Title: Strawberry Icing and Sugar Pearls

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Pairing: Palkia and Mesprit

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon

Author's Note: And once again it appears that this is the first time someone has written about this couple, well someone was going to do it at some point, might as well be me; and I don't do this for the reviews so I'm okay with it.

Okay so in this story Palkia is male and Mesprit is female; and for all those people who keep telling me the Legendaries are this gender or that gender, it doesn't matter, as far as I'm aware most of the Legendaries' genders are unknown and if they are well this is the gender I've chosen for this story, deal with it. Sorry that just frustrates me; most readers are actually lenient with that so it's fine.

This couple is mostly based on colour coordination but you know I think it works; and I think Palkia needed to be paired up with someone and the only two names that come to mind when I think of pairing male Palkia up is Cresselia and Mesprit, and I have both those pairings in this story so it's all good.

This story is set in an Alternate Universe, the same universe as 'In Reverse' and 'Blueberry Icing and Sugar Diamonds', it's kind of like a chronicle series…hmm…The Reverse Chronicles…or something like that…

I'd like to thank MoonBeingRuler who motivated me into writing this story, and Gimmic who has reviewed each of my stories in this series, so thanks you you guys, and thanks to all my other readers and reviewers =)

And now on with the story…


Mesprit was known as something of a matchmaker; she had always been gifted with the ability to be more understanding of emotions than others and she was usually accurate when estimating who would make a good couple. She had even played a part in the getting together of Giratina and Arceus, Origin School's current 'It' couple, and now that her sister was dating Dialga Creation many had started to consult her on their personal problems, especially ones relating to their love life. A prime client – as that was what they were starting to become (seriously she should start charging) – was the brother of the said successful couples, Palkia Creation.

"So I've tried flowers, I've tried chocolates, and I've tried cuddly toys. I've even tried poetry! Nothing has worked! What am I supposed to do?" Palkia exclaimed, hands raised in frustration, oblivious to scene he was causing.

Mesprit blinked at the teenage boy before her, bewildered by his predicament. "Um…" She glanced around the café, anxious to get back to work.

Although they had finally listened to Uxie and hired more staff Mesprit was technically in charge (Azelf was too shy, and whilst Uxie had the brains she didn't have the people skills) and it wouldn't look good for the manager to be "slacking off" whilst the rest did all the work.

Palkia didn't seem to realise that he was keeping the young girl from doing her job, as always he was too wrapped up in his own problems to think about anyone else. It wasn't that he was selfish, he was actually very nice, he just wasn't as attentive to other people's desires like Mesprit was.

"I mean I even dyed my hair for her and still nothing!" Palkia ranted, gesturing to his pearl white locks with strands dyed purple. "What more could I possibly do."

"Perhaps it is time to face that you and Cresselia are not meant to be." Mesprit suggested, a little frustrated at Palkia for continuously dragging her away from her work to discuss a relationship she knew and everybody else except Palkia knew just wouldn't happen.

Palkia pouted as if he were a little kid, which was what he was acting like. "But Cresselia and I are meant to be! Everyone else just can't see it."

"Because maybe there is nothing to see." Mesprit snapped, her annoyance getting the better of her.

Mesprit barely ever got cross with anyone let alone snapped but this Cresselia thing was really starting to get on her nerves. She liked Palkia, she considered him a friend but she was tired of all their conversations rounding back to Cresselia.

"She has a boyfriend Palkia!" Mesprit reminded, the noise of the café concealing her raised voice. "Who she is perfectly happy with! Why can't you see that?"

"I know okay!" Palkia shot back surprising Mesprit by fighting back instead of continuing to act like a child. "Everyone keeps telling me that but I can't help it." He looked down, lowering his voice. "I really like her, and I mean I really, really like-like her. And before you interrupt, no I've not mistaken my feelings, at first it was just a silly crush but now…now I know it's something more."

He ran a hand through his hair as Mesprit watched him curiously. This was new.

