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Kanda's pov

It was stifling in here. After the noahs had left it seemed that air supply was no longer a concern of theirs. For a while it seemed as if Allen could see through the wall. He had walked over and placed his hand almost exactly where my hand had rested.

But as quickly as he had walked over, he was gone again. Back by the bed. An intense look of concentration on his face. Lavi and I had slunk back to the opposing wall to watch him. Overall he seemed fine but something seemed off.

We almost thought we were dreaming when he came running at the wall. He lashed out at it. On our side we began to see cracks forming. We jumped up before running to go help.

Tears filled my eyes as dust quickly spread throughout the room. Blinking them back, I hit with all my strength. He seemed surprised to hear a commotion coming from our side but he seemed to hurry up. I sensed that the noahs would appear shortly. Cause really how long could they avoid this noise.

It was almost a surprise to see a hand sticking through a small hole. I looked over at Lavi and saw him close to tears. We started tearing pieces of the wall away. Our work much quicker now that we place to grasp from. Soon we had a space big enough for us to crawl through.

I pushed Lavi through and quickly followed him. We both rushed and hugged Allen. He stiffened slightly before pulling away. Looking into each of our eyes, he didn't say a word.

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