A/N: A strange one shot that I wrote in about ten minutes at 00:30. Unbeta'd and the first non-crossover I've written for a while.

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The Avengers are a large group of dysfunctional people who somehow get along. They would all die for each other. Of course, they argue, bicker, and Tony does things like send Steve male strippers for his birthday, sign Thor up for a course in Shakespearean acting, put buckets of green paint over doors Bruce is likely to walk through and superglue a blonde wig to Clint's head in his sleep, thereafter calling him Legolas. All this means is that they are a family. A strange, dysfunctional one, but a family nonetheless. And one family activity they indulge in is TV and movie marathons.

Thor adores Lord of the Rings, and can occasionally be heard quoting the 'Men of the West' speech, identifying with Aragorn to a disgusting degree.

Natasha is fond of Legally Blonde. And will kill anyone who mocks her for it. She also watches the Bourne films.

Clint enjoys the James Bond films and Ocean's 11 – both versions, though his views on Ocean's 12 and 13 are damning.

Steve enjoys uplifting films such as Finding Nemo and has a fondness for old Doctor Who episodes. He tells no one that Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane-Smith reminds him of Peggy. Someone showed Pearl Harbor once. Avengers Tower promptly needed a new television after Steve threw it out the window.

Tony enjoys Monty Python films and the latest Sherlock Holmes films. The leading actor's resemblance to an older version of him has led to him putting on a – rather convincing – upper class British accent and deducing people to Thor's puzzlement and everyone else's exasperation.

But none of them share the same tastes. Save on one show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tony introduced it to them by bullying, pleading, coercing, manipulating and occasionally outright lying to get them to watch it.

Thor likes Buffy's courage and Xander's heart – though his bellowing at the television for Xander's act of 'foul dishonour' at the end of series 2 by lying about Willow's message to Angel could be heard over most of Manhattan – and finds Willow to be adorable, much like Jane. He also cried when Buffy died. So did the rest, but Thor did it loudly and unashamedly.

Steve looks like he perpetually wants to give Buffy in particular a large hug. And identifies with both Xander as the heart, and Giles as the one sane person trying to keep it all together. He also has much affection for Joyce.

Tony enjoys the humour and Spike in particular. The fact that he slept with most of the female members of the cast while they were on the show is something only Pepper knows, as is the fact that he retains a soft spot for all of them, keeping in occasional amicable contact. And when it is revealed that Hank abandoned Buffy and Dawn, a careful observer would note his knuckles whiten.

Natasha likes Buffy. A lot. Though she empathises most with Faith, and later, Spike.

Clint likes Giles best, and despises the Initiative and Riley, muttering about a lack of professionalism.

Bruce empathises with Willow, both early in her shyness and brilliance, and later in her pain of loss and her fear of losing control.

Fury, though he will never admit it, likes Giles for when he dryly says to Wesley as the Scooby's are arguing that 'sometimes they get difficult'.

All of the Avengers see themselves, both the team and individuals, in the Scooby gang. They enjoy it. It's the one common ground they all share. Because they know better than most the importance of the family you make. No matter how dysfunctional it may be.