Ch. 4

Videl sat in her seat and doodled half-heartedly in her notebook as she waiting for everyone to arrive. She had, for once, woken up, gotten ready, and made it to school on time. That never happened anymore after she'd turned 16 and became the go-to voluntary police. She normally woke up early (as she did that day) and radioed the station to ask what area of the city she should patrol.

"It's been quiet. We're fine on our end," they had told her. "Go to school. You oughta be on time for once. Can't have people saying we're a bad influence on you." So she went to school. It was weird. She had almost apologized to the teacher when she walked in for being late, but the teacher hadn't even been there yet.

Her thoughts wandered to the Golden Fraud. He looked familiar. She'd only really gotten a back glimpse of him though. It was almost like he was trying to avoid her.

'Good,' she thought. 'Because I would beat him up and take him out of commission.' She had tried looking him up the night before. The internet came up with nothing but the recent heroics from the past day along with the golden fighters back from the Cell Tournament. This only cemented the idea that he was a fraud further. Her dad had outclassed them, despite their fancy tricks. Her dad saved the world. Not those bozos. And she was the one making the city safer, one day at a time. Not this Golden Boy who was there one day, yet managed to capture the heart of the city.

She'd even found a report about 'record-breaking low violent crime' because of this guy. He'd only been on the streets one day! You can't put the praise on him! She'd been the one persistently weeding out the criminals. She'd put in the time, the effort. Not him.

She wondered if he was connected to those fighters who fought Cell. Maybe he was even one of them. She wished she could find some sort of information in between yesterday's headlines and the mysterious Cell opponents. All she knew was that he appeared the day Gohan Son had transferred.

Videl tried looking him up too. She hadn't found too much. A lot was hidden. Information she should've been able to find had he been anyone else, but couldn't seem to dig up without authority she didn't have. This frustrated Videl and made her a little suspicious. Even if he had nothing to do with the Golden Fighter, it still meant he was hiding something. She did have a hard time reconciling nervous, nerdy Gohan with this crazy psycho who thought he was invincible. Besides, they had different hair and eyes, or so she was told. No way could anyone do a quick switcharoo like that.

Just then, the object of her thoughts came walking in. She decided to observe him that day when they shared classes and lunch and make conclusions once she had observed enough.

They ended up sharing gym, lunch, and english. Videl had been a little confused when Mr. Krillen (his first name, strangely enough. No one knew his last name) pulled Gohan aside to speak with him privately in his office, adjacent to the gym.

"What was that about?" She asked him when he came back out.

"Oh," he said, running his hand through his hair. He tended to do that a lot, she noticed. "He was showing me the ropes. He gave me a lock and told me my locker number in the changing room. He reminded me that I have to buy a gym uniform. I also had to tell him about my asthma."

"You have asthma?" Videl was surprised.


Other than that, he'd seemed normal. He was smart, though he didn't participate much. She noticed him glancing around the room, as if to figure out what he should be doing. At one point, he nervously asked her if Erasa's pet name for him meant anything. She burst out laughing as Gohan's face turned crimson and he panicked. She had to explain between bursts of laughter that while Erasa probably did think he was cute, she was just a flirt by nature and didn't really mean anything by it. He seemed to struggle between looking relieved and disappointed, which renewed her laughter. They nearly got detention for it, but it was so worth it. She couldn't wait to tell Erasa!

With that, all her suspicions were banished for the moment. He was too innocent and naive to be a psycho vigilante. Must have only been a coincidence that he transfered the same day the Golden Fighter appeared.

A couple weeks passed and Videl was forced to admit that Gohan was pretty cool, considering. He wasn't as nervous anymore, which had gotten pretty annoying by the end of his first week. He apparently snuck in some gravity boots which let him jump really high during gym, when playing baseball. She hadn't seen it herself, but the guy she heard it from assured her it was awesome. She asked him where he got the boots, since they were pretty hard to get. He replied that he knew someone. He seemed uncomfortable and refused to say any more after that, so she dropped the topic.

He was always cheerful, and didn't treat her any differently than he did the other students, aside from being more familiar with her since he pretty much joined her group of friends. She didn't remember anyone doing that for a long time. No one but Erasa. While Sharpner was a god friend, he put her on a pedestal because he was obsessed with her dad. If it wasn't for that obsession fueling a sort of crush on her, she had no doubt he and Erasa would've gotten together by now.

