Chapter 1: the dangerous night; the information he wasn't expecting.

DISCLAIMER! Do not own Tekken. This is a crossover of my favorite game and my own assuming story. All characters of Tekken belonged to Bandai Namco, all rights reserved. This is an introduction, well, too much for an introduction. XIAOYIN

It was late at night at Tokyo.

Building's window lights the productive night of the city, cars pass by, and people are walking freely at every sidewalk. But little do they know, what was happening at the other end of the city.

A woman, with small Asian-like body, riding a sports motorcycle, was luring at the skyway. She was fast, compared to the motorcycles at the Grand Prix. She rode like a professional biker. She wore a long black silk jacket, fingerless gloves to protect her hands from the grip of the handle, her top's collar is Japanese cut, black shorts with belt, knee-high boots, a helmet, and a samurai attached at her back.

She was aware that somebody was chasing her. No, they were many. She became alert as she glared at her side mirror.

What do these idiots want from her?

She took a shortcut and turned right, where there is a road that no other cars use to drive, perfect for combat. She glared again at her side-mirror, counting the motorists behind her.

There's …1 …2 …3 …4 …5, 5 motorists roaring their motorcycle closer to her. She knew what will happen if they caught her, so she speed up her pace. Seconds later, they began to throw her 5-star shuriken behind her back.

"Oh, shoot!" she exclaimed to herself. She glared behind her, looked at the person throwing her deadly shuriken, and then began to pull her samurai from her back. She twisted her samurai, pointing at the motor behind her, and then suddenly, she made a brake, and the samurai's blade made its way to the machine of the vehicle, sparing the person's life.

"1 down." She thought, as she twisted her motorcycle, making screeching sounds and smoke by her wheels. She lifted her legs, balancing at the motorcycle, and made a direct hit the motorists face, tumbling down the road with its motorcycle, "3 more." as she watched the other remaining motorists that were chasing her. She turned around from them and roared her motorcycle as fast as she can.

Her speed wasn't easily caught up by the 3 motorists. She thought it was a great advantage for her escape, when suddenly, she saw a figure not so far away. She could tell it even behind her helmet. There was a woman, wearing long red dress with a Chinese-cut collar, bob-cut brunette hair, with a sly smile at her face, holding a bazooka at her shoulders, and then started pointing at her direction.

Her eyes widen, she knew what will happen, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what to do. She made a full speed ahead, directly at the brunette woman.

The woman at her opposite direction, started aiming at her, made a final smile as she pulled the trigger and the bazooka swooped down in the direction of the motorists.

She gripped her hand, then lifted 2 of her legs to the seats of the motorcycle. As she saw the big bullet flying fast to her, she made an evasive jump, dodging the bullet in the process.

The woman with the bazooka felt her smile fade away as she looked at the other woman making a jump like that while riding the motorcycle. Because the bullet wasn't directly hit at her, it instead made its way to the other motorists chasing her. A big explosion boomed behind, as she jumps back to the seat of the motor while in motion.

The brunette woman threw the bazooka in despair, picked a gun which was tucked on her legs, then pointed it at the motorcycle. But to her surprise, she was closer than what she thought. Her samurai sword was stretched, ready to slash her.

Her samurai sword swing at her direction, but she easily dodged it, except a hair form her short hair was cut from her. The motorcycle jumped above her, as it transferred behind her. They faced each other. The brunette woman and the samurai woman, glared at each other, with eerie looks, which broke out into a smile.

The motorcycle suddenly roared to the brunette and the other, started running, aiming a kick at her face. She was thrown out form her vehicle, flying with legs outstretched directly at her upper body.

Instead of moaning in pain, she lifted her head up, and stood up. The woman was running towards her, she dodged the punch from her. The other started to frown. Desperate, she kicked her, aiming at her face. She was hit by it, and the helmet went off her face.

"There's too much for you to handle, huh little girl?" said the brunette woman, as she looked at the face of her opponent. She has long straight black hair reaching her back, and full bangs. Her eyes were like dark marble, looking at the brunette with intensifying eyes, her brows narrowed down at her.

"Is that all what you can do?" said the girl, teasing her. "No wonder you are easily beaten up by your sister."

Upon hearing that, she fumed up and reached her limits. Her attractive face was now replaced by anger on her face. "Why you!" as she roared to her, making punches and kick towards her. They exchanged blows and kicks to each other, stretching their legs, making evasive jumps. They outstretched their legs, both of them flying towards each other, and then their feet meet up in the air, throwing themselves at opposite direction in the process.

The brunette hair landed on her heels, while the other shifted a ninja stance, with her knee rested on the asphalt and the other bent over. They looked at each other, only staring, with an evil smirk drawn on their faces.

