Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been updating much recently but I should be able to from now on, except maybe this coming Saturday. I really hope you enjoy the new story. This is more of a prologue than a chapter, which is why it's short but I hope you like it enough to keep reading. Love, IJKS xxx

Baby Mine

Chapter One

Senior Constable Charlie Buckton was not particularly enjoying her day off work. To be fair, she hadn't much enjoyed anything since her girlfriend, Joey Collins had sailed out of her life a month and three days ago. She knew she deserved to be alone. She knew she had treated Joey terribly. And she also knew that she would do whatever it took to win her back and make things right, on the assumption that Joey would allow her to.

Joey had gone off on a long haul trawler trip for three months and then planned to return to Charlie to see if there was a chance for them to make it work. Charlie just hoped they had a future and that she hadn't permanently ruined the best relationship she'd ever had.

"Oh, go away," she grumped to herself when she heard a knock on the back door.

She remained lying on top of the blankets on her bed, trying to refocus on her book, Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson. Joey had left it behind and having heard so much about it, Charlie had decided that reading it herself would be a good way of filling her time until the love of her life came home.

"Go away!" she complained when the knock came again.

Giving into the fact that the visitor was not going away, Charlie hauled herself out of bed. Sighing dramatically, she stomped through the lounge and kitchen, thinking that whoever it was better not be selling something as she pulled open the door. Her jaw dropped and she stared with a vast amount of confusion as she found herself face to face with the woman she had only just been thinking about. Joey Collins was home two months early.

Next time… Joey has big news for a very stunned Charlie…