"She's just so…so beautiful, inside and out, and so kind-hearted, and sweet, and well…wonderful." A light came to Palkia's eyes as he talked about Cresselia and Mesprit recognised the signs. Perhaps it wasn't just a silly crush after all. "I know she has a boyfriend and I know that it's selfish to want her to be with me when she's already happy with him but…I never get the girl." He confessed, his voice expressing his repeated disappointment. "For once I don't want to have to give up because someone cooler or better looking than me got the girl first, I don't want to have to forget I ever cared about that person and move on. If I'm going to go down I at least want to put up a good fight."

Mesprit stared at Palkia, her mind whizzing with calculations and she analysed his expression, his words, his emotions. The café had faded away, all thoughts leaving her mind as she mulled over what he had said. Maybe she could…maybe…

"It's stupid I know," He muttered bitterly, "but that's just how I feel. I guess maybe everyone is right and it's time I gave up."

Mesprit shook her head. "No. Don't do that."

Palkia looked at her in confusion. "But you said…"

Mespirt shook her head more firmly. "No. I'll help."

Palkia's face brightened, suddenly filled with new hope. "You will."

Mesprit nodded. "Yes, I will." Palkia looked like he was about to say something but she quickly cut him off with a firm look. "However, you have to do exactly what I say and no more creepy poetry and whatnot." Palkia began to protest but she didn't let him speak. "No, no, who is the master matchmaker here? Me. And if you want this to work you will do as I say. Do you understand?"

Palkia didn't look too happy but he knew she was right. He sighed grudgingly. "Yes."

"What was that?" She asked forcefully.

Palkia jumped, straightening and saluting. "Yes ma'am!"

Mesprit smiled smugly. "Good." Her eyes glistened. "Now, here's what we're going to do…"


"Come in Fluffy Bunny. This is Pink Eagle. Do you read me? I repeat do you read me? Over."

"Why are you talking like that?" Palkia's voice sounded back through the walky-talky.

"Because this is how you are supposed to talk when talking through walky-talkies Over." Mesprit told him, annoyed that he wasn't playing along.

"Oh I'm sorry, I must have left my walky-talky handbook at home." Palkia replied sarcastically. "Besides why do we even need walky-talkies, we're right next to each other." Palkia said, turning to the girl that lay next to him in the bush. Her normally peach face smeared with green camouflage paint and mud, twigs and leaves sticking out of her magenta dreadlocks.

Mesprit sent a glare to the boy next to her then purposely spoke into her walky-talky. "Hey I'm doing you a favour; you could at least let me have a little fun!"

Palkia rolled his eyes then raised his own device. "Fine." Mesprit continued to glare at him and he sighed. "Over."

Mesprit smiled with satisfaction. "Fluffy Bunny is there any sign of the target? Over."

"Why am I called Fluffy Bunny?"

"Because I thought it sounded cute."

"I'm a seventeen-year-old male I do not do cute."

"Aww, you're so cute when your pride is hurt."

Palkia fumed, then muttered darkly under his breath.

Mesprit ignored him and peeped out of the bush they were hidden in, using a pair of binoculars to search for something or someone.

"Ahah!" She cried as she spotted who she was looking for. "Target has been sighted! I repeat, target has been sighted!"

Palkia glanced out of the bush and followed Mesprit's gaze. Cresselia was walking down the street opposite them, both hands carrying plastic bags full of shopping and looking as radiant as ever.

"Okay Palkia, you know what to do."

Palkia looked at Mesrpit and she smiled reassuringly. He nodded, then climbed out of the bush, receiving a few strange stares from passers-by.

He brushed off a few leaves from on his clothes and in his hair, approaching the golden-haired girl who had not yet noticed him.

Cresselia carried on down the street, oblivious to the approaching teenage boy, when suddenly her heel caught on an uneven crack in the pavement and she felt herself tumbling down, shopping flying everywhere.

