~Alex's POV~

It had been almost a month, and I was attending another wedding. The last few weeks had been a whirlwind of events. Knox and Remi had come out to the family about them being mated, and their engagement. They had to register for a marriage license, and other legalities. Nick was currently doing time with Artemis, after we all convinced her to give Knox his soul back. I smiled at the memories of the previous weeks, as I dressed once more in formal wear. I ran through what I was going to do for my speech, and I hoped that they liked their surprise. I small knock sounded on my door, I called for them to enter.

"You almost ready?" I heard Savitar ask, I turned and faced my mate, who looked increasingly uncomfortable in his suit. I smiled at him, and walked over, smoothing his tie, and straightening his lapels. He smiled at me, his eyes glistening with love and wonder. He brushed his hand gently over my cheek.

"You look so beautiful.." He whispered, and then gently kissed my lips. I smiled and kissed him back. I wore a wispy green dress, that was form fitting on my torso, and flowed smoothly into soft, wavy billows. I wore my hair down, to braids connected at the back of my head. The wedding was on his island, so I figured this was appropriate.

"Thanks, you look mighty dashing yourself, love." He whispered, and I gently swatted his arm.

"Oh stop it. Besides, this day is about Knox and Remi, not us." I smiled, and stood up on my tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. He smiled, and kissed my forehead. I smiled, and then strode out of the room, to make sure my hormones didn't run away with me, and to make sure everything was in place for the wedding.

The scene where the vows were going to be taking place. The chairs were facing the pristine blue ocean, with a tent covering the chairs, that held large billowy curtains, the pillars holding up the tent were snowflake white. The place were the two mates were going to meet was under a white archway, entwined with ivy and small purple flowers. Just the way that Knox had requested. I placed my hands on my hips, everything was in place, and looking beautiful. I was very proud of my work. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I spin around and I'm looking at Fang.

"Everything ready?" I ask, and he nods, shifting uncomfortably in his suit. I smile, all the men are required to wear suits.

"Yeah, shall I get the groom and the groom?" He asks. I nod, smiling at the argument that Knox and I had about which one should be considered the bride on this one. He refused profusely, but I still considered him to be the bride. I sat on the outside front row seat, next to Savitar, who grabbed my hand the second I sat, and we watched Remi and Knox begin their descent down the aisle.

The reception party went on late into the night, and I had to give my speech in less than a minute. I stood up and gently tapped my spoon on my glass, thankful that it didn't shatter, like it did when I was practicing. I cleared my throat, once I had everyone's attention.

"Good evening everyone, thank you all for joining us on the night that my brother and his wonderful new husband, Remi, decided to get married." I paused a moment, as jeers, applause and whoops of happiness erupted. I smiled, and moved over to the dance floor, where a microphone was set up, and the Howlers were ready to play. I felt the eyes follow me, as I grasped the microphone.

"Knox, Remi, there are so many things I could say, or how much I could congratulate you… I just felt that this was more appropriate, a song about the love you two share." I smile, and I hear the soulful sound of Hysteria by Def Leppard begin to flow around me. I counted the beats, and I took a deep breath.

"Out of touch, out of reach, yeah. You could try to get closer to me. I'm in luck, I'm in deep, hypnotized, I'm shakin' to my knees." I start. It feels exhilarating to be singing in front of a crowd. I watch the faces of my new family, all of my friends, and my mate, Savitar, smile in awe, wonder, and surprise, as I finish my last note, and I take a small bow, basking in the applause. I quickly hug all the members of the Howlers, and then I make my way over to my brother and Remi, who are blushing slightly, but they looked pleased. I hugged them both, and then went to sit beside Savitar, who offered me his suit jacket, since we were all sitting outside still. I took it graciously, and I smiled.

"That was beautiful." He murmured, and I felt my face heat up. I had a hard time believing that he was mine still. I looked up at him through my eyelashes. We were just about to kiss when a malicious laugh rose up through the festivities. I froze.

"Well, well, well, having a wedding without me? Not a wise decision."