So I've been reading a lot of other fanfics that are OOC, AU, and AH so why not write my own.

A little prologue…

Clary is a kinda shy normal 16 year old who is a junior in High School. She lives with her brother, Jonathan, who is a popular 18 year old senior and star quarterback. Her brother is way too protective over her since her parent's death a few years back. She never gets to do anything she wants because of brother and his overly protective friends. Clary is willingly to sneak around so that maybe fore once in her life she can have the one thing she's always wanted…Love.

Jace is 17 so I think from that and Clary and Jonathan's ages you can determine the rest of everyone else's age.

Clary smiled brightly as she walked through the front door of the house. This is what she needed, loud music, fun people, and no worries. She pulled Simon into the crowd of people.

Simon tried to pull back. "Clary, your brother will kill me." He tugged her back toward the door.

She planted her feet in the floor and gave him a hard look. "Si I think if he was gonna do that than you would already be dead." She laughed and he reluctantly let her lead him into the kitchen. "Besides Jonathan can know where to shove it."

She grabbed a beer and handed him it before taking her own. "He said you had to stay home tonight while he's in Richport." She remembered hearing the words just a few hours earlier and didn't feel like hearing them again.

Yes, he was in Richport which was almost an hour away. Yes, he told her to stay home. Yes, she was breaking all the stupid rules he had. But No, she didn't care.

She silently wished he didn't come home early and showed up at the party. Coming here was a huge risk even if he wasn't here because one of his friends could be here. If they saw Clary they would take her home and call Jonathan.

She rarely had a social life because of her brother. Any boys who had the courage to ask her out never even got to take her on a date; they were always scared off by the wolf pack. That's what she called her brothers little group. She didn't have friends, except Simon, because she kept to herself. Some girls tried to be friend her to get to Jonathan occasionally but that just made her crawl into her shell more.

She wanted to have fun! This was her chance.

She rolled her eyes. "He has to catch me being out in order for him to know I'm gone." She opened her beer with her nail and took a sip. She rarely drank but she didn't know the next time she would be going to a party so she said what the heck and downed her beer.

"Clarissa Morgenstern," her body froze at the voice. "As I can recall you're not supposed to be out tonight."

She knew that voice almost as well as she knew her own. She heard it every day since she was a little girl. She heard it over at her house. She heard it at school. That voice belonged to the second person who she was hoping she wouldn't run into.

Jace Herondale.

Her brother's best friend since Jace was four and Jonathan was five.

She smiled and turned around. "Fancy seeing you here, Jace." Her hands went to hide the empty beer can behind her back even if he just saw her drink it.

He was leaning against the open door frame that connected the dining room to the kitchen. His face plastered with the stupid sly grin he always wore. "Fancy that. You know the drill." He nodded in the direction of the door. "Let's go."

She laughed, "Ha. You think I'm leaving." She took another beer from the ice, not even caring if he saw her drink again. The open beer was pulled out of her hands. "Hey!" She tried to grab it back but Jace emptied it onto the floor. "Explain that to Raphael when he sees it."

"No, I know your leaving." He said, ignoring her comment about the beer.

She was not going to let him drag her out of the house. She realized Simon wasn't next to her anymore. She scowled to herself. He probably ran off the second he saw Jace. Traitor, she thought. He would definitely have a piece of her mind later.

She knew that if she made her way back to the crowd of people dancing that she could lose him. Have fun now and deal with the wrath of him and her brother later.

As if he knew what she was thinking he said, "Don't do it, Clary. Clary-" His voice was warning but she was already feet away from him in the body of people. Thank goodness for shortness.

She didn't spot Simon anywhere and she could barely see over people to look far. The house was huge and easily 200 people were there.

"Clary! Hey I didn't know if you were gonna make it tonight." Raphael shouted as he made his way over to her. "You look great." He smiled and noticely was checking her out.

She went with a black simple dress, a letterman jacket, converse and a ring.

She felt her face getting hot and bit her lip to force it away. "Thanks, I managed to get away from the dictator I call a brother." She giggled.

Raphael Santiago was one of those brave guys who tried to start something with Clary. He had asked her to come to his parties in the past but she never was able to attend one till now. She had to admit she was into him; he was cute and nice to her.

"If you dance with me I promise I'll keep your secret." He winked. Then her blush was back and she hoped the darkness in the room hid it.

She nodded but when he pulled her near him she was instantly pulled back. Her head whipped around to see Jace standing behind her, his arms still wrapped around her waist. "Oh no, you don't." He laughed then narrowed his eyes at Raphael. "Back off Santiago."

"I thought Clary only had one protective brother. Not two and quite frankly she can speak for herself." He shot Jace a look that Jace gave back.

She squirmed out of Jace's arms and huffed. "Whatever. You win Jace, again." She crossed her arms over her chest.