She braced herself for the impact, only to receive none. A pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist, catching her before she could hit the ground.

She looked up to thank her saviour and was surprised (and a little alarmed) to see her most recent admirer.

Palkia gave her a smile and steadied her balance. "Hey Cresselia, can't help falling for me I see."

Mesprit heard this through the walky-talky and face-palmed.

Cresselia frowned at his bad humour. "Oh, hello Palkia."

Palkia felt his smile fall a little at the lack of enthusiasm in her tone. "Uh yeah, hi. Sorry, I was just kidding with the falling for me thing."

Cresselia said nothing in response, just knelt down to collect her fallen shopping.

"Here let me help." Palkia offered, also kneeling down and helping to pick up the scattered goods.

"Thank you Palkia but I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own." Cresselia told him in a tone that wasn't exactly unpleasant but lacked enough emotion to sting.

Mesprit watched them through her binoculars and frowned. She could understand that Palkia's unwanted affection was probably getting on the older girl's nerves but she could at least try to be a little nicer.

"I know you're capable but I want to help." Palkia told her, carefully placing the items in the plastic bags. "It's what any gentlemen would do upon seeing a lady in need."

At this Cresselia smiled teasingly. "Oh and I suppose you are a gentleman."

"As much as you are a lady." Palkia grinned back jokingly.

Cresselia's lips turned a little downwards and she didn't respond.

Seeing the danger Palkia quickly made amends. "Which means I am very much a gentleman as you are most definitely a lady of the highest kind."

Cresselia smiled softly. "Thank you Palkia."

"Truly a rare and precious gem." Palkia added, eyes twinkling.

Cresselia looked down and sighed heavily. "Palkia…you know I'm with Darkrai…"

Oh he knew. He thought bitterly, though his expression remained a smile.

"Yeah I know, about that…" Palkia began but Cresselia interrupted him.

"Palkia, I don't-"

"Just hear me out." Palkia said, his eyes firm, and Cresselia was surprised by how mature he was acting. "Look I know you have a boyfriend and I'm sorry I've caused you so much grief by forcing my affections onto you when you didn't want them. I'm sorry, it's just…I couldn't help it…you're kind and caring, sweet, compassionate, you're beautiful all the way through and you are truly something special."

He smiled sheepishly and Cresselia felt her heart flutter at his words. He really thought that of her? Darkrai never said those kinds of things to her, actually Darkrai barely said anything. Suddenly she wished her boyfriend was bit more open in his affections.

"I guess I fell so hard that I didn't want to give up but I know you have a boyfriend who you're happy with so I'm going to step off, leave you guys to be happy together." He gave her a gentle smile, handing her back her shopping, theirs hands brushing. "Well I guess I'll see you around, enjoy your day."

And with that, he walked off, leaving a bewildered Cresselia to stare gaping after him.

What had just happened?

Cresselia snapped herself from her trance and carried on walking, trying to suppress the blush that had formed on her cheeks.

From her hiding spot Mesprit watched Cresselia's reaction with a smile as Palkia ducked down next to her.

He grinned at her, raising his hand for a high-five. "Mission accomplished."

Mesprit slapped his hand with one of her own and smiled. "Now all you have to do is keep being the charming friend, but remember to keep your distance and don't go over the top. Play it cool." She gave him a look. "And I mean cool, not what you think is cool, but actually cool."

Palkia pouted but decided to let it go. "So why do I have to pretend I don't like her like that anymore anyway?"

"Because people never know what they have until it's gone." Mesprit explained. "And if Cresselia thinks you no longer like her then she'll start to wonder what would have happened if she had returned your affections, and if you show her what an amazing person you are without the creepy stalkerness-"


"You know it's true." Palkia began to sulk but he didn't correct her. "Anyway," Mesprit continued. "She'll see what a great guy you are and realise what she gave up and maybe, just maybe," She emphasized the 'maybe', "She'll start liking you and try to win you back…but only maybe."