Her radio went off. She excused her self from class and ran to the roof. Fifteen minutes later, she was downtown outside the National Bank. She found the captain behind a barrier made of cop cars.

"Captain, what's the situation?" She asked.

"Ah Videl. Glad you made it. We have a robbery in progress and hostage situation. I'm not sure how many people are in there, but the criminals have told us there are twenty. I don't know their health status. There were reports of gunfire before we arrived at the scene, and we heard some gunfire ourselves when we arrived. Haven't heard any in a while though, which is a good sign.

"There are three criminals, though I don't know what they look like. The one we've been in contact with is a heavy man, perhaps in his early thirties. All three went in with masks covering their faces, and each had a gun. We've been negotiating with them to free the hostages. They want money, transportation, and are willing to let go of all but three hostages, who they'll keep in order to insure we keep our end of the bargain. We are trying to negotiate further, and will accept if we have to, but at this point, it was more a diversionary tactic."

"Which is why I'm here." Videl said.

"Yes. I want you to climb the fire escape ladders to the roof and break in from there. Our intelligence is pretty sure the top two floors are deserted. The criminals would want to make sure all the hostages are in one room so they can keep an eye on all of them at once. Be discrete. Be careful."

"Yes sir." Wasting no time, she ran to the other side of the building where she ran and used the wall to propel her farther in the air to reach the closest fire escape to the ground. She pulled herself up and climbed the ladders. In no time at all, she was on the roof, kicking the door down. She hoped no one heard the door and stealthily crept down the stairs to the third floor.

Videl checked the rooms to make sure they were, in fact deserted. Her guard was up, and when she was attacked as she went inside one of the office rooms, she dodged the blow and dealt the perpetrator a kick. Down he went, and the ruler he held in his hand tumbled to the ground. He was shaking.

"Oh! Videl, it was you! Thank god. How'd you get in here? I thought you were one of them!" He was dressed in slacks and a button up white shirt. His hair was messed up and clothes wrinkled. He had a few spots of blood on his shirt, but not enough that Videl was concerned it was his own. No, it was someone else's.

"I'm glad you were prepared to fight the robbers. However, that could've been incredibly dangerous. If that was one of them, they might've shot you by now."

"Yeah..." he said, shifting his eyes. He was obviously in shock.

"Tell me what you know about the situation." She demanded.

"Umm, okay, though it's not that much. I was down on the second floor when it happened. Ayako burst from the stairwell and babbled something about guns and robbers and money. A minute later, one man came up with a mask on and a gun. He shot Ayako. I was so close, some of the blood splattered on me. It was horrible. Her face..." He shuddered. "He said we'd better settle down or we'd be next. Then he came up here, I don't know, to check if anyone was. He herded them downstairs and told the rest of us to go down to the first floor. 'Easier to keep an eye on us all' he said. By then, I had tucked myself away behind one of the desks. No one saw me because everyone was panicking. I waited until they left and went upstairs. That was maybe an hour ago? Maybe half an hour? I can't tell."

"Okay. I'll take care of the criminals. Go up to the roof and go down the fire escape. Tell the police what you told me." Videl said. He hesitated. "Go!" He quickly turned tail and left. Videl watched him climb the stairs and when she heard the roof door open and close, she continued her search. The rest of the floor was clear, so she went down to the second floor. According to the man, this floor should be clear too, but much can change in half an hour. She walked past the bloodstain, but didn't see a body. That probably meant the victim was still alive, though she was injured badly, by the look of the sheer amount of blood. The first few rooms were clear, but then she encountered a woman in professional clothes, tied up on a chair and gagged. The woman saw her, and she began struggling against her bonds and making noises.

"Shhh," Videl whispered. "I'm a friend. I'm going to get you out of here." But the woman only struggle more, alarm in her eyes. Videl ripped off the gag.

"Behind you" the woman croaked. Videl cursed and immediately wheeled around just as she heard a shot ring out. If she hadn't moved, she'd have been dead, with a bullet coming out her chest. But she didn't escape unharmed, Videl realized, as her shoulder exploded in pain and blood streamed down her arm. She looked up from the wound to the shooter. Grinning maniacally down at her - she was on the floor now, she realized - was the man from upstairs.

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