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{Story start}

Chapter 1-Not good enough Idiot

"…..what?" asked a confused Hayate kurogane

"You heard me you little idiot I no longer want to be your sister in arm I would be Nagi's because she takes these battles seriously" stated the stoic as always Ayana

"But.." she was cut off by Nagi who had walked up during their squabble and said "You heard her little sister I'm her new sister in arms so back off and go back home"

"Fine" she said as she finally walked away and right out of the school without giving anyone word

The next day

"Has anyone seen Hayate she wasn't in any of her classes" asked Momoka who walked up with Isuzu who was called Inu-Chan

"She probably went home like I told her to" said Nagi

"You told her to go home why?" asked Inu-Chan

"Because she's not cut out for this school and if it makes you happy I'll call home and have her tell you" said Nagi as she pulled out her red mobile phone

"Yes I'll her it from her before I believe you and put it on speaker phone" said Momo

"Fine" she said as she dialed her home number it rang twice before it was picked up by a woman who said "Kurogane dojo how can I help you" "Mom it's me" "Oh hello Nagi why are you calling?" "I need to talk to Hayate" "Huh isn't she with you at the school" the woman said in shock "No I sent her home last night" said Nagi and she was answered with "No she didn't come home but will check around town and why don't you check the orphanage?" asked/said the woman as she hung up

"The orphanage" said Nagi

"What about the orphanage" asked Ayana as she walked up?

"Hayate didn't come home and mom said to check the orphanage" said Nagi

"She wasn't at the orphanage I was just there" said Ayana

The search continued for a few more days till they gave up and came to realize that Hayate Kurogane had disappeared.

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