"Huh," Palkia smiled at this. It sounded like a better plan than flowers. "But what if it doesn't make her like me back?" He asked, finding the grey cloud in the silver lining.

Mesprit sighed, there was always that possibility and it still seemed the most likely. "Well as the saying goes, if you love something you will set it free and if it comes back it's yours, and if it doesn't then it never was." She noticed his confused expression. "Basically if Cresselia doesn't like you then you have to accept that, you have to let her go."

Palkia sighed forlornly. "I know."

"But hey how could this plan possibly fail when you've got me helping you." Mesprit joked, trying to cheer him up. He gave her a look. "What? I'm amazing."

Palkia chuckled. "Not nearly as amazing as me."

"No I'm not nearly as amazing as you." Mesprit confessed. Palkia smiled smugly and Mesprit smirked. "Because I am so much more epically amazing than you'll ever be!"

Palkia glared childishly. "N'uh."

"Uhuh." Mesprit responded with equal immaturity.





Suddenly Palkia leapt at Mesprit and began to tickle her.

Mesprit giggled uncontrollably as she rolled around on the floor, trying to escape the attack.

"Palkia *giggle* Palkia stop! *giggle* Stop!" She cried, thrashing about, laughter streaming from her lips.

Palkia smirked and continued the onslaught. "Not until you tell me how much more amazing I am."

"NEVER!" Mesprit yelled through the laughter.

"Alright then." Palkia remarked, strengthening his attack.

"Okay! Okay!" Mesprit exclaimed, barely being able to breathe as she continued to giggle. Her whole body tingling. "You are fantaboulously awesome Palkia!"

Palkia grinned triumphantly at the girl beneath him and ceased his tickling. "Go on…"

Mesprit rolled her eyes playfully and smiled brightly. "And you are so much more amazing than me."

Palkia's grin widened. "Good."

He was about to get off her when a sudden gasp from behind caught his attention.

Palkia turned and his stomach dropped.

Dialga stared at them with one eyebrow raised whilst Azelf looked absolutely scandalised.

Mesprit and Palkia's exchanged wide-eyed glances before Palkia rolled off Mesprit, their cheeks blushing red and their voice shouting as one,



"Sooo…you and Palkia?"

Mesprit glanced up from the paper work she was dealing with (being the manager wasn't all fun and games) and met Mew's curious smile.

Mesprit sighed heavily; ever since Azelf had caught Palkia and her in a rather suggestive position she had received continuous questions on her relationship by the other members of staff.

"Okay firstly, there is nothing going on between Palkia and me," Mesprit said, fixing the bubble-gum pink haired girl with a firm stare. "And secondly, who told you?"

"Celebi." Mew admitted, feeling no need to keep it a secret. "Who was told by Shaymin, who was told by Phione, who was told by Uxie, who was told by Azelf."

Great, so now everyone who worked at the café knew about her and Palkia.

"There is nothing going on between me and Palkia." Mesprit repeated for the hundredth time that day. "We are just friends."

"Then what were you doing in the bushes together?" Mew enquired, baby blue eyes sparkling cheekily.

"We were bird watching." Mesprit explained, giving her the same excuse that she had given Azelf. "I even had binoculars with me; you can ask Azelf if you don't believe me."

Mew didn't look like she believed Mesprit, but was stopped from questioning it further by a disturbance in the café.

"Why do you always have to be so cold?"

Mesprit and Mew glanced over to where the shout had come from, and were surprised to see Cresselia and Darkrai sitting at one of the tables, having an argument. This was the first time Mesprit had seen any sign of a rift between the happy couple and she wasn't sure what to think.

Darkrai seemed rather indifferent to his girlfriend's distaste. "I guess I'm just cold-hearted."

"Trouble in paradise." Mew whispered with wide eyes to which Mesprit could only nod as a response.

