I wrote this for a challenge on Livejournal. The challenge was to write a ficlet in exactly 333 words, which I've done here :)

"Stay with me?"

Sookie refused, politely, and left him lying in the bed. She gathered her clothes and left him without a word.

"Stay with me?"

Sookie sighed softly, kissed him, but still she left.

"Stay with me?"

Eric's tone was gently pleading, polite but still a request, but still Sookie couldn't stay. That would mean something, wouldn't it?

"Stay with me?"

She said his name softly and stayed a while, not the whole night, and left before the sun rose.

"Stay with me."

This time it wasn't a question and Eric refused to let her up. Sookie didn't mind; she didn't really want to leave this time, if she was being honest with herself.

Eric kissed her a deeply and passionately as he was capable. Sookie felt like her bones were made of jelly. He was an exceptional kisser, she thought while he pulled her closer into his body. She arched into him as he entered her; her eyes closed when her body surrendered to him.

His hands were all over her skin as he held her down into the mattress. Sookie's eyes fell shut as he deepened his thrusts into her. She caught her lip between her teeth. She couldn't help the moans that were coming from her throat and she pressed herself further into his body. Eric kissed down her neck before he bit softly into her skin. Sookie moaned and her nails pressed into his shoulders as her hips bucked against his. The surprise and pleasure of his teeth in her skin made her release an automatic reaction.

Groaning against her, Eric pulled away slightly and moved his hips faster into her body. Sookie moaned again, still lost in her own pleasure and called his name softly. Eric looked into her eyes and she could see as well as feel his shudder as he came.

Sookie licked her lips softly as Eric settled himself next to her in bed. Before he could speak, she said softly, "yes, I'll stay."