"Is that it?" teased the black haired girl. "Are you too old to fight somebody younger than you?"

"Shut up little girl." groaned the woman in brunette. "You are not the type of person I would like to beat up. In fact, you know who it is."

"Hmpf, Nina Williams, huh?" she scoffed down, as she stood up. "I know that, you even dared to have cryogenic sleep just same as her. Isn't that sweet?"

The woman, turned around, ignoring the mock of the dark haired girl, "You better watch your back now" then she turned half of her body to face her. "Yua Mitsuki."

"I'll keep that in mind, Anna Williams." as she stood there, only watching her disappears with a car parked for her. She lifted her motorcycle, then made her way to her own HQ.

Phoenix Intelligence Corporation, a company where they legally ship weapons and machinery for war. Her company was first made by her brother, Yuuma Mitsuki. When he died in an incident, she took over and promised to take care of the things important around the company.

Ever since the Mishima Zaibatsu declared a war globally, their company became an ally of the Zaibatsu, spreading loads of shipments at each other. She was aware of the reason why the CEO of the MZ suddenly declared a war. The CEO she knew was just business for her. She knew very well of the young CEO running the company. He is half 22, while she just turned 20, but their minds were exercised and intelligent enough for military power.

The Phoenix Enterprises' building is big, with millions of soldiers luring around. She could see her great power, as she walks passing each soldiers who were marching and saluting to her.

"Hey Yua!" a dark messed up hair boy called her out, as he made his way to her. He has blue eyes, like the color of the sky, he is good looking, and it can be seen in his face the attitude of being a hyper-active young man. He was wearing a formal black polo, unbuttoned revealing a white t-shirt, black slacks, and shoes. He immediately walked with her around the corridor. "Was it fun?" teased the boy.

"Shut up, Chris. And why is your polo unbuttoned again?" she scolded. Chris Lamonte, a Venezuelan 20 year-old. They treat each other like real brother and sister. "Is that how you show your supremacy as one of the CEOs of this company?"

"Oh come on." as he slid down his fingers to his messed up hair. "Being young is fun you know?"

"Like how the female soldiers glare at you?" interrupted the blond young man, walking beside her. "I saw you talking at one of our soldiers." William McLorne, a pure American 20 year-old. He was just the same height as Chris, maybe Yua reaching his chin. He has cyan-green eyes. His face was calm and fresh.

"No way, you too Will?" Chris snorted out. "No wonder you and Yua are perfect for a couple." The two looked away at each other, then started pinching Chris' ears, holding each of it. "H-Hey! It hurts!"

"You asked for it!"

Yua Mitsuki, William McLorne, and Chris Lamonte, 3 youths form different nations, were once both in military federation, where they met each other, and trained together, not as soldiers, but as captains at the age of 17. They were codenamed as Gemini, Leo, and Aries, named after the celestial constellations. But they were betrayed by the military sanctum and raged war to them. They got help from the long lost brother of Yua, who was eventually killed in the process. Yua, from that day, swore revenge to the military sanctum, where they wrongly thought would be home, the Elite Combat Force.

"Yua-sama?" saluted a Japanese soldier infront of her. They too, saluted to their fellow soldier. "He is here." He said in Japanese. He delivered to her a folder, containing pictures.

"Really?" Yua said in disbelief. "How fast the news flew to him. Tell him to wait, and try not to do something stupid." She said chuckling, as the soldier, bowed, saluted then left.

"He's been here for like, 30 minutes I guess?" said Chris. "but I think he's impatiently waiting for you, don't you think?"

"Chris, he's not like you." teased Will. "So, are you really going to talk at that man?"

Yua thought for a second. This man is quiet hard to talk to, hard to agree on something. But, if he hears the news she is going to bring him, he definitely has no other choice.

"Of course I will. In fact, the news I'm going to tell him will be a shock to him." She said waving the folder to them. "This is indeed will soften his heart." As she left her 2 comrades standing, while watching her leave.

She was walking at a long corridor to the door of her office. The corridor is secretly hidden to the top of the building. The floors were tiled and carves of it were exquisite. The walls were colored in peach, chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, and the door was made of mahogany.

As she was close to her destination, she saw a fair woman, with blonde hair with arms crossed and her back leaning on the wall. The woman was just inches away from the door. She wore a black suit that is really fitted revealing her curves and big legs, and 4 inch heeled knee high boots. She opened one eye to Yua and made a smirk in the process. Yua tried to ignore her as she passed by her.

"Anything like a hello for me?" teased the blonde woman. Yua stopped walking and gave her time to glare at the woman.

"Nina, you know I'm not wasting my time for those." said Yua bitterly. Nina sighed for a moment and approached the standing girl.