"That's true." Cresselia chuckled darkly and Mesprit was surprised at the maliciousness in her tone, it was so out of character. "You never say anything good about me and you know nothing of romance."

Darkrai remained cool. "I don't claim to know anything of romance and what would you have me do, shower you with praises like that lovesick fool Palkia?"

Mesprit glowered at this; Palkia wasn't a fool he just really cared about Cresselia.

"It would be a nice change, at least he knows how to make a girl feel like she's special, instead of treating her like she has no more value than the dirt under your feet." Cresselia spat back, her expression showing anger but her eyes hinting at tears.

Now Darkrai was starting to become irritated. "Well if you think Palkia is so wonderful why don't you flounce off to him and leave me in peace. I was under the impression that you couldn't stand all his silly attention."

Mesprit's eyes darkened; and he wasn't silly either.

"Maybe I will." Cresselia retorted, getting up from her place. "Some attention is better than none."

"Cresselia!" Darkrai called, realising things had gone too far.

"No Darkrai! I don't want to hear it!" Cresselia told him, storming away from the table and out of the now silent café.

Darkrai moved to go after her then sank back into his seat. The café's conversations slowly restarted.

Mesprit and Mew exchanged shocked glances, before Mesprit jumped into action, excusing herself and walking over to a secluded area, bringing out her walky-talky.

"Fluffy Bunny this is Pink Eagle, do you read me? Over."

Palkia's response didn't come straight away and she was about to try again when she heard his static-filled voice.

"Mesprit? What's happened?"

"The Swan has attacked the Shade and flown the lake. Over." Mesprit explained.

Palkia's confused voice sounded back. "What are you talking about?"

Mesprit sighed in exasperation. "Just get over here."


Palkia rushed down the route towards the Lake Café. He had already been on his way there when Mesprit had contacted him; he figured something important must have happened for her to try and get hold of him through the walky-talkies. It was a miracle he had it switched on let alone with him; he would have left it at home had he not forgotten it was in his jean pocket.

He wondered what she wanted; perhaps they were going to complete another step in her plan.

His cheeks turned red as he thought about what had happened on their last mission, his brother was still giving him grief on the matter and now Giratina had joined in. Honestly, couldn't a boy be on top of a girl in a bush without it being thought of as something suggestive? What was the world coming to?


Palkia blinked in surprise at the wide-eyed Cresselia beneath him. Wow that had to be the second time in two days he had ended up in a bush on top of a girl, keep this up and he was sure to become a legend.

He scrambled off her. "Sorry, I didn't see you, I was too busy thinking." He offered her a hand up which she accepted.

She smiled playfully as she brushed the dirt from her clothes. "Too busy thinking? Now there's a first."

Palkia smiled back but then noticed the tears that were formed in her eyes.

"Hey, are okay?" He asked in a gentle voice.

Cresselia looked away and wiped one eye, sniffling a bit. "Not really…Darkrai and I…we had a fight."

Inside Palkia was jumping for joy. A fight! That was brilliant! It meant they were one step closer to splitting up and then Cresselia could be his!

But on the outside he was a mask of concern. "I'm sorry, that's awful, but you guys are so good together."

"Yeah well, I was thinking about what you said." Cresselia said, and Palkia raised his eyebrows with interest. "And I realised Darkrai never says those kind of things to me, he barely ever says anything to me, and I guess I just got upset because I really like him and yet sometimes it feels like I'm just dirt beneath his feet."

She began to sob and Palkia placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, giving her a serious look. "You are worth more than dirt Cresselia, you are worth so much more, and if Darkrai can't see that then he's an idiot and you deserve better."

Cresselia smiled weakly. "Thank you Palkia, that's so sweet of you. I wish he said things like that to me."

Palkia's smiled widened. Score!

"Well I'm a sweet kind of guy, and you're a sweet kind of girl." Palkia remarked. "Truly you are sweeter than any dream I've ever know."

Cresselia laughed, tears running dry. "You're silly!" She smiled softly, the kind of smile that made Palkia's heart melt. "Thank you."

