(Alright, sequel, let's get this underway xD)

~Alex's POV~

It had been almost four months since I was betrayed by my twin sister Katyana, and her mate, Sasha, whom I had originally thought was my mate, but turned out to be something my sadistic father came up with. Nothing had changed much at Sanctuary, I was working two, maybe three shifts a day, I hardly ate, or slept. I was still plagued with the nightmares of the torture that I endured. I still wore long sleeved clothing, even though most of the scars had healed and faded. I still felt vulnerable. Knox and I had become closer, and I had even forgiven him for keeping my heritage from me. He was my brother, my rock. It was two days before the wedding of Katyana and Sasha, and she was still pestering me to be her maid of honour. I had tried every waking minute of my life to either keep busy at work, or lock myself in my room, where I could quietly fall to pieces every single night. I had planned to do just that tonight, when a knock on my door interrupted my shattering. I walked over, and unlocked the door, and peeked my head out shyly.

"Yes?" I whispered, and groaned when I saw it was Sasha, holding some tea, and the most pathetic expression was plastered on his face. I growled, dee[ in my throat. I was still mad at him.

"Hey, Alex." He said sheepishly and offered me the tea. I just glared at him, and I was trying to keep my twitching arm from slamming the door in his face. I think he finally caught on at my anger, and he shifted from awkward pleasantries, to why he knocked on my door, a dangerous feat for him these days, in the first place.

"Alex, Kat really wants you to be her maid of honour… You're her only sister, and she needs you there. I need you there." He pleaded, and I just rolled my eyes. I took a deep breath.

"Oh? Really? Well, tell 'Kat' that I'm still thinking about it, and that if she wants to tell me these things, she can do it herself. Good night, sir." I said, enough acid in my voice to melt obsidian, and I closed the door, locked it, crawled under the covers, held my chest, and hid my face in a pillow to stifle the sobs that racked my body until the sun rose.

I woke from the little sleep that I got, feeling groggy, and spent. I had no energy to fight, or even be angry. I slowly rolled out of bed, changed my clothes, and walked down stairs to Sanctuary floor, to both start my shift, and tell my sister that I accepted her request to be her maid of honour, so long as I got some free food, and a beautiful dress out of it. I walked around the bar, and gently bumped Colt, whose back was to me, with my hip. He jumped a little, and smiled when he realized it was me.

"Hey there Kitten." He greeted, and then he got a good look at me, and he cringed playfully. I poked him, and grabbed the dishcloth from off his shoulder.

"Hey yourself, and don't say it, I know I look like a steaming pile of crap, and I shouldn't be working, I should be sleeping." I half smiled, and he just ruffled my hair.

"You know me too well, Kitten." He said, and I growled playfully. He growled in return. Colt and I had grown close since the night he rescued me from the floor of the storage room where I had found Katyana and Sasha.

" Of course I do, Colt." I smiled, and quickly went to work, I had only one shift today, and I was hoping that I could get it over and done with as soon as possible, a first for me. Colt leaned over, and kissed my forehead gently.

"Don't over work yourself, just make sure that if you need help, call." He told me, and I smiled.

"I will.." I mumbled. I had growing feelings for Colt, but I was still hesitant on the whole dating thing, especially with the whole Sasha, Katyana thing.

I worked steadily at the bar through my entire shift, until Fang came and released me. I walked up to my room, and gathered my bag and helmet. I was going to go to Katyana's apartment, and tell her what I decided.

It was a quick lope to my bike, and an even quicker ride to Katyana's apartment. I quickly wove in and out of traffic, and I was there faster than I wanted to be. I dismounted, and removed my helmet. I heard my breath hitch, as I tried to curb the anxiety I was starting to feel. I instantly regretted my decision, but I had to, for her.

I walked up to her apartment, and tentatively knocked on the door. She answered, with a reserved expression, that instantly light up into worried delight.

"Alex, you're here.." She breathed, and I gave her an awkward smile. I was never very good at expressing myself in the after effects of a prolonged fight, to which I was still holding strong feels towards.

"Hi, Kat. Uh, may I come in?" I asked awkwardly. She nodded, and moved out of the way so I could enter without having to shove anyone out of the way. Her home was simple, a mixture of happy compromised living space. The color scheme was a mixture of strong and weak colors, with the big TV and the multiple game consoles that were haphazardly placed about the room.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" She offered, and I shook my head quickly. I looked at her, hopefully making the right choice in saying this.

"I came to a decision about what you sent Sasha over to my room last night to ask." I started, and she looked piqued, and I could see that she was trying to stay calm, so that she wouldn't be disappointed if I said no. I guess that my presence was enough to make her day from hectic to almost alright.

"Oh?" She said, and I could here the restraint in her voice. I inhaled and exhaled slowly.

"I'll do it. I'll be your maid of honour." I told her. There was a split second where she absorbed the information, and then she hugged me very tightly. I heard her gasp slightly, and I knew that she was crying. I hugged her back awkwardly.

"There, there…" I mumbled, and that just made her hug me tighter.

"Oh, Alex, I knew that you would do it. Thank you." She sobbed slightly. I smiled faintly. I did a good thing, I allowed myself a small amount of congratulations.

"I know, Kat. Do you have everything ready?" I asked, deciding that maybe if I throw myself in the furious frenzy of wedding planning, that maybe I'll be spared a nightmare tonight. My sister nodded, and she beckoned me into her room. I followed, slightly confused as to why I was being beckoned, but I kept my uncertainties to myself. When I entered the room, I saw the most dazzling black and lavender dress. It was strapless, and it came together, in the skirt, and the design was exquisite… I was breathless.

"Oh Kat… Is this your wedding dress?" I asked, looking at her, she shook her head slowly, and a smile drew across her face.

"No, this is your dress." She explained. I felt my breath leave my body once again.

"Oh Kat… Are you sure?" I asked, and she nodded, and now I kind regretted riding my bike over.

"It'll fit, we're the same size." Katyana said, as she reached over, and hugged me. I hugged her back, fighting tears. I couldn't be mad at her anymore. I released her, wished her luck for tomorrow, and I left. I pulled my helmet on as soon as I was outside, and I roared away on my bike. I zoomed away, fighting tears of happiness, and confusion, and… loneliness. It was the demon that was driving me to work, and fall apart night after night. I went to Knox's house, to get plastered, and hang out with my sweet brother of mine, but something didn't sit quite right. But I couldn't place my finger on it. I hurried to Knox's apartment, maybe he could help me.