Chaos with Chaos by Safarilite

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Summary: Pyrrha and Patroklos set out to find Cassandra. While on their journey, mass events of randomness occur to them and their comrades, some good, some bad and all around just screwed up!







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"LEIXIA GET OUT THE BATHROOM!" Natsu pounded on the wooden door "You've been in there forever!"

"Just give me a minute, I'm putting on my makeup" the brunette yelled from the other side of the door

"You said that three hours ago!" Natsu groaned "If you're not out by the time I count to sixty, clown-face or not, I'm coming in!" Natsu warned, and then she began counting.

Coming down the stairs, Xiba headed for the kitchen. Before entering it, he past the hall where Natsu was. He was going to ask if Leixia finally came out the bathroom but something told him not to, it probably was the deranged way she counted while sharpening her twin blades against eachother like a butcher. When he entered the kitchen he saw Pyrrha reading the back of a cereal box.

The red-head smirked mischievously as he tip-toed over to her.

"MORNIN'!" Xiba shouted while playfully grabbing her waist.

Pyrrha yelped as she speedily turned around and nailed him with her fist that quickly transformed into the soul edge claw. She clasped her hands over her mouth with a gasp once she noticed what she'd done.

"XIBA!" she knelt down to his side "I told you to stop doing that!" Pyrrha scolded while wiping the blood off his forehead with her once armed now normal hand.

"Worth it" Xiba chuckled then blacked out

Shaking her friend in an effort to wake him wasn't going so well. Her thoughts of ways to revive him were interrupted by Natsu shrieking 'ONE!', kicking the door down, there were sounds that signaled a struggle until Natsu shouted 'Arahabaki!' this was followed by Leixia screaming as she flew out the door along with her makeup bag, and three giant purple waves of demon energy making three equally gargantuan holes within the ship.

Maxi peered into one of the holes that blasted through the ship's control room.

"Bad hair day, someone at the last pack of gushers, Leixia in the bathroom or you fell down the stairs again?" Maxi questioned

"Leixia" Natsu rolled her eyes, Maxi chuckled went back to steering the ship.

'She really loves gushers, wait….gushers?…FOOD!' Pyrrha hastily grabbed a plate of steam-buns from of the counter and held them up to Xiba's nose. His nose began to make mass sniffing sounds as it followed ever direction the blonde moved the baked goods. His eyes open suddenly opened.

"What happened?" the red-head asked

"You scared me and I accidently punched you" Pyrrha's uttered

Xiba then noticed Leixia's legs were protruding from the wall with various makeup powders covering them. Asking Pyrrha what happened she simply said 'Leixia was getting ready for the day' and a scene of exactly what just happened played in his head. This type of stuff happens all the time, he thought that after this happening for the fortieth time this week Leixia would learn not to anger her friend. Friends for life or not, when Natsu's gotta go the girl gotta to go!

A yawning Patroklos, who was heading towards the kitchen hoping to get some breakfast before the insanity invades his day, walked through the upstairs hall. The Greek conqueror had been rudely awoken by the shrieks of suffering that came from Leixia. Patroklos dragged his half-awake form down the stairs thinking about his agenda for the day, having his eyes halfway open, he failed to see the gaping hole in the steps.

A scream followed by a loud, painful crash echoed throughout the ship. This caused Pyrrha to jump a little and her overly fearful mind to run rapid as she clasped onto Xiba's arm. Natsu's head poked out the bathroom"

"What was that?" the ninja asked as her soapy hair dripped

"I don't know" Xiba responded

"What was that?" they heard Maxi's voice ask from the hole in the ceiling, but they didn't see him.

"We don't know" Natsu answered back

"What if it was a burglar?" Pyrrha's grip on Xiba's arm became tighter; they all looked at the hole at the sound of Maxi's laughter.

"Seriously girl?" Natsu gave a get-real look at her foolish comment

"Those bandits did try to hijack us yesterday, what if one of them stowed away in the bottom of the ship in a barrel or a box?" Pyrrha's heart began to race as she made herself even more scared.

Xiba tried to calm his friend by telling her that they defeated all the bandits and even did a search of the entire ship after the battle was over, but she still insisted that maybe one of the bandits hid in one of the barrels and waited until now to do a sneak attack as revenge for his mates, Maxi couldn't control his laughter at this point.

Realizing that he couldn't calm her nerves, Xiba took his rod and walked over to the stairs. While approaching it he heard groans and saw the wood of the steps ruffle. 'It's not a stow away, it couldn't be, we defeated them all!'

He cautiously reached to pull the wood away, after pulling away a few pieces he sighed in relief realizing that it was nothing.

"See Pyrrha, I told ya we defeated them all" Xiba reassured

When he started to walk away, a hand stretched out of the rubble followed by a grumbling head covered in dust and wood chips. Pyrrha and Natsu screamed, Xiba yelled 'Arriba!' continuouslyand beat the hand and arising head like a piñata as both girls where chanting for the persons demise. He stopped when he realized who it was.

"Holy crap! Patroklos, dude, I'm so sorry" Xiba dropped his rod and helped a dazed Patroklos out the hole

"It's…okay, I'm fine" Patroklos tone was woozy

"Are you sure? I whacked you pretty hard" Xiba asked

"Are you kidding me, those were baby taps. Now if you'll excuse I have to get my cereal from that neon break dancing seagull on the table" they all gave Patroklos weird looks as he wobbled three steps, then tripped over Leixia's legs and slammed face first into the glass end table with an agonizing groan and blacked out.

Natsu rolled her eyes and closed the door returning to her shower, Xiba and Pyrrha shrugged and went back to having breakfast, Leixia and Patroklos laid unconscious on the floor. 'They're all morons, but you gotta love 'em' Maxi sighed while he walked towards the door.

"Seriously, how can you not notice a giant hole in the floooooo-" his words were cut off, because he fell through the hole in the ships control room.

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