She reached out and wrapped her arms around him.

If Palkia had been a girl he probably would have fainted right then and there. For a moment he thought he had died and gone to Heaven, and then he realised this was so much better than that. And when he realised that it was actually happening he quickly responded, treasuring the feeling of bliss. It wasn't often he got hugged by a pretty girl…it wasn't often he got hugged by a girl…it wasn't often he got hugged.

"Huh, I see you really did flounce of to Palkia."

Cresselia and Palkia broke apart at the sound of Darkrai's cold tone. They turned to stare at him as he look back indifferently, betraying not even the smallest sign of emotion.

Cresselia placed her hands on her hips and glared back at him. "Palkia was only comforting me because I was upset about our fight."

"The fight which you started." Darkrai pointed out.

"I wouldn't have started a fight if you would just show me an ounce of compassion!" Cresselia retorted crossly.

"If you wanted compassion then you shouldn't have agreed to go out with someone who you know is incapable of such feelings." Darkrai told her impassively.

"I wish I hadn't now!" Cresselia snapped.

Palkia thought he saw Darkrai flinch at this but it happened so quickly he was almost sure he had imagined it.

"Well if that's how you feel I guess I'll relieve you of such suffering." Darkrai responded, gliding passed the two of them. "Goodbye Cresselia, feel free to come back when you think you can handle the cold."

And with that he was gone.

Palkia glanced around in alarm. There was no way he could have disappeared just like that, yet there was no sight of ice-eyed male, not even footprints.

Okay…that was creepy.

He heard a sniffle and saw that Cresselia was on the brink of crying again. Thinking fast he swiftly came up with a distraction.

"Hey Sweet Dream?" Cresselia glanced at him and he gave her a friendly smile. "Feel like eating some cake? I hear they're almost a sweet as you."

Cresselia smiled back at him and placed her hand in his, sending a tingling through his skin. "As long as you're there too."

Palkia's heart leapt. "Babe, I'd go anywhere with you."


To say Mesprit was surprised when Palkia walked into the Café, hand-in-hand with Cresselia would be an understatement. She had been so flabbergasted that she had gone into a state of shock which she didn't break out of until Mew had so kindly chucked a glass of water in her face.

Even now as she watched the two of them – couple being the correct term (though she felt woozy every time she thought of them like that) – laughing and chatting with each other happily (they were so much livelier than Darkrai and Cresselia had ever been…maybe she had been wrong about a match for the first time in her life) she could not believe what she was seeing.

It was only when Cresselia left for a quick bathroom break that Mesprit got the opportunity to approach Palkia.

"What the glazing happened?" Mesprit demanded, her shock still showing on her face.

Palkia gave her a wide excited smile. "I ran into her on the way here; she was upset so I comforted her and told her she how amazing she was, and then Darkrai came and the two of them had a fight! A fight, because of me! Our plan actually worked!"

"Yeah," Mesprit mumbled with less enthusiasm; she wasn't so sure she should be happy about playing a role in the tearing apart of two people (she was a matchmaker not a matchbreaker).

"So then he left and she was even more upset so I suggested we come here to cheer her up and she said yes." Palkia finished explaining. "And we're getting along like a horse on fire!"

"House on fire." Mesprit corrected with a knowing smile.

Palkia shrugged. "Whatever, it's a weird saying anyway. But you know what I mean. I think…I think I might actually have a genuine shot! And it's all because of you Mesprit!"

Yeah…all because of me. She thought, suddenly feeling an unexplainable feeling of melancholy.

Palkia got up from his seat and pulled her into a hug. Mesprit felt a surprising shock of electricity spark through her and she shut her eyes, trying to memorise the feeling. It was so…perfect…and too quickly it was over.

Palkia pulled away and smiled at her. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, and congratulations!" Mesprit said smiling back. "I'm happy for you."

…So why did she feel like she was going to cry?