Hope's Blade


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Chapter 22- Epilogue

'Phoenix Rises'


A few weeks later an armed guard containing a rather grumpy and embarrassed Daisuke was sent off in the direction of the Motomiya kingdom and the rest of the Rebellion was beginning to recover from the battle. Most importantly, Hikari was finally able to take her rightful place as the Queen since both her parents could no longer serve their country.

Mimi sighed. Life without Yamato had been extremely hard and it had only been six months. She couldn't imagine what the rest of her life would be like if it was this hard right now. Everyday she missed him and her wishes were holding her down. Oh, how she wished they could have gotten married and had children. She wanted to grow old with him and live happily.

She couldn't help but scoff at that idea. Happiness? There is really no such thing after a war. Sure, there is peace and calm, but how could she possibly be happy again after her dreams had been ripped apart? The only things that kept her going was her work as a nurse and Takeru's constant visits. Her father had gone back to try and salvage the small family farm so he could bring in money, leaving Mimi to work at the infirmary which used to be the Rebel headquarters. She made a mental note to thank Prin-Queen Hikari for converting the entire headquarters into Mimi's very own hospital. The work kept her mind off of her pains.

Mimi knew that she would never love another man like she had loved Yamato, but over the past six months she had forced herself into realizing that he wasn't coming back. Even through such depressing thoughts, she knew that she was a strong woman and she would make it somehow. After all, she had all her friends from the Rebellion, like Jyou, and she had lived through being a slave, running away, and being a nurse in a war.

Miyako and Ken had gotten married a few months ago and Miyako was already pregnant with her first child. She secretly hoped it was a boy so she could name him Iori. She remembered that if it wasn't for him sacrificing himself and distracting Koushirou, she and her friends probably wouldn't have been able to escape the throne room with their lives. Both her and Ken were so thankful to have each other when so many families had been torn apart. They could only hope that the child would be born normally and not be a stillborn or diseased, as many babies were. Godmother Mimi would be heartbroken if something were to happen to it.

All the guards in the castle had been replaced with fresh guards who had proven their loyalties to the Queen and Jyou had been lucky enough to be put in command of them. He was Queen Hikari's trusted advisor and he had a sneaking suspicion that it was because he had been Yamato's second in charge. Jyou wasn't about to complain, since the job was right up his alley.

He had been seeing Mimi whenever he had free time and they were becoming very close friends. He knew he was starting to fall in love with her, but he had a feeling that it would take quite a long time for her to get over Yamato's death; after all, those two had gone through a lot together.

'No matter,' Jyou thought, 'I can wait as long as it takes. I just want her to be happy again.'

He knew, unfortunately, that Mimi was of the age to be married and that eventually her father would ask her to settle down, so Jyou kept a ring in his pocket just in case the chance ever showed itself. After all, it was one thing to marry someone you don't know just after you've lost someone you'll love forever, but it's a different thing entirely to marry a best friend and at least be content the rest of your life. He also knew that Mimi may never love him, but if she agreed to marriage, she would not be unloved. If she agreed, of course.

Jyou smiled absently and continued to walk the corridors of the castle as he patted the ring in his pocket. Someday.

Takeru stood over an unmarked grave, silent as the wind blew through the trees. This was the first time he had come to his brother's grave since the battle; he just couldn't bring himself to come any earlier. He dearly missed his brother and wished with all his might that it had been him instead of Yamato, but wishing would not bring his brother back to life. It felt like a rip off that he was suddenly able to enter into his brother's life only to have Yamato snatched away from him forever.

He heard light footsteps behind him and smiled. A small hand wound around his waist and Hikari rested her head on his shoulder. He looked down at her and kissed her tenderly. He knew that they were both so lucky that they still had each other, even though they would probably not get married anytime soon. It was not that they didn't love each other, but only that there was simply no time; Takeru had been made a military leader under Jyou and was constantly busy in meetings and patrolling and stopping small bands of rebels, and Hikari was always busy helping her people to rebuild and get used to the change of monarchs. They knew that eventually they would marry, but it would not be until everything had finally settled down into peacetime.

Takeru placed his hands over hers and they both stood in the cemetery, watching the leaves blowing in the trees and the sun setting in the background. Not everything had turned out happily ever after, but even though some of their most beloved friends had lost their lives, they would reconstruct their lives and press on. There was nowhere to go but forward.

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