Raphael pleaded with her. "Come on, Clar-" But she pulled away from his out stretched hand. His face showed hurt but then was masked by anger. "Fine. Be a frigid bitch and keep your virginity forever." He looked back at Jace.

She stood there open mouthed, her eyes burning with the coming tears. The sweet guy she thought was into her was really a douchebag trying to screw her. When Raphael went to turn away, Jace grabbed his shoulder making him turn back to them, and punched him square in the face. Raphael hit the floor before Jace grabbed his shirt collar and punched him again.

"Don't talk to her like that." He let go of the shirt, disgusted. "Clary we're leaving." He took her arm and pulled her through the crowd that had formed around them. She followed him to his car that was parked out front.

He opened her passenger door for her like always. She sat down and buckled her seat belt. "You didn't need to punch him." A tear ran down her cheek.

He crouched down next to the door. "He's not worth tears, Clary." Using his thumb he gently wiped it away. "Especially not your tears."


She sat on the couch still in her clothes from the party but ditched the converse when she tucked her feet under her butt.

"You know I could have kept this a secret from Jonathan but now the whole school knows you were at that party." He sighed and joined her on the couch. "Why do you do this, Clary?"

She sat up a little and turned her body to him. "You all treat me like a baby! I can't date, I can't go out without permission, and I always have my brother's stupid pack of assholes watching me! Sorry if I like to have fun once in a while." She mumbled the last part.

"You know why we protect you. You don't date, because no guy is good enough for you. You can't go out, because we always worry about you. And us stupid pack of assholes care about you and don't want to see you get hurt."

All her anger went through her and she abruptly stood up. "Shouldn't I have a say if a guy is good enough for me? You're all popular and have friends and can get any girl you want. While I have one friend and never had a boyfriend. I'm known as Jonathan Morgenstern's little sister who no one can touch. You're known as Jace Herondale the cocky prick who owns every girls pants in school!" She snapped.

How dare he say they were protecting her! She didn't need his stupid protection and she didn't want it either.

He smirked. The bastard smirked! He thought that her spilling out her feelings was funny. "Well Clarissa it seems like I don't own your pants."

She gaped at him. "You- Why would- ugh you're such an asshole!" He laughed in return.

"Oh you're so funny to watch when you're mad." He covered his mouth trying to muffle his laughter.

Now she was fuming, she stomped her foot down. "No one will ever get the chance to own my pants if you don't stop scaring them off!"

He grew serious as he understood her words. "Clary, I'm joking. Don't go off trying to have sex just because you don't want to be a virgin anymore."

She scoffed, "You're not a virgin."

"Yeah but really in all honesty who could resist this? I don't see the fairness in holding myself back from the line of girl waiting to swoon me." He grinned, crossing his arms behind his head and kicking his feet up on the coffee table.

"Trust me I'll never be in that line."

The front door opened before their conversation could go back and forth once again. Jonathan walked in with Sebastian Verlac and slammed the door shut. Sebastian was part of his pack that protected her since he became friends with Jonathan in 7th grade. "Clarissa Adele Morgenstern! I told you that you were staying home tonight and what do you do? You go to a party. You drink at that party. You flirt with Raphael Santiago at that party." He rested his hand on the comfy armchair that was the chair she always sat in as he yelled at her. "Sit."

She heavily sighed and sat down.

"What were you thinking? Thank god Jace-"

She put a hand up to stop him. "Don't, yes I know how lucky I am that he was there to ruin my night and drag me out of the house." Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

His eyes were cold but it wasn't directed toward her. She was confused with the look before he continued. "I know what he said to you at the party." He meaning Raphael she assumed. "Monday morning I'll give him a personal warning to stay away from you if he didn't get Jace's message."

She sagged in the chair with frustration. "This is why I'm single."

He shook his head. "You don't need a boyfriend. I'm going to bed and their sleeping over since its 3AM." He ran his fingers threw his hair and let out a deep breath. "Clare Bear, You know I love you." He bent down and kissed her forehead. Retreating up the stairs with him, Sebastian ruffled Clary's fro of curls before disappearing out of sight.

She groaned. "Just go with them." Her gaze lazily moved to Jace.

"Why don't we hang out for a while? I'll kick your ass in COD." He smiled at her.

This was the Jace she liked. Fun to be with and always knew how to brighten her mood. She thought about dating Jace sometimes but she always let it go. He was beautiful, with golden hair that reached his jaw on the sides and gold eyes that she knew so well. But he would never see her more than a sister like figure. Yeah he jokes about little things that definitely didn't fall in the sister category but he never meant them.

He could and did have every girl in school wrapped around his finger. Besides the fact that she wasn't beautiful like him. She was pretty but for Jace Herondale, pretty wasn't enough. She wondered what Jonathan would do if he found out her best friend was dating his little sister.

But she would never know what would happen because it never would happen.

"You wish, Herondale." She punched his arm and grabbed two controllers.

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