Chapter 1

Prince Troy was wanting to find true love. He mainly would just hang out with his guy friends when he was not busy doing his royal duties. But one day prince Troy's parents decided to send him to america and to live with his Uncle Mason. Prince Troy was not to happy about leaving his parents behind but then he thought maybe he would find his true love in america. So that night Prince Troy packed his bags for the trip to america. The next morning Prince Troy got up and got dressed for the day. Troy went to say goodbye to his parents and before he left his parents told him not tell anyone that he was a prince. Prince Troy told his parents that he would keep his identity secret. So prince Troy got to the airport on time and on the plane to america.

Mean while Princess Gabriella was wanting to find true love too. Princess Gabriella did not like any of the guys her parents would invited to their parties. So Princess Gabriella only hung out with her friends when she did not have royal duties. Princess Gabriella's parents decided to send her to america to stay with her aunt Melody. That night Princess Gabriella packed her bags for the trip to america. The next morning Princess Gabriella got up and dressed for the day. Princess Gabriella went to say goodbye to her parents. Before princess Gabriella left her parents told her not to let anyone know that she is a princess. She told her parents that she would keep her being a princess a secret. So princess Gabriella left for the airport and made it on time for her flight to america.

Prince Troy arrive in Albuquerque New Mexico at the airport and when he got off the plane,he went to get his bags. Prince Troy looked for his Uncle Mason and found him by the door waiting for him. Troy went home with his uncle Mason and got settle in his new bedroom. That night Troy was having dinner with his uncle Mason. After dinner Uncle Mason told Troy he would be starting school at East high. Prince Troy really did not want to go to school the next day. That night when Troy went to bed , he could not shake the feeling he was getting that something good was going to happen to him.

Princess Gabriella also arrived in Albuquerque New Mexico at the airport and got off the plane, she went to get her bags. Princess Gabriella looked for her aunt Melody and found her by the door. Princess Gabriella went home with her aunt Melody and got settled in her new bedroom. Princess Gabriella ate dinner with her Aunt Melody. After dinner aunt Melody told Gabriella she would be starting school the next day at East high. Gabriella really did not want go to school the next day. That night when Gabriella went to bed she could not shake the feeling she was having that something good was going to happen to her.

The next day Troy went to school at east high which he was not happy about. So he got the list of the classes he was in and then went to his locker. Mean while Gabriella went to school at east high which she was not happy about it. She went and got her list of classes that she has and then she went to her locker too. Troy and Gabriella both left thier lockers at the same time and headed to their homeroom class. As they were trying to find the homeroom class they bumped into each other on accident. Gabriella said i am sorry and was not watching where i was walking and Troy said to Gabriella that is okey i was not watching where i was walking either. Troy helped Gabriella up off the floor and picked up her books. When Gabriella looked up to say thank you to him, she saw that the guy had really blue eyes and was very good looking. Troy asked her what her name was and she told Troy that my name is Gabriella. Gabriella then asked him what his name was and he said my name is Troy.

Troy and Gabriella walked together to their home room class and sat next to each other. Miss Darbus interduced Troy and Gabriella and said they are new students at east high. Chad like the two new students and ask then if he could show them around. Troy and Gabriella said to Chad they would love for him to show them around. So Chad showed Troy and Gabriella around all that day at school. After school Troy asked Gabriella if she want to come over to his house to do homework together. Gabriella told Troy sure i would like to do homework with you and she called her aunt Melody to tell her where she would be at.

So Troy and Gabriella arrived at Troy's uncle Mason house and went inside to do their homework together. After two hours they had finish their homework and start talking to each other to get to know one another. Troy and Gabriella did not know that they were both keeping a secret from each other. Troy ask Gabriella if she would stay for dinner and that he would take her home after they were done eating. So after dinner Troy walked Gabriella home and before they parted ways Troy and Gabriella shared a kiss on the lips. They had both felt a spark when they kissed each other on the lips. Troy walked home with a smile on his face. Gabriella went inside her aunt Melody house and she went to her room with a smile on her face.

That night when Troy was laying in his bed , he had decided that he was going to ask Gabriella out on a date. Troy went to sleep that night dreaming about Gabriella. Mean while Gabriella was laying in her bed thinking about Troy and the kiss they shared together. The next day at school Troy went up to Gabriella and asked her if she would go out with him on a date. Gabriella said to Troy that she would love to go out with him on a date. After school Troy walked Gabriella home and told her he would pick her up at 7:00 pm. Troy went home to his uncle Mason's house to get ready for his date with Gabriella.

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