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Clary's POV-

Jace and I had been sitting in my room for the past few hours watching old movies, him holding me tight, trying to rid the chill that wouldn't leave me. His lips brushed against my forehead again like they had been every couple of minutes.

The door opened all the sudden revealing Jonathan, "Hey guys." They both nodded their heads in acknowledgement. "Jace, coach just called an emergency practice. We gotta go man."

Clary groaned and looked up at Jace with big puppy eyes. He smiled down at her then leaning down he set a kiss on her nose. She frowned; there was no way she could ask Jace not to go. He loved football. Unlike her who quit cheerleading because she didn't want to deal with it on top of everything going on.

"Is my dad or mom home?" Jace looked up, "I don't want her home alone."

Jonathan shook his head. "Not yet but your dad said he'd be home within a half an hour." Jace's lips pursed, as if unhappy with her brothers answer. Jonathan fidgeted in place, "Well are you gonna get up or am I leaving you here?"

Clary poked at Jace's side. "Come on you have to go." She gave him an encouraging smile.

Eventually he reluctantly got up and got ready for practice as fast as he could, him and Jonathan were gone within ten minutes. Jace made sure he had the house locked up tight and warned Clary not to open it to anyone except his parents or them.

So here she was sitting upstairs in her room, painting. It was an abstract piece with a wild range of colors. She wanted it to represent the crazy in her life right now.

Life was never this hard when Mom and Dad were around.

Her mother had passed down her artistic ability along with her red hair. Jonathan received their father's looks and his authority. Clary smiled fondly at the times where Jonathan was overly protective of her, he cared and loved her.

A creaking noise brought her out of her thoughts. Now paying attention to around her she felt as if she wasn't alone. Her easel was faced away from her door, giving her the suspicion that whoever they were was in the doorway. She remained calm and slowly reached toward her sharp sculpting tool a foot away.

"You're not sculpting, why would you need that?"

She gasped and whipped around with the knife like tool in hand, held up and out toward the intruder.


He was standing in the doorway like she thought, smirking. His face littered with bruises and cuts, slightly surprising her for a few seconds.

"There is this thing called knocking Sebastian, you know maybe also on the FRONT DOOR!" She yelled, still not lowering her weapon. "How the hell did you get in here anyway?"

He shrugged, "I know the code and just picked the rest of the locks."

"How would you know the code?" She didn't even find it weird that he would know how to pick a lock. But the Herondale's had a very safe house system. You needed to know a code to unlock the two front locks and one of them also required a key as well. The back door was just the same way.

That smirk grew to a grin, "I have ways."

"Yeah well you better find your way out of here, right now."

He pushed off the edge of the door frame and ventured father into her room. He looked around as if inspecting everything. "I hear you have a stalker of some sorts."

She gritted her teeth, "Yeah it's probably you or that creep that gave you drugs at that party," she spat out. "By the way, fuck you for that night."

He laughed, "You loved it. But no your secret admirer gave me a visit sadly. Beat the shit out of me." He lifted up his shirt and immediately she could count eight large bruises across his torso. "Got me pretty good in the face too." Her eyes lifted.

"Why?" She croaked, her throat suddenly very dry.

His grin turned into a sneer. "Because I touched you. Because I could put my hands on you while he couldn't." His face became paler and showed visible concern. "He's sick I hope you know that, he wants you in ways that I was unfortunate enough to have to listen to."

"Who is he?"

"I don't know." He stared straight into her eyes, but still she couldn't tell if he was lying or not.

"Why are you telling me this?"

It made no sense, she had pissed him off; she rejected him. For all she knew this story could be a total lie and really he was talking about himself. Or he could have just wanted to see her but didn't want to get in trouble for breaking in.

He sighed, "I need something from you."

"And what's that?" Her eyebrows scrunched together, mildly confused.

"You see this psycho said he'd come back for me and do worse if I didn't give him something from you. I think a pair of your panties or a bra would do." He smirked.

