I pulled on my navy robes and got into my daily routine for the day. Tying my hair back into a bland ponytail, touch of make-up, coffee and a slice of toast before I apparated to the ministry.

Acknowledging a few people as I rushed for the lifts. The ride, right down to the bottom floor, miles underground, the lift pulled up and I stepped out of the now empty lift.

To the magical world, I was Hermione Granger- one third of the golden trio, brightest witch of her age and an unspeakable in the department of mysteries. But to the minister of magic and the other three people that were in my department, I was Hermione Granger- one third of the golden trio, brightest witch of her age and one of the two spies in the British Ministry.

It was strange how I came across the job. I had originally become an unspeakable, always interested in the unknown, investigating what others couldn't. Kingsley had interviewed me privately for a new top secret department that would be set out to search for stolen items that had been lost during the war, searching for the death eaters that had fled after the great battle at Hogwarts. I of course had thousands of questions to ask him, most importantly, why me?


"Your a very bright and logical person and since I am only hiring one female for this job, I couldn't think of anyone better for it"

"But why only one female?"

"I need the undercover agents to act as a couple wherever they go so that their cover is more believable. Hermione you are probably the most experienced witch in the magical world at the moment, you are a very dear and important asset to the ministry, we are very lucky to have you"

"Why don' you hire Harry or Ron then?"

"Hermione they are great wizards, but they are doing a great job in the Auror department. People would notice if they just suddenly disappear for months at a time. You on the other hand, are an unspeakable, you are never seen once you get down to the basements and your always traveling to follow up investigations with the department of mysteries. No one would question it"

"I understand" I sighed, He was right, it was like I went missing for months at a time, sometimes without even a letter left behind. No one would question it.

"So that would mean that other people you are hiring would be unspeakables as well?"

"Mainly, but the person who will act your partner has inside knowledge on death eaters activities during the war"

"That would mean-"

"- that yes he would be a death eater. Well was, he's reformed and to show his proof that he was never a committed death eater, but a double spy just like Snape and fought alongside the order in the battle he will provide us with any information to bring these people down"

"Can you tell me who is going to be part of this department" I snapped

"You will report directly back to me, there will be no head of department- the less that know the better. I have informed your boss that you and two others will be working on important tasks for me as to not raise too much suspicion. Your researchers will be Liam Cartwright and Michael Sebastian, both have been working for the ministry for twenty five years and are respected unspeakable's"

"Yes I know who they are. You seem to be very reluctant to tell me who this final person is" I huffed

"Hermione I am warning you now that if you refuse this, this department will be shut down and these objects will be left in the hands of death eater that could possibly destroy the magical world"

"Who is it?" I fumed

"Draco Malfoy" he said quickly and quietly that I nearly missed it. Nearly

"I see" I said leaning back into the chair

"Hermione" he said wearily

"No, no, I understand- its fine really" I said with a cheery voice and fake smile. DRACO MALFOY! Last I had heard he was sentenced to two hundred hours community service. If what Kingsley said was true and he had helped the order, that would explain the minimal punishment

Kingsley looked at me uncertainly for a moment before standing up and beckoning me to follow him. We made our way down the familiar path to the department of mysteries, but walked further down the dark hallway that was never used. We made a sudden turn to the left down another corridor before stopping outside a plain mahogany door

"Authorised people are only allowed this far down, making this probably the safer then Hogwarts. There is every spell and ward placed around this, hundreds more than Hogwarts" he said then pushed the door open to a bright lit room

I gasped. Room wasn't the right word for it- it was probably the size of a shipping warehouse. It was filled with rows upon rows of filing cabinets

"You will find all information about any person in the magical world in here and any person that has knowledge of our world. You have a training area in the far right corner, and a wardrobe on the opposite side. Occasional dresses, casual and protective equipment. You also have disguises although muggle stuff like hair dye would be more suitable as its more permanent than a magical spell"

"Of course" I nodded looking around in awe

"Hermione, Im not going to lie. This job is extremely dangerous, you of course cannot tell anyone about it. I know with your job as an unspeakable you can't share any details, but not even the slightest whisper of a secret department can get out, otherwise this all would have been worthless. You are a skilled occlumens, but absolutely nothing can break down your barriers"

"I'll do it" I said turning to him with confidence


"Morning Hermione" Liam said as I walked past him and sat down at my desk

"Morning anything new?"

"Yes, big case actually" he said and I leaned forward, silently begging him to keep going. I loved my job- the thrill of danger and adrenaline that I had when I was on cases was incredible while capturing death eaters and finding dark objects was the best feeling in the world.

"Hermione, you ask the same question each day and I get the same response from you as I have for the past two years. You look like a seven year old at christmas instead of a twenty two year old"

"What, I want to know" I shrugged

"It could possibly last up to a month, and from the looks of it, possibly the most dangerous. We'll have to wait till everyone gets here before we give out details" he said as Mike came and sat down at his desk

Five minutes later Malfoy and the minister walked in. Kingsley was in his pale blue robes while Malfoy was dressed in his usual business attire. People believed that he was an informant to the department of mysteries- well that was partly true at least.

