was yet to be repained or have her beautiful brass props replaced. The look of utter contentment, peaceful smile with her mate's hand entwined with hers above the blankets said near everything thought.

Now Arcee turned to the mech. He was a mess. Dirt, dried Energon-blood and who knows what else. While his mate had been cleaned, he looked like he bore everyone else's grime. Even he looked happy. His head rolled, "Mmm, my Star."

"Jackie…." the femme in his lap mewled.

The blue and pink femme's hand touched each face in turn. The mech's optics opened slowly. It took a moment for him to focus. Arcee put a finger to her lips for him to be quiet. She then stroked his cheek again, /Bonding looks good on you./

His fins blush bright pink. Then smiles sheepishly, /Feels good too./

Arcee giggles lightly, /Mmm, yes it does. Yes it does./

Wheeljack reaches a hand out and touches the bump on the blue chassis, /So, how does creator-hood feel?/

She winks, /Dare you to try it./

Wheeljack brings his mate's fingers to his lips, /Fully intend to. Plan to beat the Primes with maybe even three or four./

Arcee leans in and hugs her friend tightly, /Not if I beat you to it./ Wheeljack chuckles and hugs her back. /Triple-changers are feisty beasts./

Wheeljack pulls back chuckling and presses his forehelm to hers, "Wreckers Rule."

The femme bonded to their SIC smiles, "Yes they do."