Big Nate story Ideas

Hey guys, since it is taking a while to upload new chapters, I decide to also work on some future story ideas.

So that will entertain you. And don't worry about the story I'm working on and I'll work on making longer chapters.

Title: What If?


What if Gina accept Nate's proposal to go the dance with him?

Title: Big Nate Fanfiction


Nate and his friends discovers

Title: Big Nate Facebook


Nate and his friends discover Facebook.

Title: At the movies


It's a 5 day movie watching field trip at the movies for Social Studies. (Need Ideas for movies)

Title: Big Nate the movie

Summary: Nate has become the sub for Social Studies. What will become of it? Total mayhem and never ending laughs

Title: Two best friends play


Nate and Teddy started a reviewing business that they do every Friday. Check every Friday, as Nate and Teddy review the latest games, movies and new stuff. (If you want you can review to suggest what Nate and Teddy reviews)

Well I have to admit the summaries suck! But the stories are better.

Got to go, See Ya!