Ok so I'm currently in the process of first of all finishing this story and rewriting it. So far I have redone about half of this chapter but just to avoid losing this work, I'm going to publish it because I have a nasty habit of not writing this story for a long time so just excuse me if the second half of this sounds like it was written by a 12 year old, because it was.

It was a tuesday afternoon. The sun was out, the birds were singing and yet I was huddled up in my room, surrounded by crisp packets, eyes immersed in the screen of my laptop. My parents, being the slightly ignorant people they were, hadn't really noticed my lack of socialisation, at least not to the extent that it actually was. Anyway, they had thought it to be a good idea that they leave me home alone for the week, while they attended to some business regarding the company they worked for.

And so here I was, shut off from the world, with only TV characters to watch over me. And they were proving to be very unsuccessful baby-sitters.

As I shovelled another handful of crisps into my mouth, I heard a muffled bump from somewhere downstairs, however in my very detracted state I dismissed it as a bird flying into the window, or something along those lines. Until the doorbell rung.

Sighing exasperatedly, I dragged myself off my bed and towards the door. As I trundled down the stairs the doorbell sounded again.

"Hold on, I'm coming" I shouted at the door.

Through the frosted glass panes I saw a lot of black shadows standing outside. I fumbled with the lock for a moment and finally pulled open the door. There stood a group of men in black army motif with red berets to top it off. In front of the men stood a tall young woman, kitted out in a black suit.

"Uhhhh" I uttered in a quizzical tone "Who are you exactly? If you want my parents, they're not here at the moment"

The woman smirked. "We didn't come for your parents" said the woman in a matter-of-fact kind of manner. "We came for you"

"What? I..?" was all I could get out before several of the men reached out and pulled me forward. "Hey you can't do this! Let me go!"

The men were unfazed by my words as they dragged me towards a black van.

"Sarah Jane!" said Mr smith. Quick footsteps sounded from the stairwell and suddenly a red-faced Sarah Jane burst into the room, her son Luke following a few paces behind.

"What is it Mr Smith?" said Sarah Jane through huffs of air.

"I detect UNIT activity on Bannerman road"

"WHAT?" said Sarah Jane, eyes wide "Where?"

"There are several vans parked outside number 14" replied Mr Smith.

Luke rushed to the window, hastily pulling apart the curtains. Sure enough four black vans were parked outside the house.

"Mum!" cried Luke, "There's someone else with them. A girl I think and it doesn't look like she wants to go."

"Mr Smith, what reason would UNIT have with the inhabitants of number 14? Who lives there?"

"The Marverlon family currently reside in number 14. However two days ago they left and are apparently gone for the week"

"But don't the Marverlons have a daughter? Rose I think." Luke piped up "she's in some of my classes"

"Luke, was she at school today?" Sarah Jane turned to her son.

"I'm sure of it, I don't forget things easily" answered Luke with a smile.

"But what would UNIT want with a fifteen year old girl?"

"Whatever they want with her" said Luke, his tone hardening "We have to find out"

Sarah Jane nodded "That's what we do."

I was strapped down to a metal table. Large metal clamps locked my arms above my head and my ankles to the end of the table.

"What do you want with me?" was all I could say after minutes of struggling with my words.

The woman didn't answer. In fact she walked away, out of the room and out of sight.

A man's head blocked my vision. He also didn't speak, instead his reached behind him and pulled out a small syringe filled with clear liquid.

Realising what was happening I screamed out "No, please, please just tell me whats going on!"

The man ignore me. He jabbed the sharp end into my leg, slowly pumping the liquid into my body. It took a few seconds, but before long my mind clouded with darkness, as if someone had slowly dripped ink into a vat of water. The ink swirled before my eyes and soon they rolled back and the my black surroundings took over.

" ok this is a very risky thing to do" said Sarah Jane as she grabbed her coat and her handbag

" you have to do everything I say and you have to be the most careful I can't let UNIT find out about you, now luke go call Rani and Clyde, we are going to need all the help we can get."

Luke pulled out his phone and called Rani and Clyde. They were at number 13 in a flash.

" gosh you guys are quick" said Luke as Rani and Clyde burst through the front door and almost collapsed onto the rug from exhaustion. When they recovered Clyde asked

"so what's the rush, luke said it was urgent"

" UNIT have taken Rose Marverlon prisoner and we have to find out why." said Sarah Jane as she came down the stairs.

" but we have to be very careful, if she wasn't only fifteen I wouldn't be doing this, do you understand me?" said Sarah Jane as she stared at all the faces around her. When they all nodded she said " ok let's go"

I woke to the sound of a soft ticking. I looked at the table next to my head and saw my pendent watch lying on the table. It was a present that I got for my 10th birthday. It was a clean silver with leaves engraved all over it. On the front a spectacular rose which is kind of symbolic since my name is Rose. I stared at it and wondered why it was here. I'm pretty sure I took it off I thought to myself. For fifteen minutes I tried unsuccessfully to get off the bed so I just lay there hoping I would be released soon.

Suddenly there were soft voices outside the door then the keyhole glowed red and the metal door swung open to reveal...


" ok everybody we're here" said Sarah Jane as she parked the car and climbed out. The three teenages got out of the car after her and followed her up to the entrance.

" how do you know we have got the right base?" luke asked his mum as he stared up at the big black building

" I got Mr Smith to track the van" she said as she pulled out her phone and showed them the path they had taken.

" ok then let's break in to UNIT"

Once the group had made it inside Rani suggested that they split up.

" well ok" said Sarah Jane then she turned to Clyde " I am trusting you to make sure UNIT doesn't find out about Luke. Please protect him oh and... " she trailed off before rumaging around in her handbag. And she pulled out a second sonic lipstick and handed it to luke.

" this may come in handy"

After that, the group spilt.

" ok Luke which way now?" asked Clyde 15 minutes after they had left Sarah Jane and Rani.

" I don't know my instincts say right" said Luke as her peered along each corridor.

" we'll my instincts tell me to go up, so I think we'll trust yours for the time being" said clyde as he lead the way along the right hand path.

They walked for several minutes until they reached a black metal door.

"let's look in here" whispered Luke

" good idea Lukey boy" Clyde whispered back.

Luke pulled out the sonic lipstick and pointed it at the locked door. There was a series of clicks and Luke and Clyde heaved the door open.

As the door swung and rested against the wall I saw two boys standing in the doorway. One of them was tall, skinny with pale skin, blue eyes and casually messy brown hair. The other had chocolate brown skin and matching eyes. He had short black hair and a small grin on his face, but I wasn't an evil grin like the soldiers it was friendly.

" Rose?" questioned the pale skinned boy...