Malfoy was still a slimy git, but he was intelligent person that actually knows what he's talking about. His usually platinum blond sleeked back hair was now commonly styled to look as if he just got out of bed, his charcoal grey suit was obviously tailor made as it fit him snuggly. His aristocracy was prominent through his stance and he showed power and authority- usually meant for intimidating those he thought were scum of the earth. The sneer that had once been plastered to his face, became less and less as time passed on.

He sat down at his chair with graceful ease and and waited for Mike and Liam to continue

"Ok, so we've been looking for the golden chalice that is a Selwyn family heirloom. It was in possession of course by the ministry before the war but was stolen back when the death eaters infiltrated the ministry. Mr Malfoy, said that he last saw it at the his family manor. Of course we have searched the manor and there are no dark objects there. Selwyn has been running since the war, taking refuge from what we can tell in the south of Italy"

"What more can you tell us about Selwyn?" Kingsley asked

"He has changed his name, but has not changed his appearance. Of the upper class purebloods in Italy, we were able to find that there is a function this weekend that you will be attending" Mike said turning to us

"That would be another case" Kingsley said then

"And what would that be?" Malfoy drawled

"Your cover of Mya and Daniel Roberts has been picked up" he said throwing the daily Prophet down on my desk. I peered over it and I felt Malfoy come and stand behind me so that he could read it. On the front cover was a picture of me and Malfoy dancing at a posh event two weeks ago as our alter egos, a happily married newlywed, pureblood couple.

I had my hair dyed a a dark red colour, which hung dead straight down my back and I had blue contact lenses on. Draco had dyed his hair to a coppery brown while he had covered his eyes with brown contacts. Other than those changes, everything else about us was the same- although nobody had ever ruined our cover by recognition.


In the picture above we have a certainly innocent looking couple. For the past three weeks this couple has been assisting in the capture of death eaters that have been running for ministry officials for the past four years since the end of the war. While Ministry Auror's have limits when it comes to crossing foreign boarders this couple are stopping at nothing to get former death eaters. We spoke with the Minister of Magic earlier this week to see if he knew anything on the matter. "I have never seen nor heard of these people, they are doing a job that we have people hired for, although we appreciate their work we would like for them not to interfere any longer" No matter what the minister says, we don't think this couple will stop.

"They're getting suspicious, we need to be more careful. If people link you back to the ministry the department is closed" he warned

"But this could be a good thing" I said

"How miss Granger?"

"The people of the magical world have had no hope since the war. Yes Voldemort's dead but they can't rest in peace while there's still death eaters running about that believe strongly in the ways that Voldemort did. With these mysterious saviours that people now know are capturing the death eaters they can start to relax"

"But Hermione that is what the aurors are paid to do"

"I know and for the past four years they've barely done anything. They can't just cross boarders into other countries because of jurisdiction. The death eaters know this and have moved countries, effectively stopping the Auror's in Britain from following them"

"I don't like this, they could clearly recognise you"

"There is a picture of us on the front page of every newspaper in the magical world, and no one has recognised us yet" I argued

"Granger has a point, we could be seen as a new hope to the magical world"

Kingsley thought it over for a few minutes, I knew it was dangerous- all the risks of having people know our secret identities, it could kill us all.

"Fine, whatever- just watch out. Go get ready, you have a flight at five thirty" he said, then swept out of the room. I sighed as I got up and went over to the huge wardrobe. Grabbing a small black bag, with a long strap to go over my shoulder, I started filling it with jeans, shirts, jumpers, summer dresses, ball gowns, ballet flats, tennis shoes and stilettos. Following that is medical supplies and extra hair dye in the glossy dark red colour that had become my semi-permanent hair colour.

Using my wand, I lathered the hair dye into my brown bushy hair. It saved time and I really couldn't be bothered spending two hours making sure I covered my whole head in the red dye.

Three hours later, I walked out of the change room, with deep red, straight glossy hair. I was dressed in black skinny jeans with a royal 3/4 tight cotton shirt. My warn out white converse on my feet and the black bag over my shoulder. I sighed as I slipped on the gold wedding band and walked over towards the others.

Malfoy was at his desk, with his feet resting on the surface. His hair brown with copper highlights looked made him look completely different. He was wearing snug denim jeans, black vans, with a white shirt and black leather jacket, showing off the bad boy look

"Ready Mr Roberts?" I asked in a bored tone as I shoved the manila folder on my desk in my bag. Malfoy- should I say Roberts sighed and got up and put a black backpack on.

"As ever Mrs Roberts" he smirked.

"Your destination is Sicily. Once there you are to find Selwyn and get a few notes on him, but are not to be seen. On saturday there is a ball at Molinelli manor. Your invites." he said passing us a heavy, expensive looking envelope "Try not to get your cover blown, but you are to retrieve the chalice. Be careful not to touch it with your bare hands, as the spell upon it is unknown. Good luck" Liam said

"Thanks" we murmured walking over to the private fireplace. Covering out tracks we flooed to Diagon Alley, then apparated from the back of Flourish and Blott's to Italy. When I opened my eyes, I was met with the blinding light from the sun and the excited chatter of the crowd walking the streets.

"Here we go" I said grabbing Dra-Daniel's hand and walking with the crowd

Just another case

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