She wanted to slap him across the face so hard in that moment, but she was too disgusted to even move. "Well good luck recovering because I'm not doing that."

Sebastian took a step toward her. "I can just take whatever I want from you, I don't need permission." Clary took a few steps back as he started to advance toward her. "Don't make me hurt you Clary."

She took in a deep breath of air, "Wait."

He raised his left eyebrow but did indeed stop.

"I can give you something better."

She looked around her room and found a piece of paper and a pen. She started to write as Sebastian watched her, bemused, she then ripped off any excess paper. She spotted her favorite lip gloss, one that smelt like vanilla and strawberries, and quickly put it on before kissing the paper. Clary handed the paper over to Sebastian with a sullen look.

As he read it he started to smile. "Thanks for saving my ass Clare."

"Just leave me alone now."

He was already half out the door but stopped and turned around. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo and a lighter. "Funny that's exactly what your mom said that night."

"What are you-" But then Sebastian lit the photo on fire and threw it towards Clary. She gasped and lunged toward it, stomping on it to put out the small fire. When she looked up again he was gone.

Clary reached down and grabbed the photo, hissing as it was still hot, she got a good look at it before dropping it.

Stephan Herondale


Her Mother.

~Two Hours Later~

"YOU DID WHAT?" Jace shouted at her.

Clary groaned and ran her hands through her hair. "Jace I had to, there was no way I was giving him my panties!"

"So you write a sexual/loving note to an unstable man who apparently, according to someone who broke into this house and threatened you, wants to have you in many disturbing ways?! You're provoking him!"

"It wasn't that bad!"

He laughed with no humor, "I quote 'I think about you all the time, as I'm sure you do of me. May we meet in the future. Love Clarissa.'"

Clary kept quiet, staring down at the floor because she was too ashamed to meet Jace's disappointed and disgusted gaze.

Stephan entered the room, saving her of having to speak. "Jace can I have a word with Clary? Your mother said she needed you anyway."

"Yes, father." And she listened as his footsteps led him away and the slam of the door.

Good, she needed to speak with Stephan.

"Clary I'm very sorry our house has proven not as safe as we assumed it to be. I'm having the password changed as we-"

"Does she know?"

When he didn't answer, she looked up and saw him staring at her silently.

He cleared his throat, "Does who know what?"

"Celine, does she know you had an affair with my mother?" She pulled out the photo resting in her pocket. She held it up for him to see.

His eyes didn't even glance at the photo; they stayed locked on her eyes. "Yes, she knew."

"H-How long did-why w-would…"

"Your mother and I had points of weakness years ago. When you were around 10 it started and it was over a year before she passed. We thought it was love at first but it ended up just being sex. Celine found out after it happened and she forgave me. Your father never knew, Jocelyn said she loved him too much and she never wanted to put him through such pain. Then they passed away and I swore I would take it to my grave. Obviously that isn't possible now."

"Well Jace and Jonathan deserve to know, and I will tell them." She stood up and made way to exit the room. But Stephan grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

"No you will not." He hissed.

She tried to shake his hold but he was very strong, stronger than he looked. "This is your mistake, just because you and my mother couldn't keep it in your pants, I will tell them."

His grip tightened, "I won't have this scandal ruining my career!" Seeing that he wasn't getting through to her, he tried another way. "Do you want Jace to hate you?" That got her to stop struggling.

"Why would Jace hate me?"

"He already thinks his mother and I are having enough problems as it is. If he hears of this he will blame your mother. Tell me Clary, who here looks and acts a lot like her mother?" He finally let her go sensing she wouldn't leave.

She gasped, at his train thought. "You think Jace would resent me because of my mother?"

"I think we both know Jace can get a little irrational when he is mad."

Clary didn't know what to say.

Thankfully her brother decided to look for her a minute later.

"CLARE!" She heard his footsteps pounding down the stairs.

Stephan nodded his head toward her, as if a last minute threat, and left the room.

He wasn't the man she thought he was, not even close.

She was starting to realize no one was who she thought they were.

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