"So, how was my sister?" Nina whispered to her ear. Yua made a face at her.

"She is weaker than you, Nina." Yua snorted to Nina. "I can't believe she would forfeit at our duel just because she promised herself to beat you up."

"Aw, young girl, don't think like that to my sister." Nina awed, with a little bit of lie. "In fact, she didn't forfeit, she never forfeits any duel."

"I know that, but it's kind of annoying. Anyway, where is he?" Yua changed the subject; she really is annoyed to Anna. She doesn't want to recall what had happened hours ago.

"He's already inside." lifting her head pointing at the door. "He immediately took a plane when he heard about G-Corporation."

"But that's not all about that Nina." with a mischievous smile on her face, Yua waved the folder on her face. "I got everything I need here. This will maybe make him either angry or something."

"What is that about then?" asked Nina impatiently.

"You'll see." as Yua opened the door and closed it in the face of Nina.

She entered the office, which was dark, and only the lights of the city lit the whole room. At the big glass window, she saw a tall man, standing while facing the window and examining the view. She quickly noticed who it was.

"I suppose my secretary didn't give you the permission to go inside my office." as she took off her jacket and hung it up the hanger which was placed beside the door. "You didn't even dare to hang your jacket here?"

"Stop talking about nonsense and let's get back to business." said the man flatly while still staring at the glass window. "You know, time is power."

"It's GOLD to you." scolded Yua, even though the man has an aura that everyone should be afraid of, she didn't care at all. This man knows her capabilities. She placed the folder at her table. "You keep staring at the window, anything interesting there?" she asked, as she made her way beside the man.

"Tokyo is a very beautiful place." He said. "Especially when it's already dark and the lights began to shimmer the city, but behind this beautiful scenery, lay an ugly truth about it."

"Which is?" she asked, as she glared at the man in crossed arms.

"War." he replied. His voice was deep and solemn, but she can tell that this man is sincere. She thought about opening up the information.

"Jin Kazama." She began talking. "Since you began the war, you knew bad things would happen, especially to the ones you cared of?" she spoke directly to him, making him look at her in the process.

"What do you mean?" he asked sternly. She walked past behind him.

"You do know that the G-Corporation and the Elite Combat Force have now agreed to take down the both of us" Then she made her way to the table. "How they'll execute it with a gem."

"I know about the gem." He faced her directly. "The dragon's eye, perhaps?"

"Yes. This gem could look like just an ordinary pendant, but when heated using advance technology, it could create a massive nuclear bomb, perhaps maybe, times thousands of bombs?" she said, thinking if her evaluation was right. "Anyway, we are aiming to destroy this gem immediately before somebody use this or will have to face bigger trouble."

Jin scoffed and crossed his arms again. "He really thinks he could put me down in just small little thing?"

"Oh, it's not just a little thing, Jin." Yua corrected him. "We should be aware of something else. But I think you'll be interested at the news I'm going to chat to you."

Jin faced her. "I'm listening." Yua made Jin come back to his senses at last.

"The pendant was being sold at an antique store here at Japan. Somebody bought it for 100 yen, such a cheap price for a marvelous pendant. Now, that buyer is being targeted and anytime soon …" Yua gave him the folder. "She'll be caught and will suffer deep consequences."

Jin's eyes widen, his hand shaking while gripping the folder, almost tearing it off. "No." he told himself, lying that the picture that he's looking at isn't the person he knew very well. He roared towards Yua with a stern look, his eyes narrowing in anger. "Don't play fool with me!"

"Since when did I fool around at serious missions like this?" she said pulling herself away from Jin. "You were the one fooling around the whole time."

"But …it can't be her." As his voice fades away.

"The G-Corporation and ECF may use the pendant to destroy us, and use her against you. If you keep denying it yourself, then I suggest you that we should work things out, together."

"Together? I do everything alone myself."

"Oh really? Can you save her?!"

That question took Jin a moment to think. Yua stretched her hand to Jin. "Let's put it this way; you help me retrieve the Dragon's Eye and make revenge at ECF, while I help you protect the girl that you really cared about most and make revenge at your father as well. Is that a deal?"

Jin looked at the hand for a moment; suddenly he gripped his hands to hers and shook hands. "It's a deal then."

"Good. Then I'm expecting we'll be productive at the assignment that the President gave to me." as she made herself to the door, she stopped a moment to glance at Jin. "By the way, you can keep the photos as a gift from me." Then she stormed out of the office, leaving Jin standing on his own feet, holding the photos on his hand.

He took one photo from the folder and examined it carefully. He didn't took his eyes off from the girl at the photo; she was smiling with her best friend, a sweet smile that no one could resist, but little do this girl know she is in danger.

"I'll protect you …