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Italic = thoughts just so you know

I wonder what Kanda is doing right now. We haven't spent any time together recently. Well we have a mission together along with Lenalee now so it will be ok. And we will have a room to ourselves since Lenalee will have her own room. And then we will be able to ...

Allen blushed. Don't think about that right now. He practically yelled to himself.

"You okay little buddy," Lavi asked. "Were you thinking about Lenalee, I know you guys are going on a mission together tonight."

"Lavi don't be ridiculous. Lenalee is like my sister. I don't see her that way," Allen told Lavi. His face turned even more bright red. Baka I'm thinking about Kanda.

"Allen I didn't say anything. I just stated that you were thinking about her. I never clarified how you saw her," Lavi stated with the most innocent look he could manage. Ha ha making fun of Allen can be so much fun.

Allen, if even possible, turned even more red. Damn it he can be such a jerk. Allen stood up and started walking away.

"Awe beansprout don't be like that. I'll try and stop making jokes about your feelings for Lenalee." Lavi laughed as he watched Allen walk away. "But you might want to hurry up and confess cause word on the street is that she might like Yu-chan."

Don't turn. Don't turn. "I don't like her that way, dang it Lavi!" Damn it everyone is looking at me now. Allen all but ran out the door. He didn't stop till he reached his room and collapsed on his bed. He smiled at the clown on the wall. But his smile slowly faded as he realized what Lavi said. What did he mean by that?

Back in the cafetaria

Lavi frowned at the space that had recently been ocuppied with his friend Allen. He didn't even get to finish what he was saying. It is not really a rumor little buddy. Lenalee told me she was going to confess to Yu tonight. I don't want to see you get hurt Allen-chan.

And back with Allen

Oh well. I still get to spend time with Kanda so it doesn't matter. We have been together for months now. So he will turn her down right. This was so messed up. He shouldn't have to convince himself that his boyfriend wouldn't leave him. He should have the utmost confidence in their, granted secret, relationship. No use worrying about it now. Pretty soon he will be able to spend a couple of nights with Kanda.

Allen grabbed his bag and started packing for when they would leave in a few hours.

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